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Reader's concept prompts question: what would your ideal camera be?

By dpreview staff on Oct 19, 2012 at 23:22 GMT

What does your dream camera look like? One of our more enterprising readers has sketched-out what his would look like - creating an interesting contemporary rangefinder concept. Bristling with Nikon F4-inspired manual controls, each dial and switch also has a 'neutral' position to allow the on-screen interface settings to take precedence. Easycass acknowledges the concept may not be entirely possible - an 'ultra-fast' 24-105mm lens would dictate a fairly small sensor, and autofocus rangefinders have never exactly been commonplace - but it raises questions the question: 'What would your perfect camera be?'

With mirrorless and large-sensor compacts still going through a growth spurt, what would you like to see? What controls would you demand and what balance of size, price, sensor size and lens specs would you like to see. Let us know in the comments, below and try to be plausible (a realistic price is usually more than you want to pay for it).

If the comments section doesn't give you the space to express your ideas, consider doing what Easycass has done - create your own article.


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Gully Foyle
By Gully Foyle (Oct 20, 2012)

A Voigtländer Bessa digital FF would do just fine for me. Leica 240 is there already but it's too pricey.
On crop sensor the XE1 more than fulfills my demands.

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By cgarrard (Oct 21, 2012)

I can't disagree with that. The Bessa is a fine camera, a digital version as is, would be wonderful. Some argue that Epson/Voigtlander did that with the RD series, but I don't agree with that argument.

By jedinstvo (Oct 20, 2012)

Sony's RX1 is getting close. My Canon G12 is close. My Leica film cameras are close. I'd like to see a Canon 5D III in a rangefinder body with a really good viewfinder. And a Leica lens mount. I guess the iPhone is showing us the value of simplicity and absence of control. So that option should be there. And it should be, like a Leica paint!

By rolf1h (Oct 20, 2012)

To me it seems quite simple:
- High quality full frame sensor, 20-25 MP, 6400 ISO w/o significant noise
- High performance EVF - quality equivalent to best of breed mirror systems
- Size and design similar to Leica M/Fuji X-Pro1, maybe optical rangefinder/EVF combined
- Lens quality Leica-like (M and R systems), some zooms added
- Traditional manual controls , A/T/M/Auto options, spot/center oriented/multi range lighting measurement
- Real manual and autofocus choice (viewfinder quality!)
- Price level somewhere between Nikon D800/Canon 5D III and Leica M-system
- I could very well live w/o video, however, nice to have
Seems to me, we are pretty close in development, EVF does need 2-4 more years to achieve much better performance

By offtheback (Oct 20, 2012)

Best feature to add---creativity(on dial-choose 1 to 10)---with brain link.Lotsa great pix taken with box cameras.

By monseigneur (Oct 20, 2012)

A true monochrome sensor from Canon or Nikon, Sony, Oly ... would be nice to.

Just give US the options! Even RED has a monochrome cine cam.

By monseigneur (Oct 20, 2012)

@ KameraFever

great suggestions, those two would be all I could hope for in a camera:

full frame foveon!!

full frame rangefinder, like the zeiss ikon, with a high res EVF, leica's usage of the
same old EVF is just ridiculous, they should develop a new, far higher res one, with a design that matches that of the camera. Strange, a 6K plus leica which people in part buy for its design and then match it with an old EVF.

But FF Foveon, yes, 2-3K would buy it in a hardbeat

By mwstebbins (Oct 20, 2012)

I'm still waiting for an updated Sony R1, so as someone said how about the Sony RX1, but with an excellent, fast (2.8 or faster) 24 to 100+ mm manual fixed zoom, plus a fully articulated touch screen. With all of the current shooting modes (RAW, in camera HDR (While saving the RAWs), sweep panorama, etc., etc.) Excellent battery life. And a GOLD STAR rating from DP Review! :-) Malcolm

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By KameraFever (Oct 20, 2012)

I would love that too. Unfortunately the lens would be too large. Have you seen a SLR 24-70mm lens? It's enormous and heavy. The only way to manage to keep full-frames compact is to use fixed lenses. But that is not entirely bad. Many great photographers only used a few fixed lenses their entire life.

lol. Yes, the dpreview GOLD STAR!

