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Fujifilm releases XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS and updates lens roadmap

By dpreview staff on Apr 17, 2013 at 05:00 GMT
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Fujifilm has officially announced the Fujinon XF 55-200mm F3.5-F4.8 R LM OIS telephoto zoom for its X system of mirrorless cameras. Headline features include optical image stabilisation with a claimed 4.5 stops benefit, dual linear stepper motors for focusing, all-metal barrel construction, and premium optics. The lens also features an aperture ring like that on the company's XF 18-55mm zoom. Fujifilm has also updated its roadmap of upcoming lenses to include the XF 56mm F1.2 R, which is half a stop faster than previously projected, and scheduled for release in January 2014. Finally the company is promising firmware updates to improve the autofocus speed of both the X-Pro1 and X-E1, which will be available to download in July.

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Press Release:

Fujifilm announces the latest addition to the highly acclaimed series of XF lenses – the XF55-200mm telephoto lens and updated XF lens roadmap

New updated firmware for Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E1 will increase auto focus performance

Valhalla, N.Y., April 17, 2013 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the launch of the FUJINON XF55-200mm (83-300mm*1) F3.5-F4.8 R LM OIS, the first XF telephoto zoom lens for the X-Series Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera System that includes the award-winning FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and FUJIFILM X-E1. The all new XF55mm-200mm (83-300mm) F3.5-F4.8 gives photographers a fast aperture across the entire zoom range and outstanding image stabilization for sharp, high resolution images.

“We know that adding this newly designed, advanced telephoto zoom lens to our XF lens line-up will allow photographers who are using our premium X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras to gain even more shooting flexibility, and also have cutting edge optical technology at their fingertips that enhances the way they capture images,” said Go Miyazaki, president and chief operating officer, FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

FUJINON XF55-200mm (83-300mm*1) F3.5-F4.8 R LM OIS

The all new FUJINON XF55-200mm lens gives users a fast F3.5-4.8 lens that produces

sharp images across its entire zoom range, from edge-to-edge.  Its image stabilization function enables the use of shutter speeds up to 4.5 stops slower, preventing camera shake even when shooting hand-held in low-light situations, or when shooting at a stopped down aperture.  

The XF55-200mm lens includes two linear motors for high-speed AF of 0.28 seconds*2 to quickly focus on your subject. Together with its high quality metal design, the XF55-200mm lens  delivers an easy-to-transport lens with a large maximum aperture for outstanding mobility and performance. 

The FUJINON XF55-200mm (83-300mm*1) F3.5-F4.8 R LM OIS lens features:

  • An advanced optical design to cover the mid-telephoto (83mm) to telephoto (300mm)
  • Image stabilization for shutter speeds up to 4.5 stops slower
  • Two linear motors for high-speed AF and quiet operation
  • Two ED lens elements and one Super ED lens element for increased performance and effective control against chromatic aberrations
  • FUJINON's proprietary HT-EBC coating on the entire lens surface to effectively prevent reflections, and control flare and ghosting
  • Minimum focal distance of 1.1m across the entire zoom range to enable telephoto close-ups
  • A 1/3EV step aperture ring for users to easily adjust the aperture while holding the camera up to their eye
  • High quality, metal construction focus ring and aperture ring 

New Firmware for FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and FUJIFILM X-E1

New firmware will also be released to improve auto focus performance for the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and FUJIFILM X-E1*3. The new firmware maximizes the benefit of the XF lenses and enables the cameras to search the contrast AF quickly throughout the full range of focal length. The focus speed will be as fast as 0.7 seconds even if it searches from infinity to MOD at the telephoto end. 

The new firmware*3 will be available in July 2013 for download at

Updated FUJINON XF Lens Roadmap

Fujifilm is committed to the entire X-Series line of advanced digital cameras and FUJINON XF lens, and is issuing an updated XF lens roadmap following the initial XF lens roadmap released in June 2012.

