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Digital Outback Photography publishes Lightroom 4 develop module e-book

By dpreview staff on Jun 19, 2012 at 01:04 GMT

Digital Outback Photography has published the Lightroom 4 Artistry: Develop by Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller. The 90-page e-book comes in the form of a printable PDF and covers the tools in the Develop module of the latest version of Lightroom. This includes a look at the Highlights and Shadows tools introduced with Adobe's 'Process Version 2012.' The e-book is available directly from the company at a discounted introductory price of $16.95.

Press Release

Lightroom 4 Artistry: Develop

Using the Develop Module for Color Images

  • Get the optimal image quality out of Lightroom 4 Develop (color images)
  • Learn the power of the new Process 2012 (e.g. Highlights and Shadows)
  • Real world sample image workflow
  • Optional original DNG image download of the sample images (extra fee)
  • Learn about Gradient Filter and Adjustment Brush
  • Use Sync, Snapshots and Virtual Copies
  • Utilize the Lightroom Presets
  • 90 Pages PDF (excellent also on iPads)

More info can be found here (including the full table of content):

Pricing: $16.95 intro price (regular $19.95)

Contact: Digital Outback Photo
Uwe Steinmueller (Editor) /


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juan bobo
By juan bobo (Jun 26, 2012)

Even if I thought a book on the develop module was necessary, I'd have to chime in to say that I agree with those who say it's overpriced for an eBook and with those who say that it's not even a real eBook.

By wy2lam (Jun 23, 2012)

at $16...a steal. although tutorials and such are easy to find, they don't function well as a coherent set of lessons.

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By graybalanced (Jun 23, 2012)

Man, I can't believe these comments. People actually believe that expert information sort of magically appears in a coherent series of sentences and pictures and lays itself out in pages.

You know what folks? You all rip off the public too. Everyone knows it costs nothing to press that shutter button, bandwidth and storage are cheap. No one prints on paper anymore, so you aren't paying for that. Or for film or chemicals. Digital photos are free. Digital distribution is cheap. Cameras are priced for everyone now, and the cheap cameras are so smart and automatic! With all that technology, what "work" are you scammer photographers falsely charging for, anyway? Lower your prices!

Just as you all demand that Steinmuller not charge $16.95 for an ebook, it is then reasonable to demand that you never charge anyone for another photograph for as long as you live, or at least, not over $5. I mean really, $5 per photo is already highway robbery as it is, right?

By Lea5 (Jun 22, 2012)

Interesting. I don't think it is overpriced. It's just 13,50 Euro for a 90 page training book, plus other content. I will get one.

By Oli4D (Jun 21, 2012)

I don't get the whining about the price.
Sure, the additional content should better be included. Sure, a PDF is maybe not the best way to do it.

BUT: What costs is the time necessary to CREATE an WRITE the content. To think about how to structure the tutorial, to write it, take the screenshots, read through it again and again to make sure everything is clear, etc, etc.

Furthermore, they have some information on their site for free. Creating that content needs time too. Time nobody pays for, but they still have to pay their bills.

If you think the price is too low: Fine, don't buy it, but stop complaining.
Or even better: Go on and write stuff like this on your own and see if it's really that easily done.

Paul JM
By Paul JM (Jun 21, 2012)

Astonishing that so many posters have wasted their time whining about the price and offering a half baked critique of the evil of the pdf format.

If anything rather than ban reference to this product, why don't the moderators take the brave step of banning any further comments on this product unless someone has actually purchased and critiqued the ebook itself ?

I think many dpr viewers are sick to death of listening to people whinge, off the topic.

By kelpdiver (Jun 20, 2012)

Don't quite understand the hostility around pricing of e-books. Regardless of the format it comes on, the question should be: is this content worth $16.95 to me?

For me - that does feel high for an unknown. If David DuChemin printed a ebook on a subject of interest to me - I'd probably pay that $17. I have 3 of his books and I find he covers a different perspective than most lead by Scott Kelby, who also is a known commodity to me. Others print books that are basically rehashed manuals with almost no added value. One of the first LR4 books out there was in that category.

By PhotonCanvas (Jun 21, 2012)

Uwe Steinmueller is far from unknown. In fact he is well known as an accomplished fine art photographer and photographic printer.

The many negative posts herein simply reflect ignorance of the facts. If one does not value a product (or can't afford it) should just move on.

By montxsuz (Jun 21, 2012)

I agree with PhotonCanvas. I have and recommend other books by Uwe Steinmueller and even some DOP Photoshop scripts. Eg Digital Workflow Handbook published by RockyNook. That book, however, is 527 useful pages for $22 (PDF), a bit more for hardback paper. PDFs? Why not. Save some trees.

By kelpdiver (Jun 26, 2012)

unknown to me, guys.

By rich12 (Jun 20, 2012)

I don't need this, and even if I thought I did, I wouldn't spend $17 for it.

By EmmanuelStarchild (Jun 20, 2012)

Why is the price of this book so high when it costs NOTHING to publish it? Ten dollars would be more reasonable.

