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Just Posted: Canon Rebel T4i / EOS 650D preview with real-world samples

By dpreview staff on Jun 8, 2012 at 04:00 GMT

Just Posted: We've been shooting with Canon's latest entry-level DSLR - the Rebel T4i (EOS 650D), and have prepared an hands-on preview. The T4i shares many of the headline specs (18MP CMOS sensor, 9-point AF system, 1.0M dot flip-out LCD) with its predecessor, the EOS 600D / Rebel T3i, but significant changes have been made to every one of those features. The result is the first touch-screen DSLR and the first EOS to offer continuous AF in movie shooting mode. Read our preview to find out more about the 650D's features and what its 'Hybrid AF' really offers. The preview includes real-world samples and low-light studio shots.

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By howardroark (Jun 8, 2012)

The new AF system seems to poke at the market segments Canon intends to maintain, which is to say keeping fast AF in the DSLR's. I'm curious if they'll put that same on-imager CDAF in a point and shoot like the G1 X or if they're waiting until the various segments meld even further. I'm guessing there might eventually be the high end P&S, mid-range mirrorless, and then the DSLR's. That might be too crowded after a while, but they're not shy about offering some overlap while maintaing very distinct feature sets.

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Total comments: 352