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By KameraFever (Oct 20, 2012)

Two cameras I would like to see:

1st - Throw in a true 36mp full-frame foveon sensor into something like a nikon D800 and let it roar. This would rival Medium Format for resolution in the studio. Sigma does not have the resources to design, execute, and bring to market the polished camera bodies we see from nikon and canon. It's like having a great engine with no car to put it in. It doesn't matter if the foveon sensor can't compete at high iso if the main purpose is optimal resolution. It's no different than shooting with velvia 50 in the film days. But could you imagine the resolution?

2nd - Somebody needs build a no frills full frame rangefinder with the ability to take m mount lenses at a price point of $1500 or less. This company would make an absolute killing. No need to get fancy. It needs to be four things: simple, solid, low cost, and manual. The Leicas are out of this world expensive. I'm thinking something more like a digital voigtlander or ziess ikon.

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By wpkramer (Oct 20, 2012)

Forget FF, how about a 35 X 35mm square format.

By KDFoto (Oct 21, 2012)

That's one I've been thinking about too.

I like the cameras with the articulating screens. With the screen facing up, it acts like the focusing screen on an old TLR. Love to see that idea married with Zeiss lenses.

Wouldn't mind having a 35x35 camera like that to replace my old worn-out rollie.

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By HSapiens (Oct 21, 2012)

Note Alphoid's excellent suggestion six down, for three knobs to adjust iso, shutter speed, and aperture, each separately auto capable. Landscape format is similarly an archaic impediment last meaningful in film days. A square sensor will optimize lenses, instead of going through the motion of optimizing film.

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By sfpeter (Oct 20, 2012)

Interesting idea. I used to think I would like a Bridge/Rangefinder camera but after years of shooting all of them I'm wedded to a DSLR. So here goes:

D700/800 in size--I have big hands and am tired of tiny cameras. Fill the extra space with a longer life battery.

Full frame sensor, clean shots at ISO 12,800 and continuous 10FPS.

Slide out cutoff filter for shooting infrared.

Tons of F4 style external controls.

A "Take the <BLEEP> shot" override mode that if you have it turned on will focus to a set range, meter whatever it sees, and go. I've lost too many snap shots on a searching autofocus.

So pretty much I'd like a Nikon D4 or so with IR capability, more external controls, and a fast snap shot capability. Hey, at least it's doable.

Dan Ortego
By Dan Ortego (Oct 20, 2012)

Ok I’ll bite. An RX1 with an integrated VF and/or a slightly updated A900 that retains the OVF with the ability to use a low-profile shoe mounted EVF.

BTW: The rendering provided is the most hideous looking camera I've seen in a long time.

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By OldZorki (Oct 20, 2012)

Looks a bit like Nikonos RS to me... BTW, should ideal camera be waterproof to at least 200 fet?

By nobile (Oct 20, 2012)

My dream camera would be
- like sony dsc r1
with zeiss vario sonnar 2,0-2,4/24mm -120-mm
- viewer and display from sony A99
and all the other features as autofocus
also with very large sensor and about 22 MP
- possibility for an akku-handgrip

Sony has forgotten to develop a marvellous R2 as bridge-camera.

By EPons (Oct 21, 2012)

Yep an R2 weatherproof is something really tempting... but what if the same quality but 24-240mm? a dream...

By Alphoid (Oct 20, 2012)

It's very simple:

1) I want three knobs. One is ISO, one is aperture, and one is shutter speed. I can set any of the three to auto. The whole concept of two knobs/PASM is based on having to swap out film to change ISO. We've been digital for over a decade, and we still haven't caught up.

2) I want a mode where, when the camera powers up, everything is set into full auto. I can still change everything, but I don't have to worry that a week ago, I was shooting in a dark chapel at ISO6400, with yellowish white balance. Late Minolta/early Sony were a lot like this.