With 10 FUJINON XF lenses and the new three X-Mount lenses that Carl Zeiss announced in September 2012, there will soon be 13 high-performance lenses available for the X-Mount system to meet the needs of every photographer and support a wide range of photography from  ultra-wide-angle at 10-24mm(15-36mm*1) to super-telephoto of 55-200mm (83-300mm*1.) 

End 2013
In late 2013, Fujifilm will deliver the pancake XF27mm (41mm*1) F2.8 high performance single focal length lens. Fujifilm will then launch the super wide zoom XF10mm-24mm (15-36mm*1) F4 lens with optical image stabilization and the single focal length XF23mm (35mm*1) F1.4 lens.

Early 2014
In early 2014, FUJINON will launch its premier prime portrait lens, the XF56mm (84mm*1) F1.2R.

For information about the Carl Zeiss X-mount lenses, please visit

*1 35mm format equivalent

*2 based on CIPA standards

*3 It will be necessary to update the firmware on all XF lenses except the XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS. The lens firmware will be available from July 2013.

*4 Images are not of the final product.

*5 Road map is as of April 17, 2013. Specifications are subject to change.

Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS specifications

Principal specifications
Lens typeZoom lens
Max Format sizeAPS-C / DX
Focal length55–200 mm
Image stabilisationYes (4.5 stops claimed)
Lens mountFujifilm X
Maximum apertureF3.5 - F4.8
Minimum apertureF22.0
Aperture ringYes
Number of diaphragm blades7
Aperture notesrounded diaphragm
Special elements / coatingsTwo ED glass elements, one Super ED glass element
Minimum focus1.10 m (43.31)
Maximum magnification0.18×
Motor typeStepper motor
Full time manualYes
Focus methodInternal
Distance scaleNo
DoF scaleNo
Weight580 g (1.28 lb)
Diameter75 mm (2.95)
Length118 mm (4.65)
MaterialsMetal barrel, metal mount
Zoom methodRotary (extending)
Power zoomNo
Zoom lockNo
Filter thread62 mm
Filter notesDoes not rotate on focusing
Hood suppliedYes
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Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS


Total comments: 51
By BerendZ (Apr 19, 2013)

Since I started using the X-PRO 1 I am excited to work prime lenses again.
I do not miss the zoom lenses at all, but I do really miss the 23mm/f1.4.
The 23mm lens fills the huge gap between the 18mm/f2 and the 35mm/f1.4 needed for street photography.
I was expecting the 23mm lens first, together with the 56mm/f1.2.
So the fact that I have to wait untill the end of the year and for the 56 even until next year disappoints me.

And yet another filter thread: 39mm (60), 52mm (18 & 35), 58mm (14 & 18-55) and now 62mm for the new zoom lens.

I am also wondering why Zeiss puts lenses on the market that are very close to the focal lengths of the existing fujinon lenses.
I would like to see some comparison tests though.

Alejandro del Pielago
By Alejandro del Pielago (Apr 18, 2013)

Dear Fuji team:

I´m considering the X Pro 2, and you know it will be expensive indeed. So, please, YOU must to think about a 100mm or 135mm or 200mm F/2.8 very soon. With fast teles life, sometimes, is easier.



By supeyugin1 (Apr 18, 2013)

Nice lenses, but for that price I'll stay with Samsung NX. More compact as well.

Comment edited 14 seconds after posting
By HowaboutRAW (Apr 18, 2013)

And good Samsung NX lenses (which are indeed better than Fujis) aren't exactly cheap. Unless you'd put Leica Ms in the mix.

Clint Dunn
By Clint Dunn (Apr 18, 2013)

Is it just me that finds it odd that Fuji would advertise the Zeiss lenses on their roadmap??? Yes I understand that more lenses for their platform is a good thing but still....

1 upvote
By yabokkie (Apr 19, 2013)

Zeiss as cheap Fujinon alternative sounds a good idea.

By HowaboutRAW (Apr 17, 2013)

At least on the English parts of the Carl Zeiss website, there's no information on Fuji X mount Zeiss lenses--even as an upcoming thing.

