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Lowepro introduces Transit AW series bags for urbanites

By dpreview staff on Jun 24, 2013 at 23:46 GMT

Lowepro's new Transit Sling 250 AW and Backpack 350 AW aim to help photographers keep a low profile in the heart of the city. The smaller Sling 250 has only one strap and will comfortably house a mirrorless camera or compact DSLR with a couple of lenses, while the Backpack 350, with two straps, provides a bit more room for a standard DSLR and larger lenses.

The Backpack 350 AW will accommodate a laptop of up to 15 inches in a dedicated compartment, while the Sling will hold up to a 10 inch tablet. Both bags offer a built-in all-weather cover for protection against the elements and are offered in a minimalist 'slate gray.' Price at launch for the Transit Sling 250 AW is $100/£82 and the Backpack 350 AW is priced at $120/£98.

UK Press release:

Lowepro’s NEW fast access urban camera bag - TRANSIT in the streets

Need fast access to your kit? Carrying a range of tech? Want a super lightweight camera bag which offers great protection AND looks stylish too? Look no further than the New Lowepro Transit Backpack and Sling bags!

Lowepro Transit Backpack 350 AW – guide retail price £98

Designed to blend in to the urban environment the new Lowepro Transit backpack can hold a surprising volume of precious technology – with dedicated compartments for camera gear, laptop, smartphone and accessories. Comfortable shoulder straps and zippered side opening allows for rapid access to your gear on the go – and the internal UltraFlex system allows bespoke configuration to best fit your own camera kit.

The Transit backpack is designed to accommodate a pro DSLR body with lens attached – up to a 70-200 f2.8 lens for side access, or up to 300mm if stored vertically within the backpack. There’s also room for 1-2 additional lenses, flash, accessories and a separate padded pocket, which will protect your laptop (up to 15”).

A compact tripod can also be mounted on the outside of the backpack – safely slipped into a tripod shoe and secured with a cinch strap.

With its All Weather Cover to protect against the elements and weighing in at just over 1 kilo (1.1kg) – this really is a ‘take it anywhere’ backpack – light, stylish and ideal for today’s street and travel photographers. The Lowepro Transit Backpack 350 also fits within most airline carry on allowances*.

Lowepro Transit Sling 250 AW – guide retail price £82

Also available is the uber stylish ‘little brother’ in the Transit range – the Lowepro Transit Sling – which enjoys many of the same key features as the backpack:

  • Internal UltraFlex system which can be configured to best fit your own kit
  • Side opening for on the go access 
  • Designed to accommodate consumer DSLR with 24-70 f2.8 lens attached (for side access) 
  • OR DSLR and 70-200 f2.8 lens when stored vertically 
  • Plus 1 or 2 additional lenses, flash and accessories 
  • Padded pocket designed to accommodate tablet – up to 10” 
  • Additional strap for extra stabilization when on the move (attaches from bottom of back to sling strap) 
  • All Weather Cover 
  • Tripod attachment fixings 

Weighing in at a super flyweight 0.8kg – this sling style bag is ideal for holidays, days out and carry on airline luggage.

Both bags also have the option to remove all internal dividers, turning camera bag into general backpack or sling bag for everyday use – so 2 for the price of 1!

Available in Slate Grey the new Transit series will be available to purchase from all good photographic retailers from the end of June.

*Always check exact details with your specific airline prior to travel.


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RedDog Steve
By RedDog Steve (9 months ago)

Worth considering may be the fact that at many "events" a backpack may be banned due to security issues.
I'm a big fan of traveling light, anything beyond the body and first lens goes in a belt-clip pouch or fanny pack.
Having said that Lowepro has something for everyone !

Comment edited 5 minutes after posting
Zalafoto USA
By Zalafoto USA (10 months ago)

I love their bags. I am shopping for a backpack. I think I'll get a Backpack 350.

By Codik (10 months ago)

Perhaps Lowepro should stop putting huge logos on its bags if it wants its clients to "keep a low profile". To almost everyone now, Lowepro bag = camera in the bag.

By andix (10 months ago)

To this day Lowepro failed to understand that sling bags should be AMBIDEXTROUS.

