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Phase One updates Media Pro management software to V1.2

By dpreview staff on Jan 10, 2012 at 22:19 GMT

Professional photography company Phase One has released v1.2 if its Media Pro asset management software. Formerly developed as Microsoft Expression Media, the latest version improves and extends the software's metadata handling and export, ensuring compliance with the IPTC-Extended standard. There are also bug fixes for both the Mac and Windows versions. Version 1.2 is free for Media Pro users or costs $199/€139 for newcomers.

Press Release:

Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.2

COPENHAGEN, January 10, 2012 — Phase One today released Media Pro 1.2. Media Pro is a powerful photography assistant for finding, organizing, and sharing digital images and videos no matter where the files are stored. Media Pro supports very large photo libraries, with support for photo and video files from more than 100 different cameras.

New in this release you’ll find:

-- Better support for exporting annotations/metadata to XMP sidecars;

-- Now, catalog sets, custom fields and hierarchical keywords may be exported to XMP sidecars so they will always be included when extracting metadata;

-- Two new general preferences increase the flexibility of importing annotations/metadata;

-- Now people and event annotations/metadata also map according to the IPTC-Extended definition.

-- More camera support: supports images from additional cameras when using the Phase One renderer.

-- Bugfixes on Mac: fixed an issue with Import Items > From Camera for German language.

-- Bugfixes on Windows: Fixed an issue with the crash reporter not always appearing correctly.

Availability and Pricing

Media Pro is available via download for 199 USD and 139 EUR through Phase One’s Online Store and from top pro photography dealers worldwide. You can learn more about the new release at:

Media Pro 1.2 is available as a free upgrade to existing Media Pro customers.


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By mantra (Jan 15, 2012)

so few new features but bugs fixed?

i bought iview 3.1.3
after i got a free license for expression media
update to Media Pro

but in short it has only a new gui comapred to media expression media

just a bit disappointed

By EYap (Jan 14, 2012)

There is no mention of a speed boost. Media Pro 1 and 1.1 took more than three times longer than Expression Media to catalog the same number of CR2s and JPEGs.
Version 1 could not even create large previews properly. The large previews displayed the thumbnails instead.

By ronniet (Jan 14, 2012)

All digital cameras I've owned have done a poor job of sharpening jpegs, so I shoot RAW and apply the sharpen filter in Expression Media, and then save as JPEG, so I can quickly check all the photos in a shoot for focus and sharpness. It's fast, gives very sharp results without noise reduction if you want. But Phase One have dropped it in their new release! Why are they hell-bent on ruining this once beautiful piece of software?

Louis Jaffe
By Louis Jaffe (Jan 12, 2012)

Have they fixed the JPEG ROTATE bug on Mac? At some point in Microsoft's tenure this function started taking 4 times longer to execute than it had formerly. I kept waiting for version "upgrades" to fix it, but they never did.

By Robgo2 (Jan 11, 2012)

Having never used iView, I have no basis for comparison, but I find Media Pro to very fast and convenient on my nearly 5 year old Mac Pro. I really don't understand all the complaining that I read here and on the Phase One forum.

The only problem that I have encountered is that the program has trouble scanning/rendering more than a few TIFFs at a one time. After trying for up to 15 minutes, it gives up and lets you scan them one at a time, which is a bother. I have discussed this issue with MP's technical support, and I hope that they have addressed it with this update.

By Inthebag (Jan 11, 2012)

I tried this out a couple of months ago and didn't like it then so this upgrade, if you can call it that, won't be worth the download to even try again.
Have only heard good reviews about Iview MediaPro, pity I was never able to try it out.
For now I will continue with IdImager, still not perfect but better than the rest IMO.

Mr Fartleberry
By Mr Fartleberry (Jan 11, 2012)

Sounds more like V 1.1.1. I've been using it since it fit on a Mac Floppy. But it became a classic case of what happens when Microsoft buys up companies and then dumps their efforts in the trash.

I'm ambivalent about Phase One. It needs to remain a stand alone DAM cataloguer not some dinky image editor tied into Capture One.

By AlexCHStudio (Jan 11, 2012)

when I saw the article I thought that may be finally I can get a reincarnation of iView Media Pro which I loved so much... but no... not even close to that... why did Microsoft killed such a nice and useful product?

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By BobL (Jan 11, 2012)

So this isn't an upgrade to Expression Media then?

I downloaded the trial software yesterday and can't see any benefit over iView/Expression - I certainly won't be paying $200 for it.

I agree with other posters - the original incarnation of iView Media Pro was the best of the lot and subsequent versions are proof that progress can actually go backwards.

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By pcworth (Jan 11, 2012)

$60 to upgrade from Expression Media.

My concern is with a comment in their FAQ to the fact that they may stop supporting non-image formats. They are interested in imaging, so video and pdf could go away or will not be updated. I find it a useful cataloging tool, but could probably switch over to something else.

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By graybalanced (Jan 13, 2012)

I got a lot of mileage out of iView Media Pro and held out on the upgrade offer until recently. But having used the latest Media Pro, I am wondering if I should have spent that $60 on something I would have enjoyed more. They didn't fix most of the issues that caused me to switch to Lightroom.

By montxsuz (Jan 11, 2012)

Unfortunately I have to agree with camera4me. I have been using the product since the iView days, and am VERY disappointed with what PhaseOne has done. In my pov, Media Pro is actually worse under Phase One than Microsoft. I have reverted back to the MS version. Why? It works! The Phase One ver will not process DNGs from DxO Pro, severely affecting my workflow. Also does not support Panasonic Raw.

Yes, I contacted Phase One support - several times. The told me to install new CODECs on my Windows 64-bit machine. I did, incl paid 3rd party. These CODECs are working for all my other photo software - EXCEPT for Phase One Media Pro! Phase One is trying to blame Microsoft, and I am very frustrated. As a result, I am not using their Capture One anymore either.

I have just tested Media Pro v 1.2, it still has the same problems, so I will stay with Micosoft's Expression for cataloging, even though I paid money to Phase One. My advice is, don't waste money on Phase One's unfinished product.

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By camera4me (Jan 11, 2012)

What waste of time and money! still not even close to original iView Media Pro before Microsoft messed it up. Phase One should be ashamed of themselves charging $199 for unfinished product. Thumbnails gets created fairly fast but It takes for ever to open larger images also still missing so many options in image editing part. Do not waste your money!!

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Michael Uschold
By Michael Uschold (Jan 11, 2012)

I tried Iview Media Pro years ago and really liked it. I was please that Phase One picked it up after languishing with Microsoft. Does anyone know if there is a serious following of serious amateurs or pros using this tool? If so, what are the major advantages?

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By graybalanced (Jan 11, 2012)

Wow, the media rendering speed for JPEGs is...almost tolerable now!

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