I don't really care what I'll pay for it -- unless there's something else wrong with it, I'll buy it -- but in practice, I'd like to see this on a bottom-of-the-line learner camera. Lots of students could benefit from additional controls without paying $1500 for fancy focus tracking, bleeding edge sensor, etc.

By t3hh (Oct 20, 2012)

this is very true! three knobs can replace endless amount of digital modes and dials that are designed do exactly the same thing in "simplified" way.

By glaebhoerl (Oct 21, 2012)

I described something very similar way back on the second-to-last page. Basically I want (a) multiple custom modes with the ability to save after I change settings, and to revert to last saved at the press of a button (solves the dark chapel problem); and (b) instead of PASM the ability to set the desired min or max values for any of exposure/aperture/shutter/ISO/whatever, and have the camera figure out the rest. Which is similar to what you describe with the three knobs, which sounds like a great plan. So right on!

By shahid11235 (Oct 22, 2012)

I really like this concept.

By tornwald (Oct 20, 2012)

A Mamiya 7 style camera (with same great optics) and a Foveon style sensor of 100+ megapixels.

By Evadremlu (Oct 20, 2012)

My dream camera would be like a Nokia 808 Pureview 40Mpix but have it mounted in a wristwatch form factor with flip up view screen. That way the camera is always available for an instant candid shot.

Naveed Akhtar
By Naveed Akhtar (Oct 20, 2012)

a camera that takes two lenses at any time .. with a slider to shift left and right.. sensor size 4/3 or atleast Type 1. both lenses variable focal.. with fullframe equivalent focal length 16-40mm and 70-200mm with aperture f2 fixed all optically stabilised. Body weather sealed and all controls on external body.
Body size of Nikon D600 or Canon 6D. Camera fully controlled by wifi device connection to a smart phone/ tablet.

By t3hh (Oct 20, 2012)

From technical POV we already have some very good digital cameras on market but the main challenge is the interface that not only make the experience to be pain in the ass but also actively getting on the way of taking good pictures. cameras are overloaded of design features that used to help us but now are obsolete.

Best example for me is the Fuji X100 which is one of the best digital cameras ever made with decent manual control and nice sturdy overall handling. surely a camera made for people who love taking pictures. but even if you go with full manual settings you still have the EV-wheel that overrides all your manual effort. why the hell do you need EV wheel on manual camera??????

My point? We don't need technical revolution in our camera market. but we sure need a design revolution. My ideal camera is presented in ricoh forum:

Esa Tuunanen
By Esa Tuunanen (Oct 20, 2012)

> why the hell do you need EV wheel on manual camera?
Because retro people haven't gotten over analog mechanical World War II era and insist wasting limited real estate on camera's surface to fixed function dials.

By t3hh (Oct 20, 2012)

EV wheel is not from WWII era but from 1970' and 1980' - the era of modern film cameras . It is a necessary function on semi-automatic cameras like Sony RX1 but absolutely unnecessary on manual cameras like Fuji X100 or Leica X2 (thats the reason why Leica don't use it). Its like having a car with manual gearbox and pedals AND an automatic gearbox that overrides your manual settings if you (accidentally) touch it.

By timoat (Oct 20, 2012)

It needs another ISO wheel...

By likesfilm (Oct 20, 2012)

The ideal camera for me would be a full sized sensor DSLR without all the creative modes and features that make a photographer lazy. Make it similar to an SLR with aperture priority, shutter priority, DOF, and manual settings. The eye-controlled focus of the Canon Elan 7e, was cool, but have never seen on a digital camera. It was a nice bonus feature.

I could live with even less than that. I miss the depth of field marks on lens barrels in conjunction with the aperture. Also, I would eliminate the settings for different levels of quality in a digital camera. Just go with the max quality and resolution that is advertised.

Bracketing exposure through the use of dials, buttons and settings is far more time consuming than just rotating the f/stop on the lens barrel.

I want a film camera with a digital sensor and storage card in lieu of the film. I come from the match-needle days and the photo exposures were just as good as they are now. f/8 is f/8 no matter how you get there.