By NumberOne (10 months ago)

...Except for the «Flipside» line, which is not totally a "sling".
However, I really don't see any advantage of the ambidexterity for a sling bag, exception made for the possibility of distributing/changing the weight between shoulders. ;-)

By dmanthree (10 months ago)

The advantage of being ambidextrous has nothing to do wth being right or left handed. Some of us have shoulder issues and need to carry on a certain side to avoid pain. The designers should have considered this.

By antonavi (10 months ago)

Me too, I'm looking for an ambidextrous sling bag!
Do you know if there's an ambidextrous model?

By mosswings (10 months ago)

There isn't in the LowePro line, unless you count the Passport Sling - really a shoulder bag. ThinkTank makes a true ambidextrous sling bag called the Sling-O-Matic (and that looks like a big shoebox - it's not popular), Kata makes the 3N1 series (backpack-sling), Crumpler has the Enthusiast (true ambidexterity), Tamrac makes the Evolution series. There are a lot of ambidextrous slings out there, just not many stylish ones.

Comment edited 44 seconds after posting
Asa Spades
By Asa Spades (10 months ago)

Check out the Tamrac Evolution series for an ambidextrous sling option. The bags are awesome!

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By T3 (10 months ago)

Fortunately, with all these great new, compact mirrorless systems available now, there's less and less need for such large dedicated camera bags. I'd like to see more bags designed *specifically* for compact mirrorless systems, without consideration for larger legacy DSLR systems.

By Sordid (10 months ago)

Buy a girlie handbag then. ^^

1 upvote
By calking (10 months ago)

I use a small lowepro bag for my fuji xe-1 with the 18-55 lens on all the time, and attached to that smal bag a smaller lens bag for primes or the 55-200. I don't like the typical stock shoulder straps, so I swapped for a laptop bag strap with a shoulder pad. Because it is longer, it works really well as a sling-style component bag setup. Much smaller than these new so-called transit bags which still look to be targeted toward dslr shooters.

And to the shmuck above with his stupid comment about girlie handbags, I'd say he probably uses one himself if that's what he advocates others use.

By Sordid (10 months ago)

You are aware of the meaning of emoticons and such, aren't you?
Probably not...

1 upvote
By Makinations (10 months ago)

Those look stylish?

Gediminas 8
By Gediminas 8 (10 months ago)

Style has never been a strong point of Lowepro. In fact, with their bland and utilitarian choice of materials, shapes and colours they are stuck somewhere in 2002.

And that stupid logo in the most conspicuous places, exactly what a low-profile photog desires.

Strange that they are still in business.

1 upvote
Glen Barrington
By Glen Barrington (10 months ago)

"A compact tripod can also be mounted on the outside of the backpack – safely slipped into a tripod shoe and secured with a cinch strap."

Nothing says, "low profile, no camera kit here" like a tripod dangling from a back pack!

Seagull TLR
By Seagull TLR (10 months ago)

I used army surplus bag to carry my camera equipment.

By rjx (10 months ago)

I don't like Lowepro but are you nitpicking just for the sake of being difficult?

It's an option for when you need it. Otherwise, you'd need two bags. One for when you want to keep a lower profile, and another one for when you need to carry a tripod. So why not just buy one bag that does both?

With that said, for a little more $$ you can buy the much nicer Think Tank Streetwalker Pro / Hard Drive backpacks.

Lowepro bags imo are cheap and flimsy compared to Think Tank bags, and definitely not going to last as long. The price differences are not much, yet you gain a lot more quality. Just saying.

Glen Barrington
By Glen Barrington (10 months ago)

Lighten up RJX, that was meant to be humor. I don't care what bag you use!

By guamy (10 months ago)

A fanny pack will do the job better.. just swing it in front of you in seconds to grab your camera this way faster execution than the backpacks that also hurt your shoulder.

Michel F
By Michel F (10 months ago)

Yeah, try to stuff your fanny pack with a pro body and a 70-200mm lens and see how that works out. Fanny packs are built for a specific purpose, backpacks are built for a totally different purpose.

By bcalkins (10 months ago)

"will comfortably house a mirrorless camera or compact DSLR with a couple of lenses"

I have a Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home that is 8x8x5 versus 11x8x13 and I carry an OM-D with grip, and 3 or 4 lenses, spare batteries and memory cards plus a polarizer and 10mm extension tube (not all that all the time, but that is what fits comfortably). The sling 250 should definitely hold a mirrorless camera and two lenses!

Total comments: 22