By DaveLon (Jun 20, 2012)

Why the fuss? If you feel it costs too much, don't buy it and they will either not sell any or lower the price.

By rich12 (Jun 20, 2012)

The purpose of a comments section is to comment...positive OR negative.

Comment edited 26 seconds after posting
By DaveLon (Jun 21, 2012)

Agree but the volume of comments saying the same thing is rediculous.

By davidevans1 (Jun 20, 2012)

I agree the price of this book is way too high. BUT there are other eBooks out there at this price and more - are people saying that $17 is too much for anything?
What about Scott Kelby's and Martin Evening's comprehensive volumes, which are around £18.95 and £20.75 on the UK Kindle store? Worth the money, or overpriced as they are only about £10 less than the printed versions, so save all the printing, distribution costs etc. (except Amazone's costs)?

By gl2k (Jun 19, 2012)

I must have it.
Wanna pay 17 bucks to read that when I move the brightness slider to the right the image becomes brighter.

David Hull
By David Hull (Jun 19, 2012)

$17 to $20 for an e-book? I think I'll pass. Most are pushing these out for $5 to $9. Must be printed by Canon.

By CWDaly (Jun 19, 2012)

Fellow DPreviewers lets not be so negative. The price is higher then I would comfortably pay especially being that I already have the Luminous-Landscape stuff. But if this is what they want to ask so be it. Let's not discourage other creators from asking what they think something is worth. And if the market doesn't respond by buying it, then they will eventually lower the price.


unknown member
By (unknown member) (Jun 19, 2012)

What you are hearing is the sound of people NOT buying. The market is speaking.

By Psittacinatic (Jun 20, 2012)

Agree, I must confess to not understanding the overwhelming negativity.

By Kwik-E-Mart (Jun 19, 2012)

Well, I'll chime in in favor of..

No. Sorry... Tried, but this is not cool.

DPReview: Why you post crap ads as if they are news? Did anyone on your staff actually purchase and check this out? Anyone?

Ashley Pomeroy
By Ashley Pomeroy (Jun 19, 2012)

Check out the story about the lightweight bag, you'll love that.

Steve Balcombe
By Steve Balcombe (Jun 19, 2012)

Sorry for yet another negative post, but I agree with the others. Real books cost money to print and distribute, the distributors and retailers have to make a profit, and all those remaindered books cost money too. But a PDF costs practically nothing. And this one is a measly 90 pages, on a subject that requires very little investment from the authors. At a generous one hour per page that's just two weeks work.

And if you want the images to practice on, you have to pay even more!!

Yeah I know, write one yourself and see whether it's easy or not... :-)

By atoz (Jun 19, 2012)

This trend of 'publishing' how-to books (for nearly every micro-update) for digital photography is quite the scam. There's more than enough free or nearly free training and instruction online to dive into these applications. If you want serious in-depth training, use a video training series (as others have mentioned).

Melbourne Park
By Melbourne Park (Jun 19, 2012)


Looked for the iPad at iPhoto, which costs around $5. The reviews for it were not good, but the advice manuals almost all over $5. I bought it, and found its help system excellent. The help guides are extortion IMO. And I suspect this publication is in the same category.

But ... why the heck doesn't Adobe publish a proper manual?
Or don't they know about publishing?

By pdcm (Jun 19, 2012)

Why is dpreview even putting this rip off on the site?

By W5JCK (Jun 19, 2012)

A PDF is NOT an ebook, it is merely a crappy, bloated, outdated, non-reflowable format developed by Adobe nearly a quarter of a century ago. PDFs are nearly useless. They are best viewed on a large computer monitor, but are terrible when viewed on ebook readers and tablets. I have to agree that $17 is totally too much for a piddly 90 pages, especially since they are publishing it in such an antiquated and useless format!

unknown member
By (unknown member) (Jun 19, 2012)

Absolutely agree. No way is any PDF worth this kind of money.

unknown member
By (unknown member) (Jun 19, 2012)

I have to agree. The pricing here is seriously out of wack.

DotCom Editor
By DotCom Editor (Jun 19, 2012)

Astonishingly unrealistic pricing. I have Uwe's fine-art printing book (which is excellent), but I won't buy this e-book, not for $16.95. Come back to me when it drops to $6.95.

By Mssimo (Jun 19, 2012)

Optional original DNG image download of the sample images (extra fee)-----Did he just say extra fee for a few DNG images he took with his G9?!? lolz

By Mssimo (Jun 19, 2012)

$16.95 for a simple how to ebook? I would just pay the guys at luminous landscape a tad more and get 9 hours of video series on all parts of the software.

No ebook should be over $5 bucks.

By DamianS (Jun 19, 2012)

"A tad more" you say?
L-L's guide to LR4 is $60. That is FOUR times as much as this ebook.

But I don't like that the sample images used in the ebook are an additional $8.95. What a ripoff. They should be free with the ebook.

By dcorrin (Jun 19, 2012)

I guess when you add the $9 to the $17 it gets closer to twice as much than four times as much

Total comments: 35