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Nikon announces Coolpix S6600 'connected compact'

By dpreview staff on Aug 6, 2013 at 14:49 GMT

Nikon has announced the Coolpix S6600 - a Wi-Fi equipped 'connected compact' with an articulated screen and 'gesture control'. When the screen is facing forward in 'self portrait mode', a photographer in front of the camera can use hand gestures to zoom the lens and record stills or movies. The camera sports a 12x, 25-300mm equivalent optical zoom and 16MP backlit CMOS sensor, and will be available in a choice of black, silver, pink, purple and red. It will go on sale in early September for £200 / €229.

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Press Release:

Nikon announces connected COOLPIX S6600 and high zoom COOLPIX L620 cameras

London, UK, 6th August 2013 – Nikon today announces two new compact cameras in its COOLPIX line up: the connected Nikon COOLPIX S6600 with vari-angle LCD screen, built-in WiFi for easy sharing and a 12x zoom NIKKOR lens; and the ergonomic Nikon COOLPIX L620 with enhanced zoom and Full HD movie.

The Nikon COOLPIX S6600 – See the world from a new perspective

Taking stunning self-portraits just got easier with the addition of the COOLPIX S6600’s vari-angle screen, specifically designed to help compose images and shoot from high or low angles, eliminating the guesswork required for taking a self-portrait picture at arm’s length. What’s more, Gesture Control allows you to shoot stills or video and even control the zoom with a swipe of your hand when the screen is in self-portrait mode.

As well as enabling perfect portraits, the COOLPIX S6600 combines several features to ensure incredible picture quality in all conditions. The 16-megapixel, backlit CMOS sensor combines with the 12x optical zoom to deliver vivid photos and movies, even in the brightest daylight or in low light night time scenes. Full HD movie with stereo and optical zoom gives even more creative options, especially as the vari-angle screen can follow the action from any level.

James Loader, Senior Product Manager for Consumer Products at Nikon UK, comments: “This stylish new model makes capturing stunning images easy, thanks to a combination of its intelligent technologies and convenient vari-angle screen. So whether you are shooting portraits or landscapes, this slim compact, with wifi capability, is a must have for budding photographers who want to stay connected. 

With pictures you can be proud of, the camera also has a raft of filters and effects to give them a unique touch. Quick Effect Mode can apply a special effect directly after taking a shot at the touch of a button, making it simple to add your own creativity before instantly uploading. The camera also features 30 different effects and 18 scene modes for unparalleled possibilities. A great travel companion, the COOLPIX S6600 also offers Easy Panorama, for shooting breath-taking views without complication and blur and vibration reduction (VR) to ensure your images stay steady. Available in a selection of four colours (black, red, purple, white) your camera will look as stunning as the scenery.

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Total comments: 15
By CyberAngel (8 months ago)

Nice idea!
Keep up the innovation!

By lmtfa (8 months ago)

Did Nikon give the convicted execs from Olympus jobs? Next time I read Nikon bitc/ing about camera sales and practically announcing the end of the 1 system, this creepy camera is why. Would the Nikon D4 with a 70-200mm lens or this nightmare camera in purple draw more attention in public? If only I could carry my D700 with two lenses plus accessories, I'd get down on my bad knees and give thanks.

Comment edited 1 minute after posting
Holger Drallmeyer
By Holger Drallmeyer (8 months ago)

Uuuuugggglly Nikon.
Sorry , this camera is so absurdly ugly that I can't leave a halfway decent comment.

By Tan68 (8 months ago)

I think the body is fine. Do think I would prefer black telescoping lens sections. Does each section have its own chrome ring? That is unusual.

Mikhail Tal
By Mikhail Tal (8 months ago)

Another tiny sensor joke of a camera. This piece of trash will be even worse in low light than a cellphone camera.

Flying Snail
By Flying Snail (8 months ago)

Not available in blue? Pass.. :)

By DELETED88781 (8 months ago)

Its over! why to make more of this embarrassing line of cameras?

Comment edited 27 seconds after posting
By mpgxsvcd (8 months ago)

I would just love to give the Nikon engineers this camera and send them off to document a normal family vacation. I would guess that they would be hard pressed to "Take stunning self-portraits. Have incredible picture quality in all conditions. and Take pictures you can be proud of."

My guess is that they would just pull out their phone and take better pictures with it instead.

mike kobal
By mike kobal (8 months ago)

I am sure they do, however, due to Japanese work ethics they only go on vacation every 4 years, hence the slow response time to real world needs......

Comment edited 4 minutes after posting
By peevee1 (8 months ago)

Yeah, but zoom the iPhone to 12x, it will be 50 kpix, 260x200 or so. Of course this camera will not "stun" anybody at f/6.3, but at least it has some bright-sunlight zoom.

By jcmarfilph (8 months ago)

When was the last time you saw a decent photo from iPhone? This cam will take much better photo than iPhone.

By Tan68 (8 months ago)

This makes me think of the movie scene with the guy slinging around the sword (or doing judo stuff) in front of their intended victim. The victim looks bored and punches the judo guy in the face.

I suppose it is the same here. Some poor photographer is fooling around with this awful camera. A world weary phone-tographer walks up and snaps a better picture in an insta-matic.

No focal length adjustment, minimal (if any) exposure control, nothing but app. The modern equivalent to a Kodak Disc. There was a time when people thought glass was useful for increasing magnification. Bet there is an app for that ;^)

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Rob Bernhard
By Rob Bernhard (8 months ago)

After you're done looking foolish waving your arms around at the camera, will it shut down when you flip the one fingered salute? ;)

1 upvote
By Tan68 (8 months ago)

Silly. Finger is for deleting the image.
Scratching like a baseball player turns the camera off.

By mpgxsvcd (8 months ago)

F3.3-6.3. Enough Said.

Total comments: 15