A search of the Zeiss website for the terms "Fuji X" provides no results.

By TheDreamingWatchman (Apr 19, 2013)

If you can't find any information on Zeiss lenses for Fuji it does not mean Fuji is lying.
It means you do not know how to search:

By HowaboutRAW (Apr 19, 2013)


A search of the terms "Fuji X" on the Zeiss website yields no results, just as I said.

A Google search of the terms "'Carl Zeiss Fuji X'" only yields websites like DPReview and rumors.

I never claimed that Fuji was lying about the purported availability of these Zeiss lenses for Fuji X mount cameras, but the fact that the lenses aren't on the Zeiss website (I'll get to the Zeiss blog link next) suggests that development isn't real far along, though I guess the 24mm version from the Sony Nex system could work with a different mount and firmware.

Next the Zeiss blog you linked above: "Fuji" is only referenced in the comments. So that's not Zeiss saying these Fuji X lenses are up coming. Now the picture does have a Sony Nex 7 and a Fuji XPro1 body with some lenses, but that's only Zeiss implying that the Fuji X mount may be included as an option. The only system mentioned in the text is the Nex system.

You’ve confused a mock-up with a product.

Comment edited 3 times, last edit 4 minutes after posting
By TheDreamingWatchman (Apr 19, 2013)

1.) The blog is part of the official website.

2.) Dr. Michael Pollmann, Consumer Lenses Product and Program Manager says:
"Since the introduction of Sony’s NEX-7 and Fujifilm’s X-Pro 1, it became obvious that CSC cameras required quality lenses. So we decided that the time was ripe to bring such lenses to the market."

"The new lenses will be available for Sony E-bayonet (Sony NEX cameras) and for Fujifilm X-bayonet (Fujifilm X cameras)."

These are two official statements from an official representative on the official site of Zeiss (that you could not find even when I gave you the correct link).

By HowaboutRAW (Apr 19, 2013)


You do realize that the statement in your point 2 above doesn't actually say that Zeiss will make these lenses for Fuji X mount cameras.

But yes I concede the next point, and I missed it, well a page search of the term Fuji within Firefox missed it, gotta test that again.

Still a company blog doesn't mean much until a real release schedule is posted. And a search of the term "Fuji X" on the Zeiss website still yields nothing, though "Fuji" alone gets one somewhere.

So I was wrong in some particulars, but right in general that Zeiss aint pushing this line of lenses for Fuji X cameras.

By Samaistuin (Apr 17, 2013)

I definitely think that Fuji should be bold and release a fixed (i.e. not a zoom) tele lens, like a fast 180mm.

If there are users for their quality primes, my guess is that the same people could be tempted by a high quality long lens, with a faster aperture.

Give it a thought, Fuji. Not even the µ4/3 users have that in their line up.

Jonathan F/2
By Jonathan F/2 (Apr 18, 2013)

Panasonic has the 150mm 2.8 OIS scheduled for release next year.

By Jorginho (Apr 18, 2013)

So Panasonic is pretty bold with their 150 mm f2.8 next year. mFT users won't be easily impressed by other brands when it comes to primes. In fact: they won't be impressed with anything at all with the exception of the Fuji XTRans low liht noise performance. That is truely amazing!

By Peiasdf (Apr 17, 2013)

Wow, f/1.2 on a APS-C EVIL/mirrorless camera? Nice. Here is hoping that 23 f/1.4 is actually f/1.2. I've been waiting for that lens for 6 months.

By peevee1 (Apr 17, 2013)

Do I understand correctly, they want $700 for a lens just about 1/3-1/2 of a stop faster than any other $100-$200 cheap short tele zoom?

Martin Ranger
By Martin Ranger (Apr 17, 2013)

I can't wait for a Fuji portrait lens either. In fact, I won't. I bought into the Fuji X system believing the promise of the lens roadmap, which now turns out to be inoperative. This change in "plans" makes the camera much less useful for me (I shoot a lot of portraits). Even if I were willing to wait another nine months for the 56mm lens, why would I believe the new roadmap?

