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Ricoh issues firmware 1.51 for GXR modules

By dpreview staff on Jun 26, 2012 at 21:43 GMT

Ricoh has issued a firmware update for all the camera modules of its GXR modular camera system. Version 1.51 is supposed to improve image quality in photos taken when combining negative exposure compensation with the multi-area 'Multi-P Auto' white balance setting. There are additional big fixes when the firmware is intalled on the GXR M-mount module and the A16 zoom module. Downloads are available from Ricoh immediately.


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By rcamper (Jul 1, 2012)

Since purchasing a GXR, I have become a BIG fan of Ricoh. Through several firmware updates, they have shown that they are committed to their product and care about their customers. Most companies do not provide firmware updates that add new features to their camera. They have taken a very good camera and made it better. Hopefully, these commitments will rub-off on the Pentax side of the house. Other companies should sit up and take notice of how Ricoh treats their customers.

By CentipedeCarpet (Jun 28, 2012)

Um, unless you look at the fact that the newer modules coming out have APS-C sensors, putting a GXR with the A12 units or A16 units firmly in the range of most high end mirrorless cameras like the Sony NEX line. And yes, each module may be expensive but if you compare them to the cost of a good lens for another equivalent sized sensor cam they price isn't that bad.

By CameraLabTester (Jun 28, 2012)

Good luck to Ricoh.

The cost of these so called "Modules" are more exhorbitant than the cheap but good P&S cameras coming out today, and being more enticing and flexible than the Ricoh "Jigsaw Puzzle System"

Ricoh took a good look at their camera, broke it down into little pieces or modules, and tried to sell them per piece as a mix and match dress would be.

It might work... or it might flop.

Guess what?


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By slncezgsi (Jun 27, 2012)

Ricoh is highly regarded by those who by some accident (or by browsing all corners of photographic fora) got one - like me (GRDIII). What Ricoh misses is something called marketing - no one hears about their cameras, you see them rarely in the camera shops.

The GXR seems to be a great one, but it is getting way too little exposure as well as too little interest from Ricoh itself - no roadmap, no body updates, no new EVF no new lenses (the zoom module was more than a year on its way). It's a pity actually.

By tkbslc (Jun 27, 2012)

I feel bad that nobody seems to care about the GXR.

By thewhitehawk (Jun 27, 2012)

Franqly, I've never heard anything about it. I don't have any particular allegiance to any brand, but I only buy products that are well regarded and reviewed.

By VladimirV (Jun 27, 2012)

People who care about the GXR probably don't need to respond to this since they would have updated their firmware and are out taking pictures rather than spending time posting stuff.

Ricoh cameras are cameras for photographers who don't follow the masses and know what they want.

To thewhitehawk, you should look into this since you are missing out if you only follow the mainstream. Ricoh cameras are very well regarded and reviewed by photographers.
Hold a Ricoh camera and you will understand why this is the case.

By audijam (Jun 27, 2012)

Ricoh is not well regarded?! wow....this kid certainly is new to photography then.

By marike6 (Jun 27, 2012)

It is kind of shocking (and sad) how few here on DPR seem to care about Ricoh cameras like the GXR and excellent GRD series, which is one of my favorite cameras ever. I know in Japan this is not the case, and Ricoh does enjoy some popular support. And there are some superb photographers like Wouter Brandsma who, both through their images, and by writing reviews, have been advocating for Ricoh cameras for years.

By RDMPhotos (Jun 27, 2012)

I know about it and its stellar performance and reviews. And if i could afford it i would have one with the M module and EVF. Along with my MD to M adapter I would be a very happy camper.

Too bad there is no module with a shorter flange back distance, so owners could use C mount lenses or other manual lenses . Maybe even new manual ones that are made for µ4/3 cameras, like the Samyang 7.5 fish-eye and the Voightlander (50 and 17.5)mm lenses. I'm betting the image circle would cover the APS-C sensor on the GXR too.

Oh heck they should just come out with a µ4/3 module too.

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