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Ricoh issues fifth feature-enhancing upgrade for GR Digital IV

By dpreview staff on Aug 8, 2013 at 19:43 GMT

Ricoh has released firmware v2.30 for its GR Digital IV enthusiast compact. The latest update is the fifth for the GRD IV, and adds a couple of features, slightly modifies the camera's behavior and fixes some minor bugs. The latest update brings the white balance options of the GRD IV into line with the more recent, large sensor, GR model, for which Ricoh has also said it will provide function-enhancing firmware.

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By tornwald (8 months ago)

This is real service. Still bringing out new updates and enhancements for a camera that is already some 3 years old!
Sigma does the same with their DP Merrill camera's.

By RMillward (8 months ago)

I'm a software product manager, and I've long wondered why more camera companies don't take this tack. I know, I know, they want you to upgrade, but continual improvement builds brand loyalty - and neglect does the opposite (I'm getting ready to sell off my Micro Four Thirds investment; one big reason is Olympus' "Feh, we already got your money, who needs ya?!" attitude...)

Ricoh and, in particular, Fuji seem to continue enhancing and evolving their products, even as the hardware is already in customers' hands. I like that commitment on the company's part and it makes me more confident in making another purchase from them when I decide I'm ready to move up to a better body.

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By RFC1925 (8 months ago)

I really like how Ricoh, Pentax and Fuji keep releasing updates to their cameras well longer than other manufacturers.

Definitely something I consider when buying a new camera.

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By JEROME NOLAS (8 months ago)

I love my GR...

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Johannes Zander
By Johannes Zander (8 months ago)

Wish Nikon would do that for V1/V21

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M Hamilton
By M Hamilton (8 months ago)

Ricoh is awesome, adding features to a 3 year old camera. Still love my GRD IV

By Streetutopia (8 months ago)

I agree.

mike kobal
By mike kobal (8 months ago)

hmmm. doesn't see the new firmware. anybody else having the same problem?
firmware on camera V1.11 (USA model)
new fw gd4_v230.frm ,9.3mb file size

By mpgxsvcd (8 months ago)

I love the fact that some companies are will to add additional features through firmware updates. It definitely could change someone's mind on purchasing the camera if they add something that was originally left out.

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Total comments: 9