By t3hh (Oct 20, 2012)

I do agree. In field you have no time to browse the menus and go trough different settings or modes of whatever they are called. You barely have time to adjust the iso, exposure and focus and you shoot. Change the aperture from f8 to f11 and shoot. Change from f11 to f5.6 and shoot. Change the exposure and shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot.

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By slncezgsi (Oct 20, 2012)

For the start - I would like to see LAERGE electronic viewfinders on mirror-less cameras - the current sizes are all below APS-C DLSRs which are already small (everybody who ever used something like Olympus OM-1 knows how a large viewfinder looks like). Also the dynamic range and frame-rate need a serious update.

For the camera - something like Bronica RF645 with a full size (56x42 mm) with some 30 Mpix (give or take) sensor and few more lenses than the original camera. That would be a good start :)

Or what about digital Rolleiflex FX? That should be easy to do :)

By Emacs23 (Oct 20, 2012)

Wrong. Sony OLED evf is larger than APS-C
But I do agree with you: they must make them even larger.

Frenetic Pony
By Frenetic Pony (Oct 20, 2012)

Full frame curved censor with Hybrid AF and Pan-chromatic anti-motion blur pixels; lot of brand new tech. 18-70mm stabilized compact zoom lens; curved censors should allow shorter barrels for lenses. Waterproof, capable of 4k raw video, and about the size and weight of a Sony RX-1.

Have never actually cared about viewfinders. So an OLED display on the back would be fine with me.

By GordonSaunders (Oct 20, 2012)

Learn from camcorder design. That's always years ahead of still cameras.
Have an electronic viewfinder which tilts and swivels.
Sensor unit which rotates from horizontal to vertical without changing the body position.
Pistol grip.
Modular groups of buttons which can be positioned in various places on the camera to suit right or left handed people.
Built-in TTL wireless for dedicated flashes.
Built-in wifi for remote liveview shooting and to send shots straight to laptop or cloud.
Tilt and swivel LCD with option for large high-res version for studio and video users.
Full frame Fuji-style sensor (no antialias filter blurring) with max 20mpx and improved low-light and dynamic range.
Autofocus working to -5EV and doing it quickly and accurately.
Autofocus sensor array covering field of view and with at least 80 cross-points.
One standard lens mount for all cameras.

Could we have the new camera next week, please? ;-b

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By steelneck (Oct 20, 2012)

What i been waiting for since 2003 is a digital camera like a Nikon Fm3a. Never have to use the display. The display could be an attachment, of whatever size, with live view of course. Exactly every control needed for shooting should be a tactile dial, lever or button.

Viewfinder and lenses made for mechanical manual focus, absolutely not any "drive by wire", viewfinder should be large with a diagonal split screen and microprism collar around it, an analog lightmeter with a needle. It should have switching to EVF like the Fuji X, geo tagging, wireless data transfer, open protocol tethered mode, double exposure, panorama, movie mode, image stabilisation and what not..

All naitive lenses should of course have a leafshutter that enable use of flash at full power at almost any shutterspeed, the focal plane shutter is only there for sensor protection when using native lenses, but in ordinary use when using third party lenses.

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By peterpainter (Oct 20, 2012)

Full frame (to conserve angle of view), lightweight (????) camera with live-view EVF that uses my old Praktica (mostly CZJ) EDC M42 lenses. Nice if it could auto-focus them as well.
No, I don't expect it to fit in my pocket as the lenses don't, come to think of it...

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark
By Gary Dean Mercer Clark (Oct 20, 2012)

The Sigma DP2M series camera it just about perfect. Put an interchangeable lens system on it and maybe ad an attachable EVF to it or built in one similar to the NeX 7 and it would only make it better! I shot and loved my Nex 3--but something was just missing----the foveon Sensor!

By pcworth (Oct 20, 2012)

Wow! Yuk!

I suppose my ideal would be the lens and control ring from an Olympus XZ2, sensor from 4/3, the body of a smaller powershot G series with articlulated screen, A dial for aperture/shutter/compensation depending on mode, RAW capable, Optical Image stabilization from Lumix or Canon, and access to the battery and card on the side of the camera.

