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Impressive Raw video sample from EOS 7D using Magic Lantern

By dpreview staff on Aug 5, 2013 at 19:09 GMT

Magic Lantern has been enhancing the features of Canon EOS digital SLRs for some time now, most recently giving the EOS 5D Mark III a big increase in dynamic range. One feature found in the second alpha version of their EOS 7D software adds the ability to capture Raw video, albeit at a relatively low resolution of 1736 x 1156.

A 7D owner named Florian has put this feature to the test, by combining a series of ~2 second DNG files taken in silent shooting mode into a 33-second video. While there's some moiré at times, the video quality is lightyears ahead of the standard H.264 movies recorded by a stock 7D.  

See for yourself:

Canon 7D - Raw Video with Magic Lantern (by Florian)

Via: Engadget, Source: Florian


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Ivan Lietaert
By Ivan Lietaert (8 months ago)

Pfffft, my Nikon V1 can do 4K raw video out of the box, without hacking. (Limited to 30 frames per shot). At € 248, kit lens included.

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By mannfilmz (8 months ago)

7D has an older, slow CF card reader and internal processing, will only go 2 seconds at 1736p. It will never get better, same as with all the other older cameras other then the 5dM2 (which had a faster CF card reader.) 1756 X 1156 is amateur, the up rez to 1080p causes artifacts and moire, especially in a pro workflow. Sorry...

Marek Rucinski
By Marek Rucinski (8 months ago)

Looks very nice by the cuts are a little Michael Bay-esque :-)
It's the space requirements, I suppose...

By LaFonte (8 months ago)

So you shoot in raw then process it outside? So what is the process? What software etc?

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By CameraLabTester (8 months ago)

Nice. The aging 7D just got more interesting... not because of Canon.

How ironic.


By 3DSimmon (8 months ago)

Haha, great News, I knew it would be Worth holding on to my 7D. RAW video will keep dslrs on the market for a long while yet.

By steelhead3 (8 months ago)

I am sorry but I don't see anything that any sony, panasonic or various others couldn't accomplish, and with auto focus.

Erik Magnuson
By Erik Magnuson (8 months ago)

So is it not there or do you just not see it? I assume you at least watched it full size and unscaled. It may not be persuasive unless you also have a direct comparison or a lot of experience with how those other cameras would handle shadow noise and clipping points for those lighting conditions. Or how easy/hard it was to do the color grading and other post processing to get that output.

By Juck (8 months ago)

Steelhead,,,, go learn about RAW video,,, then watch the video again. There's a good lad.

By mpgxsvcd (8 months ago)

1736 x 1156 is NOT low resolution for video. That looks amazing. Minus the Moire.

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By slncezgsi (8 months ago)

Just shy of full HD and does not allow for any additional cropping if necessary. The quality is great though.

By johnduncan (8 months ago)

How is it shy of Full HD?

EDIT - ah, widthways. Got you, my bad.

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By thx1138 (8 months ago)

Well it's a different type of HD, a bit less res on the horizontal, a bit more res on the vertical. Looks excellent, very sharp and detailed and much much better than the standard over processed, soft full HD output by Canon.

By sagebrushfire (8 months ago)

Technically it's only 67,000 less pixels which is nothing; unfortunately its aspect ratio is skewed towards height compared to full HD so it would either get compressed or get cropped into sub-1080p resolution but most of the information is there.

1280x720p is also considered hi definition; it's getting less popular as 1080p becomes more ubiquitous but it's plenty of detail for most amateur and low-level (Weddings, Birthdays, Etc.) professional needs.

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By Quirino2k (8 months ago)

what I understand the 7D is using the same version that the 5DM3 used when it shot raw for the first time. With only afew sec recording and not yet full HD, But now the latest version of Raw for 5Dm3 shoots continues raw in full HD.. So Im guessing 7D will get there too..
But I haven't seen any news on YUV 422 color space recording, would be awesome if they get that working too as an alternate space friendly version to raw

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