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Apple's Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3 starts to regain pro features

By dpreview staff on Jan 31, 2012 at 23:34 GMT

Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X, its high-end video editing package to v10.0.3, with the ability to import projects from Final Cut Pro 7. The upgrade includes several pro-level options, such as multi-camera syncing, that were not included when the first release replaced the more expensive and complex Final Cut Pro 7. Initially its different way of handling clips made look like Apple wouldn't be able to get Pro 7 projects to work in Pro X but a $9.99 Apple app called 7toX has found an xml-mediated method of doing so.

The update will be available for free to existing Final Cut Pro X users. The related Motion and Compressor applications have also been upgraded.

Meanwhile, professional color correction tool 'Magic Bullet Looks 2' has now been made to work with Final Cut Pro X, with makers Red Giant offering a 50% discount until February 7th.


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By Duratine (Feb 4, 2012)

Complaints arises after the release of Apple's Final Cut Pro X. It created a big discussion.

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By RandyG19 (Feb 3, 2012)

Apple has tried to correct a few of these troubles with Tuesday's upgrade.

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By paul13walnut5 (Feb 1, 2012)

Ship has sailed. Vimeo & youtube level users shooting on consumer cameras migrating from iMovie love FCPX, folk who need any engineering monitoring, tape ingest or timecoded tape out, omf export & otherpro functions were never going to early adopt.

Apple should have launched FCPX as FCE5 this level of user is where the price and functionality is pitched at & should have launched FCP8 as an FCP7 upgrade in 64bit and able to use all the RAM and be backwards compatable.

Apple have decided that tape is dead. Unfortunately the clients who pay for my living have not.

I could buy FCPX and hope that A) it gets to a professional level, and B) that Apple just don't drop it anytime soon.

Or buy a computer that lets me work the way I did before: Adobe Premiere even has FCP shortcuts!
With FCPX apple has finally given me a choice- run premiere or a mac or PC.
Apple and Apple fanboys have often chanted the mantra "FCP7 still works" Yes it does. And FCPX still doesn't. Not for pros.

By zato (Feb 3, 2012)

Here's a tip for you Mr. Walnuts: When you use the term "Apple fanboys", you identify yourself as a basement-dwelling gamer/hater/creep. I sorta weakens the impact of your anti-Apple hater BS.

By paul13walnut5 (Feb 3, 2012)

Over the last 10 years I've probably spent £70k on apple hardware, between PowerMacG4's & G5's, MacPros, MacBook Pros and iMacs.

I've also been responsible for specifying around £400k of student labs based around Apple & the FCP platform.

I am not an Apple hater. I'm not a hater full stop. I would certainly challenge your assertion that I'm any sort of creep.

There is a breed of user who love FCPX, and you know what, if it works for you, then great. I'm happy for you. I'm sure all your vimeo friends are too.

Unfortunately, I'm not doing stuff for my friends on vimeo. I'm doing stuff for TV. To their spec. Sometimes FTP MP2's or IMX. Sometimes tape. Always with a post soundmix.

Having used Premiere v6.01 before switching to FCP2 and dabbled with CS over the years and now installing CS5, it's easy going back. It lets me edit (and with FCP shortcuts, yay!) no fannying about. Just editing. I am into nice editing. The computer is a tool. And FCPX is a shifting spanner.

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By sdfalk (Apr 28, 2012)

You almost behaved like an adult.
Until the condecending remark regarding Vimeo cropped
I'm in the midst of editing a two hour documentary on that
"shifting spanner" as you call it.
It's fast, effective, and (so far) crash free.
I don't like everything about it (Poor support for tape, fairly weak
support for sound), but working with multiple sequences, fairly
robust color correction tools, and how it handles keying and compositing appear fairly professional.
Mind you this project may have a presense on

By robogobo (Feb 1, 2012)

As stated in the article, there's a third party app that was just released for converting old FCP projects to FCPX, called 7toX. Here's the link to the Mac Apps Store

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By studio311 (Feb 1, 2012)

Paul (above) is spot on. For solo editors, FCPX may be awesome, but in multi-user, pro workflow environments...forget it. And this is what Apple delivers after years of waiting for a real upgrade?!? Yowsa.