Shake them up, adjust to satisfy the laws of physics and see what I get.

By msstudio (Oct 20, 2012)

Camera: starting with the specs form the 5D III, 1DS series, i add: 110mpx for flawless 50" prints, sensitivity 25-12.000 ISO, 16bit or better capture, 2k video, 4-5" touch sensitive screen (iPhone size), built in WIFI, GPS, Pocket Wizard sync and ability to sync up to a 1/1000 or better (leaf shutter), weather sealed.
Could be in a larger body (C300, Mamiya RZ), but has weight in under 3lbs.
Has to connect to cell phones etc. for instant image transfer.
Pricing under US$10k
Lens f2.0-45, 35-90/120mm, leaf shutter, lockable tilt shift, image stabilization, auto zoom sun shade, equal or better than current L lenses, under 2lbs.
Pricing under $4k

Some of the specs existed at some point, like a built in PW remote, 16bit capture is standard on medium format backs for ever, the 6D has the WIFI and GPS capability, so none of this can be that hard. The lens has to be magic, a lot like the 85L, that's all.

Jos van Dijk
By Jos van Dijk (Oct 20, 2012)

A digital full frame Konica Hexar Black/Silver. F2, 35mm is all you need.

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By theranman (Oct 20, 2012)

I think the Sony RX100 is on the right track. Either a slightly bigger aperture or slightly increased zoom would be sweet, even if the camera needs to grow 10%.

By CarstenKostrzewa (Oct 20, 2012)

I 100% support that!
... or if I could even ask for a little more: slightly bigger zoom (120 -140 mm equiv.) AND bigger aperture at maximum zoom (e.g. 2.4)

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By NiallM (Oct 20, 2012)

5D MKIII capability in a Canon IXUS - sized body :)

Dvir Rosenfeld
By Dvir Rosenfeld (Oct 20, 2012)

Seeing the above picture reminds me of the old saying: "A camel is a horse designed by a committee".

Esa Tuunanen
By Esa Tuunanen (Oct 20, 2012)

Most want what marketroids and fashion tells them to want...
Some others haven't even gotten to later film era but are still stuck in World War II era's two by four analog mechanical...

gordon lafleur
By gordon lafleur (Oct 21, 2012)

I want a full frame dslr the size of my old Pentax ME supers, with lenses to match. I mean the present size of dslrs is just stupid. I mean really, here is my 5dmk11 beside a vintage Pentax S1a, Stupid.

By danstern (Oct 20, 2012)

A Fuji X-Pro II with:
-Full frame sensor built on Fuji's X-Trans CMOS
-Maintaining Hybrid OVF
-Perfected AF with no lag
-Perfected Manual Focus
-$1999. USD

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By Torturegarden (Oct 20, 2012)

I almost have the perfect camera, the Fuji X100. I would like true manual focus, preferably rangefinder coupled. A faster lens, ƒ1.4 or better would be nice as well. Other than that, the X100 is perfect for me.

Bastian Junker
By Bastian Junker (Oct 20, 2012)

I have the x100 too and I agree some minor upgrades would be nice but all in all it is the perfect cam. for me.

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gordon lafleur
By gordon lafleur (Oct 21, 2012)

I love my x100, it is my most used camera for personal work. If it weren't for the outrageous shutter lag and 2 second boot-up time, which makes me crazy, and if it were a 28mm lens insead of 22mm, it would be perfect. Oh, wait, have someone from Canon completely re-vamp the interface, and fire the idiots Fuji have working for them.

By Torturegarden (Oct 22, 2012)

I am perfectly fine with the focal length. The start up speed and shutter lag don;t bother me. The interface is fine as well. I rarely need to go into the menus.

By holgh888 (Oct 20, 2012)

To be a camera which worth buying in addition to that on you smartphone it need not be having a big sensor. In fact a small sensor is desirable for exploring to the frontiers of extreme large aperture fixed focal length lenses such as f1.2 50mm (35mm equivalent ) or extreme long range zoom lenses 24-1200mm like that on bridge cameras (35mm equivalent ) at very affordable prices and sizes. To accomplish this simultaneously, the camera must be lens interchangeable and with an EVF. In other words, an interchangeable lens bridge camera to take full advantage of small sensor to the weights and prices of the lenses. Big sensor cameras are too big to carry and too expensive to buy.

