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Nikon issues firmware update for D7100

By dpreview staff on Jun 26, 2013 at 16:55 GMT
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Nikon has released a firmware update for its Nikon D7100 digital SLR. Firmware version C 1.01 corrects errors in how certain kinds of shooting data is displayed, and aims to resolve other issues relating to live view shooting of stills and video. For example, when shooting 1080 HD video at 24p in manual mode, the camera's live view failed to show changes in brightness that adjustments in shutter speed would produce. Firmware version C 1.01 addresses this problem, and is available for immediate download from the company's website.

Nikon firmware C 1.01

Modifications enabled with this upgrade of firmware, release date June 25, 2013:

  • When images captured using a flash in Manual or Repeating flash flash mode were played back with the “Overview” display enabled, flash output level was displayed in the flash compensation portion of the display. This issue has been resolved.
  • When the AE/AF lock button was pressed with Special Effects mode enabled, Selective Color selected, and the view magnified with selective color options displayed in live view, the image did not change while live view was active. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the Viewfinder Virtual Horizon to freeze when certain operations were performed has been resolved.
  • When images captured with white balance bracketing enabled were played back, a white balance fine-tuning value of 9 (steps) was displayed even for images captured with a fine-tuning value of 10 (steps) applied. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented cursor movement when certain operations were performed in calendar playback mode has been resolved.
  • The size of some text displayed in calendar playback mode has been modified.
  • Display of focal lengths in 35mm [135] format recorded in image Exif data has been corrected.
  • With movie recording at 1920 × 1080/24p in M exposure mode, subject brightness did not change, even when shutter speed was adjusted. This issue has been resolved.
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Paloma Digital
By Paloma Digital (8 months ago)


Abhijith Kannankavil
By Abhijith Kannankavil (10 months ago)

AFAIK, only nikon full frame bodies have aperture drive motors which are seperated from the mirror-drive one. So, you wont be able to change the aperture without getting the mirror down. That's a hardware limitation. Firmware cant fix it.

But, best thing to do would be to get some nikkors with apperture ring on them.

By ezyernie (2 days ago)

does this matter if I use AF-S lenses?

By Benarm (10 months ago)

Did Nikon fix the bug when changing aperture in live view mode does nothing?

By micahmedia (10 months ago)

Confirmed: after the update I can now use 1/25th in 24p video, and it exposes as expected. Before it would expose looking more like 1/60th.

By Aris25 (10 months ago)

No metering in video mode!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least give us that!!!!! This is rediculous!!!! We cannot change aperture in video mode, we can't see if the exposure is right cause we dont have metering in video mode, we can't use flatter picture profiles because of banding and fpn .... But we have headphone jack with live meters for audio, and mic input for clean audio recording!!!! Does anyone in Nikon Tests the versatility in video mode before they put it in production... The D7100 its an amazing stills camera but for video... i dont think so... The picture quality overall isn't that bad if you have the time to denoise the footage(sometimes and in the lowest iso)... and if you have the time to exit from live view to change the aperture ... and then to check how is your exposure ... and then come back to live view ("ohhh the white t-shirt is overexposed") Then you have to exit from live view.........Nikon Rulessssss

By chlamchowder (10 months ago)

You can change the aperture, if you stop buying lenses that don't have aperture rings.

Winston Loo
By Winston Loo (10 months ago)

Buy a gh3. Solves all your problems

Bill Rees
By Bill Rees (10 months ago)

The inability to change the aperture in live view is baffling. I'm not even talking about during recording but simply changing it in between recordings.

How does "buying a GH3" solve anything? Cameras are all about lenses as well as bodies.

Comment edited 1 minute after posting
By marike6 (10 months ago)

For all the energy you expended with this rant, you could have logged onto Ebay and purchased a couple of AIS Nikkors which solve all of your issues, and have much nicer damped MF rings and are inexpensive.

Buying a more expensive but worse performing mirror-less camera like the GH3 is not a solution unless you are strictly a videographer. In which case, you will probably have your eye on a BMCC (which shoots RAW) rather than a GH3.

The D7100 is currently about the best all-around crop sensor camera available, period. So if video is important, simply purchase a couple of AIS Nikkors on Ebay or a couple of Samyang primes like the 35 1.4. You can also affect exposure with a variable ND filter which is a pretty standard item for videographers.

No need to go out an buy an expensive mirrorless system camera with wildly overpriced lenses like the Pany 12-35 or 35-100.

By micahmedia (9 months ago)

AIS lenses focus marvelously for video. However, the click stops are distracting during video. It's not an elegant solution. I tend to use my Panasonic cams for video, since the adapters (and I'm using dirt cheap ones) adjust aperture more smoothly. On auto shutter/ISO, you can transition from light to dark in one cut and do it so it looks nice.

By Gulyopapa (5 months ago)

What did you buy for ?
I have bought it for still pictures.
The video mode is a bonus to me.
For video buy Panasonic GH3.

By ksgant (10 months ago)

Any fix or perhaps lessening of the banding you sometimes get in the shadow areas when pushed?

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Der Steppenwolf
By Der Steppenwolf (10 months ago)

That is something that is governed by quality of sensor, no firmware can do magic or undo laws of physics.You and I however can learn to expose better or use exposure bracketing and then we don't have to push shadows as often or not at all.

By ksgant (10 months ago)

Yes, but I had a situation where I had something that was barely half a stop under exposed and the banding reared it's ugly head on me. I was quite surprised by it. Seemed be an isolated incident for me, but still was surprising.

By depscribe (10 months ago)

That's because you got cheap imported gray-market electrons. Or else you tried to use black-and-white electrons to make a color picture. Did you check the electron compatability table in the user manual?

By ksgant (10 months ago)

Hmmm, I'll check, but I think I got my electrons at....HEY!

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By Josh152 (10 months ago)


The thing is you may have been more than half a stop under exposed. On a sensor that is prone to banding like the one on the D7100 getting the exposure correct, which means capturing as much data as possible, which means exposing to the right, is vital. sure the meter might have said you were one half a stop below zero on the meter but if your histogram has a bunch of empty space to the right you were actually probably more like 1- 2 stops under exposed. A correct exposure for a digital camera if you are shooting raw, which you should be when ever possible on a camera like the D7100, is to get as much light on the sensor as possible without blowing the important highlights and/or having too much motion blur and then adjust the output brightness to taste later in software such as lightroom.

By Cankon (9 months ago)


Total comments: 19