1 upvote
By sgoldswo (Apr 18, 2013)

The 60mm macro is actually a pretty decent portrait lens. Exremely sharp and distortion free with lovely bokeh. It could certainly serve as a compromise until the portrait lens turns up

By samhain (Apr 17, 2013)

56mm f1.2?!? AWESOME!!!!

By joejack951 (Apr 17, 2013)

Are you prepared to pay $1000+ for it?

1 upvote
By SBoudreault (Apr 19, 2013)

Yes !
You'll save 10K over a Noct :)

1 upvote
Paul Crouse
By Paul Crouse (Apr 17, 2013)

Great! I can't wait! I really want a telephoto for my Fuji. It makes such wonderful files.

I have been using a Nikon 85mm 1.8G, which is great for portraits, but I want lens that autofocuses.

1 upvote
iae aa eia
By iae aa eia (Apr 17, 2013)

fujifilm is really doing great launching brighter lenses as standard lenses. if all makers followed them, we could have brighter and less expensive lenses. nobody wants, nobody gets excited about a 18-55mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 or 55-200mm ƒ/4.5-6.3 lens, for example. costumers are forced to have them (or they can make a HUGE leap towards a monstruous heckuva $,$$$ aperture-fixed ƒ/2.8 zoom).

i'm not saying there's no space for a 3.5-5.6, because they're really cheap to make, but in such dark lenses category, i see the panasonic 12-42 pz and the sony 16-50 oss retractables as really appropiate lenses. dark and so-so quality, but really compact (makes more sense).

Comment edited 8 minutes after posting
1 upvote
By yabokkie (Apr 17, 2013)

XF18-55/2.8-4 is several times more expensive than those standard APS-C zooms (depending on which lens we compare) but since it's nearly one stop faster, it deserves one stop higher price (optics plus better build).

1 upvote
By joejack951 (Apr 17, 2013)

Or, if they are lucky enough to shoot Canon or Nikon, there are 70-200mm f/4 zooms that are considerably cheaper and smaller than the f/2.8 zooms of the same range. However, don't kid yourself that this Fuji lens isn't expensive compared to a kit telezoom. Aside from the build quality, there's very little that's impressive here for $700.

Beat Traveller
By Beat Traveller (Apr 17, 2013)

I applaud Fuji for making better than average zooms, but this one really doesn't offer double the performance for double the price.

Now the 18-55: that is a different story.

By HowaboutRAW (Apr 17, 2013)


Fuji X lenses are better, optically, than any thing from Canon or Nikon.

1 upvote
Andrei Nicoara
By Andrei Nicoara (Apr 17, 2013)

I am a bit uncertain about the XF 55-200mm. It's surely a good lens, but I personally drool over the XF 56mm and the XF 23mm.

By Wintergreen (Apr 17, 2013)

this range of aperture is usually found on standard zooms in other brands.
This is good for such a telezoom if the price is ok.

By revio (Apr 17, 2013)

"Large maximum aperture" hahaha, they (Fuji´s press release content writers) are surely a bit funny here...albeit this aperture is, say, 1/3 of a stop better than some other lenses in the same category.
But to deem an improvement of 1/3 of a stop, "large" ? I don´t think so ;-)

By tkbslc (Apr 17, 2013)

Fair point. It SOUNDS a lot better, but in real life it's going to make almost no difference.

Den Sh
By Den Sh (Apr 17, 2013)

56mm with f/1.2 instead of f/1.4? That's a great update to the roadmap. But it's a pity that 23mm won't be released until Q4.

By zinedi (Apr 17, 2013)

It is obvious, that Fuji development team thinks very systematically and consistently when projecting their equipment both in cameras and lenses, both in photographic ergonomics and in image quality - which is far from chaotic and low quality offer of some others. They don't develop photo-enthusiast' equipment for one season, but for this era of digital photography. Great business this X-system!