By DaveLon (Oct 20, 2012)

Size and layout of a Pentax MX with a way to set the screen so that it looks like the MX screen did.

Make manual focus and exposure easier.

By EricAotearoa (Oct 20, 2012)

An Olympus OM-2 or Pentax MX design (size, shape, layout,) with the obvious digital sensor (FF.) Rear screen (touch and flip out & twist.) Sensible, simple menu system. A camera, at the push of a single button, will set the camera in to a "film" mode where it would be like using a decent 35mm SLR and imitate 35mm film (Kodachrome, Agfa, Fuji, Ilford, etc.,) and associated camera control. ie: aperture, focusing and zoom on the lens, where it belongs, shutter speed and ISO with their dedicated controls. Something where you don't have to delve in to masses of menus for settings that you forget about until you realise you've stuffed up many a photo.

By tutek (Oct 20, 2012)

Something like Canon g2x: 1" sensor 1,8-2,8/25-150mm, 3" swivel screen 10fps video 1080/60p 110x75x45mm $699

By rmpossible (Oct 20, 2012)

I want two cameras:
First a mirrorless with top notch EVF, about the size of a Nikon 1 V1. I even like the 2.7 crop. With my bad wrists, I can't lift the big lenses much. I want the little 1" sensor to have very usable ISO upto iso6400 expandable to 25,000 as well as have a minimum of 14MP. Fast continuous focus. Lastly, a 250mm f/1.8 prime stabilized lens. This should be possible at a decent size for a sensor of that size.
The second camera would be a FF similar in form to the new low end offerings of late. Sensor minimum 24MP with CF card slots, 10fps, D3s low-light performance and pixel binning for 10-12MP very low light performance. You know absolutely clean images at ISO 12800. I would also like an attachment that will directly cool the sensor for super long exposures to do star trails and the like with a single exposure. The external controls that are on the D300.

And if I could have a third, I actually like that concept camera that started this thread.

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By amd (Oct 20, 2012)

Give me a digital Contax G2!
This was all I needed in the analogue space when on the road.
Why wouldn't it be possible to make a digital version, with a nice FF sensor?

By QuarterToDoom (Oct 20, 2012)

Olympus E-1 with up to date electronics.

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Bernd M
By Bernd M (Oct 20, 2012)

I'm quiet happy with MicroFourThirds, but if price doesn't matter I'd like to see a Mamiya7 Digital - mirrorless with a real BIG sensor and a real good EVF and fully compatible with the old Mamiya7 lenses and not bigger or heavier than the original Mamiya7. - Autofocus for me really don't matter. I'm using legacy lenses on my MFT all the time. I found out that even to catch running children with my Canon 85mm F1.2 (wide open) is no problem, if the EVF is good.

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By GeraldW (Oct 20, 2012)

By GeraldW

Remember the Canon Pro 1?

For travel, I'd like something like the Pro 1; but using current technology. So, picking pieces from other cameras:
The lens would be a fixed 28-210 mm f/2.4-3.5; but with IS
Use the 1" sensor from the Sony RX100
The EVF fromn the Panasonic FZ200
An articulated 3" LCD from the G1X
A dedicated TTL hot shoe (Canon or Olympus dedication)
The lens to be threaded for filters (58 mm?)
Self storing bayonet hood usable with filters
In-camera correction for chromatic aberration, corner shading and geometric aberration.
A defeatable and reprogrammable video button(I don't do video)
Mild weather sealing
Approximately the size and shape of the Pro 1
Weight under 20 oz. (560 gms)
SLR size strap lugs.

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By whyamihere (Oct 20, 2012)

The functional bits are already out there to combine for an awesome camera: Fuji's X-Trans sensor that removes the need for filters, well-engineered lenses from several manufacturers, mirrorless designs, EVFs that match OVFs.

