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Tokina offers US pricing for AT-X 12-28mm F4 Pro DX lens

By dpreview staff on Jun 6, 2013 at 19:39 GMT

Tokina has announced a US price of $599 for its AT-X 12-28mm F4 Pro DX lens. Soon to be available in both Canon and Nikon mounts for APS-C bodies, this lens was announced at the CP+ tradeshow back in January and will replace the company's existing 12-24mm F4 wideangle zoom for APS-C cameras. 

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Press Release:

Kenko Tokina USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the new Tokina AT-X 12-28 mm F/4 lens.

Tokina AT-X 12-28mm F4 PRO DX

Wide Zoom Range

The new Tokina AT-X 12-28 mm F/4 lens has a super-wide to standard zoom range while maintaining a constant fast f/4.0 aperture. This makes it a very versatile lens for different photo applications such as scenery, street scenes photography and event coverage. The lens is designed for DSLR cameras with APS-C (DX) sized sensors.

New Optical Design

A new optical design using aspherical elements and super-low dispersion glass matches even the highest mega-pixel DX sensors cameras available today.

One aspherical lens element is positioned in the front group. This together with another precision molded glass aspherical lens element placed in the rear group ideally focuses marginal light rays and maintains sharpness at the edges while also correcting distortion. The use of two different SD (Super-low Dispersion) glass elements, type FK01 and FK03, corrects chromatic aberration. The combination of all these specialized elements in the optical design yield excellent sharpness and color.

New auto focus mechanism

The new AF "GMR magnetic precision" control sensor is capable of fast auto-focus. Tokina placed the new sensor closer to the drive unit in the lens for faster communication between the controller and AF motor. This combined with the motor's high-precision focus control yields faster, more accurate auto-focus.

Additionally, a brand new "SD-M" (Silent Drive-Module) has greatly lowered the sounds emitted by the auto focus drive system allowing for much quieter AF. Both Canon and Nikon mounts have a built-in AF motor to make them auto-focus compatible with all current camera bodies.

Compact body design

The Tokina AT-X 12-28 mm F/4 compact design makes the lens easy to carry and handle. Manual focus is achieved through Tokina's one-touch focus clutch AF/MF mechanism. Simply slide the manual focus ring forward for auto-focus or back for manual focus operation. The lens focus ring is damped in the manual mode for smooth and precise focusing.

In addition the lens has a 77mm filter size allowing filters such as the Hoya HD2 low-profile circular polarizer or UV to be used.

Tokina AT-X 12-28mm F/4 Pro DX specifications

Principal specifications
Lens typeZoom lens
Max Format sizeAPS-C / DX
Focal length12–28 mm
Image stabilisationNo
Lens mountCanon EF, Nikon F (DX)
Maximum apertureF4.0
Minimum apertureF22.0
Number of diaphragm blades9
Special elements / coatings1 Aspherical P-MO element, 1 glass-moulded aspherical element, SD glass (ultra-low dispersion glass) FK01 and FK03 elements
Minimum focus0.25 m (9.84)
Maximum magnification0.2×
Motor typeMicro-type ultrasonic
Full time manualNo
Focus methodInternal
Focus notesOne-touch focus clutch mechanism
Distance scaleYes
DoF scaleNo
Weight530 g (1.17 lb)
Diameter84 mm (3.31)
Length90 mm (3.54)
Zoom methodRotary (internal)
Filter thread77 mm
Hood suppliedYes
Hood product codeBH-77B


Total comments: 19
By WordsOfFarewell (5 months ago)

Now if only this was released for Pentax mount!

Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (10 months ago)

Too little, too late. For only 200 bucks more, you can get the new one from Sigma that is a constant F1.8 max. wide open aperture. It's a no-brainer, really.

Chuck Yadmark
By Chuck Yadmark (10 months ago)

Love my 12-24 Tokina as a walk-around. 12-36 f4 would be my dream walk around.

By codeNsnap (10 months ago)

Should be an awesome outdoor walk around lens for DX shooters..

David Kinston
By David Kinston (10 months ago)

Can't see the appeal of this lens when there is the 11-16mm f2.8.
Shame on DPReview for not reviewing this interesting lens!

1 upvote
By MrGreen (10 months ago)

Since when is f/4 fast for an ultra-wide? Might be fast for a super-telephoto, but not at these focal lengths.

Comment edited 1 minute after posting
By JakeB (10 months ago)

Better than Sigma going up to f5.6.

1 upvote
Cameron R Hood
By Cameron R Hood (10 months ago)

Is it weather resistant? And it's about time they implement a digital DOF scale somewhere...on the screen, in the viewfinder, on the lens itself, it would be EASY to do...I've been harping on this for about 15 years now...

Comment edited 1 minute after posting
By JakeB (10 months ago)

I have the Tokina 12-24 f4 II and it's a great lens. Construction is excellent, and optics are very good.

A little soft in the corners at f4, by f5.6 the already sharp center is even more so and corners are sharper. Almost imperceptible difference between f5.6 and f8.

The lens is half the price of the Nikon and therefore a great bargain and I'd expect the new version to be similarly good.

Now, Tokina, when are we going to see that 70-200 f4? If it's significantly cheaper than the Nikon but optically similar, you could make a killing.

urix Lukin
By urix Lukin (10 months ago)

Pentax, Sony mount? Anyone?

By laptopsbattery (10 months ago)

Can not find the lens in amazon and best buy? I am doubt with its price.

By appelpix1 (10 months ago)

If the ”New Optical Design” addresses the problem that Tokina had with chromatic aberration, this one surely will be a success!

By MrMojo (10 months ago)

I've owned a first-generation 12-24 for over five years. CA is rarely noticeable and when it does occur it is easily corrected. My primary editing program fixes CA automatically so it's a non-issue as far as I am concerned...

I've been photographing for over 30 years, always been a Nikon guy and I own a slew of quality Nikkors. The Tokina 12-24 is my only non-Nikon lens. I would have bought the equivalent Nikkor but at twice the cost it simply isn't worth it; it is only marginally better optically and its build-quality is disappointing. It handles like a typical Nikon consumer-oriented lens while costing $1000+.

By tyyreaun (10 months ago)

I believe the 12-24/4 lists at $599, but sells at $449, so this one should hopefully have a street price of under $500 very soon.

By CameraLabTester (10 months ago)

Tokina delivers really good quality on this focal length.

Hopefully this new model will be the same high quality and performance.

This Tokina lens is one of the hidden economical secrets of wide angle photography.


By abortabort (10 months ago)

Any info on this lens for other mounts?

By Kfrog (10 months ago)

Looks like nice lens. I've used the 12-24mm on a Nikon D90 and it produced great pictures. This lens should be that much better.

By dylanbarnhart (10 months ago)

I hope the street price would come down fast, because its bigger brother, the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 is $30 cheaper now.

By abortabort (10 months ago)

Bigger brother as in 'offers half the range but with 1 extra stop'? This is a completely different lens. Also you can't compare street prices with RRPs.

1 upvote
Total comments: 19