Comment edited 2 minutes after posting
By don_van_vliet (Apr 17, 2013)

Nice that they made increased the speed beyond the usual kit zooms.

By Jorginho (Apr 17, 2013)

I think what we see here (Or me at least) is that with any zoom and this is not a telezoom, just a midrange zoom, the lenses get really big. It is bigger than the 100-300 mm m43 which is only half a stop slower.

The nice thing with Fuji is that you can bet it is a very good optic and it will give a very nice IQ with those cams. But to me, this is the clear downside with APS-c mirrorless.

Den Sh
By Den Sh (Apr 17, 2013)

It's a stop slower in term of exposure but around 2 stops slower in terms of shallow depth of field. The lens truly equivalent to 100-300mm with f/5.6-8 aperture would have been much smaller.

1 upvote
By (Apr 17, 2013)

No it wouldn't, because it would have to be a 150-400mm lens to be equivalent. These two lenses only overlap by the tiniest of margins. The correct lens to compare it to is the Oly 40-150 f4-f5.6, which is 80-300mm in FF terms, but slower than the Fuji.

By qwertyasdf (Apr 17, 2013)

Know your audience! skip the 27mm f2.8 pancake! and put the 23mm F1.4 on rush order!

1 upvote
By tkbslc (Apr 17, 2013)

I think a lot of people DO want a slim normal prime, that likely will be affordable. It is important to address both the size and quality options.

Daniel from Bavaria
By Daniel from Bavaria (Apr 17, 2013)

Nice. But I am still using my DSLR for Tele-stuff. So not interested.

But I really, really want to have the 1.4 23. That's urgent. Q4 2013 - oh why o why.


mark finn
By mark finn (Apr 17, 2013)

$699? Sold. If the quality is as good as their other lenses then it is an absolute bargain.

By Airless (Apr 17, 2013)

$700 for a 55-200mm zoom? Have they lost their minds?

Comment edited 10 seconds after posting
Jim King
By Jim King (Apr 17, 2013)

That's for a high quality zoom lens, not a kit lens - look at the speed and the build quality, and compare the price with high quality offerings from the SLR makers.

Mine is on pre-order from B&H...

Comment edited 2 times, last edit 4 minutes after posting
By tkbslc (Apr 17, 2013)

Canon 70-200 F4 IS is $1200. 70-300 f4-5.6 L is $1400. These sell fairly well even though there are $200 alternatives. The kind of customers who chose Fujifilm X system over m4/3 and NEX are the kind that did not choose price over quality.

Clint Dunn
By Clint Dunn (Apr 18, 2013)

@Jim King - Look at the speed???? In what world is a 3.5-4.8 lens 'fast'.....sounds very 'kit like' to me. Remember many of us buy fast glass for the shallow DOF not just the speed....and there is nothing remotely special about a 3.5-4.8 lens from either a speed or DOF perspective. Too much money!

1 upvote
By Airless (Apr 18, 2013)

tkbslc, that is a FULL FRAME lens for PROs and is faster at the telephoto end, constant max aperture, so of course it is going to cost more.

Comment edited 20 seconds after posting
Jim King
By Jim King (Apr 18, 2013)

@Clint Dunn: It's about half a stop faster, has a metal body, and preliminary images from the prototype look great. If its optics are up to the standard of the other XF lenses it will clearly exceed the performance of kit zooms. Sorry it doesn't float your boat, but the market niche that the Fuji X system is aimed at is not for everyone. Bargain hunters need to look elsewhere.

My order is in the queue at B&H already...

Clint Dunn
By Clint Dunn (Apr 18, 2013)

Jim King - Hey....I own an XPro1 and their 35mm I'm not cheap. This is a slowwww lens so for me $700 is too much money. To each their own.

tom sugnet
By tom sugnet (Apr 17, 2013)


1 upvote
By privater (Apr 17, 2013)

Nice~ I guess the price is no less than $499

By ozangunay (Apr 17, 2013)

Price is 699 USD for US and 649 EUR for Europe.

Total comments: 51