What nobody seems to be thinking about these days is ergonomics. If anyone handed me the camera above and asked me to shoot with it, I'd probably chuck it after 10 minutes merely out of frustration. There are 12 frickin' dials on the thing, mostly single purpose.

For example: The dial under the mode dial on this concept - why doesn't that adjust aperture in A mode or shutter speed in S mode? Why does it only adjust one value? What's with all the switches on the front? I'm sure there's a more sensible way.

I'm not trying to pick on the person who designed this. This is more of a general rant on camera design in general. I've used several cameras by many manufacturers, and there was always one plain-as-your-face silly ergonomic decision. I think that comes first.

Esa Tuunanen
By Esa Tuunanen (Oct 20, 2012)

Yep, if cars were designed like cameras demanded by these retroists they would be and work like horse wagons!
Most of people's camera design cravings feel exactly like this joke about standards and horse's a**

Those fixed function dials/knobs were needed only because of there being no way to show settings in viewfinder in photography's horse wagon era.
With electronic displays everything can be shown flexibly in viewfinder so flexible use front and rear dial system of high end DSLRs is the most space effective control method for accessing lots of controls easily.

X-Trans only changes antialiasing filter to very complex demosaicing (with blue&red channel resolution decrease) because of its irregular colour filter array.
It's this kind design which should be the goal:

By shaocaholica (Oct 20, 2012)

Would any of you here buy your dream camera if it had to have video? Seems like people care more about what they don't want.

By NeilJones (Oct 20, 2012)

Nex7 size and feel camera body. With a fixed 14-300mm 1.2 Carl zeiss lens. (Pancake size) 36mp with iso performance 5 stops better than Nikons d600.
Lots of manual controls on outside. With 6 programmable fn buttons. Needs focus speed better than nikon D4 with twice the buffer and 15fps. I guess we can throw in 4k video as well and make sure it has a mic input along with a headphone input.
Built in tiltable/swivel flash is a must too. But I would like this flash to be removable for wireless shooting of up to 1000 feet.

Oh, and make sure the LCD screen is touchable with the same option as flash of being removable for wireless shooting.

I would pay $2000 for this.

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By sroute (Oct 20, 2012)

A RX1 is pretty close to perfect for me. What would have made it "perfect" are:

* Two accessory lens adapters making the fixed 35mm lens a 28mm and 75mm respectively, but I'd be willing to go with any useful combo of somewhat wider than the fixed 35mm, and slightly longer than normal perspective (75, 85, 90).

It should be possible to add these to the existing camear, while retaining optical quality, depending on the lens and lens barrel design. It isn't a new idea - in the past one could find many camera "systems" that offered such adapters. In the present, Fujifilm added a wide angle adapter for the X100 long after the camera's introduction

If Sony comes out with that accessory, for me, the RX1 could be a one and only one camera setup. That would make it perfect enough for me.

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steve ohlhaber
By steve ohlhaber (Oct 20, 2012)

AF and Stabilizer controls in the camera menu so I can preset them to a main dail like the canon 5d2. That way, ALL the camera settings can change with a simple twist of the main dial to call up a preset. The menu could be used to store hundreds of presets where you can name them and recall ANY physical setting for the camera. This goes beyond the ideal camera, and into the ideal camera and lens combo. The 5d2 is the closest thing to ideal I have seen with its main dail settings.

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By taktak91 (Oct 20, 2012)

My "dream camera" today probably wouldn't be much of a dream for me ten years from now, but as of now, I would like an updated version of D300 with improved sensor and metering, with titanium and carbon bodyshell (and glass with similar construction). I want it to be compatible with new and old batteries. Buttons backlit so I can use it at night. No video required. As for exterior design, less curves, and more sharp lines.

By taktak91 (Oct 21, 2012)

I would also like to add improved AF, low-light perfomance, larger buffer, faster processing, all with less battery consumption. No articulating screen, wireless connection required.

By epl17d50 (Oct 20, 2012)

I want an ML altered Nokia Pure View that can trigger, sans wires, an off cam flash and can do TTL :)

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