Relying on third party solutions that make my workflow a convoluted mess is NOT a "solution". I'm on the same ship with Paul. Maybe in 5 years when most of LA / NY etc have gone tapeless, I'll reconsider...kinda doubt it though.

Word is Premiere CS6 is gonna rock!

By Trike (Feb 11, 2012)

I'd like to see sales numbers on FCPX. My station went to Avid because of the backwards step to "Final Cut Amateur." Apple really does seem to be consciously moving into a consumers-only mindset, but with FCP7 having so much market share in pro shops I was really surprised by that.

If Apple had left all the important features we utilize every day and added all the cool stuff that's apparently in X, it would've killed companies like Avid. Instead, Apple did Adobe and Avid gigantic favors, because millions of dollars shifted from Apple to those companies.

By roddigphot (Feb 1, 2012)

Does this mean that you can open Final Cut Express projects in Final Cut Pro X also ?

By marike6 (Feb 1, 2012)

I don't understand why Apple, who has some of the very best coders in the world, didn't make FCP X backwards compatible from the start. If it was a "business" decision, it seems like all the negative press and a collectively angry user base would have been anticipated. It's not very smart to alienate a loyal user base.
And with no compatibility with FCP 7, nothing is stopping pros from moving to Premiere or Avid. But I guess when you are having more financial success than Exxon Mobile, you can get away with such antics.

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By JakeB (Feb 1, 2012)

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse." Henry Ford

Apple has more financial success than Exxon Mobile because they revolutionize technologies. Put simply, they find better ways to do things. As always, the old guard resist change.

This is what they've done with FCPX. People laughed a couple of years back when the MacBook Air came out. Now all the second-raters are trying to produce an "ultrabook" just like it.

In the same way, FCPX represents a cleaner, more efficient, more intuitive way to work. Like the MacBook Air, it'll take a while to develop fully. But it'll get there and more and more people will realize this.

You don't get bigger than Exxon Mobile through "antics."

By Josh152 (Feb 1, 2012)


All of which has nothing to do with backwards compatibility. You can still innovate without underhanded ploys to force people to give you more money.

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Egg of Nyx
By Egg of Nyx (Feb 2, 2012)

"... As always, the old guard resist change...."

... And sometimes really successful companies make really stupid decisions and end up losing their prominence in the market.

This has nothing to do with the "old guard resisting change." I am always looking for better and more creative ways of doing things. But when Apple ships me a new set of tools that are more analogous to a tool kit I would find at Walmart when I am used to a professional set of SnapOn tools, I am going to be pretty disappointed.

I was one of the staunch supporters of Apple when they were going through their tough times back in the 90s, and I have owned every professional edition of Final Cut since its inception. Unfortunately, it appears that Apple is moving more toward development of consumer and prosumer products, rather than developing and supporting products for the professional market. So, as much as it pains me to do so, I will be going over to the Premier Pro.

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By paul13walnut5 (Feb 3, 2012)

"As always, the old guard resist change."

I don't see the point in stepping backwards.

Lose essential professional functions?

Have to relearn editing (on Premiere I learn Premiere, on Avid I learn Avid, on FCP7 I edit, on FCPX I have to relearn editing...)?

I'm a good cameraman, and passable editor. I've always put my hands up when it came to sound post because theres folks who can do it much better than me, and so I gave them omfies.

Not anymore. If you can't fix it in FCPX then you aren't going to be able to get anybody else to fix it. If you don't think this is a big deal then you have never done audio for broadcast or cinema.

FCPX is an amateur tool. And I'm sure it makes lots of amateurs happy. It is not a pro package.

By zato (Feb 3, 2012)

Egg of Nyx wrote: "So, as much as it pains me to do so, I will be going over to the Premier Pro."

"the" Premier Pro? Sure you will. Let us know how that works out for you gamer/hater.

By paul13walnut5 (Feb 3, 2012)

CS5 working really well for me. Track based insert editing with FCP shortcuts and 8GB of RAM. Super stuff!

By p-mcdonald (Feb 1, 2012)

Oh good. Keep the updates coming and soon we'll be up to FCP 7 functionality.

By jmmgarza (Feb 1, 2012)

Great news for us FCP fans.

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