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Leica includes Lightroom 4 with most camera purchases

By dpreview staff on Mar 15, 2012 at 17:55 GMT

Leica has announced it will bundle Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 with many of its cameras. The latest version of Adobe's raw processing and management software offers extensive support for Leica cameras and lenses. It will be included with future purchases of the S2, S2-P, M9, M9-P, X1 and D-Lux 5 cameras.


Solms Germany (March 15, 2012) - Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4, the latest version of the powerful image-processing software, is now supplied with Leica S2/S2-P, Leica M9/M9-P, Leica X1 and Leica D-Lux 5 cameras. Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 is the most professional image-processing software currently available. When used in combination with Leica cameras and lenses, Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 provides superlative picture quality. This comprehensive set of digital photography tools enables fast and efficient image organization, optimization and presentation options.

Leica Camera AG has maintained a successful partnership with Adobe Systems Incorporated for many years, sharing the mutual goal of providing customers with perfect image quality and intuitive workflow solutions. To this end, Leica utilizes the future-proof Adobe RAW format, DNG (digital negative).

Leica cameras are fully integrated into the Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 workflow (for example, Leica color and lens profiles are now available in the lens correction adjustments). In addition, the speed and stability of tethered shooting with the Leica S2 has been further improved. Advancements have also been made in processing speed, the selective moiré filter, M lens profiles, selective white balance, the soft-proof function and video compatibility.


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By BahPhotog (Mar 28, 2012)

They should throw in a CS5 or a CS6 when available and not Lightroom considering the price of an M9.

Sandy Fleischberg
By Sandy Fleischberg (Mar 24, 2012)

What a major let down for all existing LEICA M8 users !!!

Not only did we support the company by buying an infant still wetting it's diapers.
Now it seems that they are not even willing to help us out.
For 6 years we now waited for an ANTI MOIREE tool,
... had to use secret plugins work arrounds and defunct Rosetta based software tricks that involve multiple Max OS's .... and NOW THIS:

They seems to have forgotten that they promised an upgradable camera
at the time -
and they kept their promise for 1 year - if you payed $1200.

This is NOT what a company should do - this is plain wrong.

I can't wait for the first FF sensor mirrorless camera by Sony - Dear Leica and Company you are on bought time - the days are numbered .

Adios muchachos !

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Ben Raven
By Ben Raven (Mar 22, 2012)

Just got back from trip and saw this Leica announcement:

All I can say is WOW !

I was hesitating on the brink of dropping 28 GRAND on an S2-P Body, and this just pushed me over, I'm calling B&H as soon as I finish this post.

It's hard to imagine such an incredible FREE extra;
After all it lists for a whopping $145, $76 for the student/teacher addition.

I just hope this won't cut too deeply into Leica's 2nd Quarter earnings.

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By hmoobyaaj (Mar 19, 2012)

NICE NICE NICE. nice marketing strategy. Leica doesn't have to worry about competing for any other brands anyway. Their so unique and well far ahead in what they do, I don't think any other company could catch up with their M series, not to mention their premium glass. But now they are throwing in a LR4? WOW. Love it leica. It is however, very unfortunate that an M9-P is out of my price range for right now. Its one of my dream cameras along with the 50 f1.4 summilux.

Sandy Fleischberg
By Sandy Fleischberg (Mar 24, 2012)

Dream camera is the right word, but unless you have the little anti moiree tool you will not enjoy looking at your favorite portrait
where you have moiree all over the hair and the knitted sweater, ...
because an inferior chip can not resolve enough detail.
They think they are in a league of their own but it is only a dream it will not stay that way - 100% guaranteed a FF sensored mirrorless camera is already in a drawer somewhere.

Most people forget that Leica as a company was sold at the brink of bankruptcy to Austrians ... they will sell it when the price is right... or close it once the cream is skimmed of the milk

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inevitable crafts studio
By inevitable crafts studio (Mar 18, 2012)

ok leica, you got me

give me 3x M9 and lets say 5x S2 and a few summilux and summicrons

i will sell the lightroom apps and make a fortune, i only have one comput so i only need one

remembers me on the simpsons episode, where homer wants to sell beef jerky hehe

inevitable crafts studio
By inevitable crafts studio (Mar 18, 2012)

oh no, that means lightroom 5 comes out in the near future hehe

Sandy Fleischberg
By Sandy Fleischberg (Mar 24, 2012)

exactly ... it's not as if we were not burned once before !

By Tmphoto55 (Mar 18, 2012)

Wow The M9 is my dream camera would love a rangefinder for streetphotography. I guess i just have to stay with my 5dmk2. Its amazing they can still stay affloat with those prices.

By fraserj1 (Mar 19, 2012)

All they have to do is sell about 100 of them a year and they're all set ;)

By Jez EMIN (Mar 17, 2012)

How about if I buy Lightroom, I get a free Leica M9 ??

Now that'd be worth it !

By ScottTomlinson (Mar 17, 2012)

LOL, well they have to put something in the package to help people wrap their heads around why they're paying such astronomical prices for their products.

By JPnyc (Mar 17, 2012)

What else is new with Leica this year? Pathetic way to get into the news headlines.

By bwabl (Mar 16, 2012)

NOW I shall finally buy a Leica with 2-3 lenses!

By bluelemmy (Mar 16, 2012)

I already use LR4 so bundling it with the M9 is not an asset but an on-cost for me.

They need to offer a price without the bundled LR. Why should I pay for something I don't need?

Unless Leica can convince me that Adobe do not charge them for their software and there is no cost to it for the customer. But I don't believe that to be so.

By JakeB (Mar 18, 2012)

You're not paying for something you don't need.

You're getting Lightroom for free, see?

Quite the bargain.

Reg Natarajan
By Reg Natarajan (Mar 16, 2012)

I don't like the idea of camera companies choosing my software for me. If I want Lightroom, I'll buy it. This way, I'm buying a copy with every camera whether I want it or not. I say this as a Lightroom owner and user, btw.

By marike6 (Mar 16, 2012)

My goodness that M9 is a beauty.

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By rusticus (Mar 16, 2012)

In conjunction with a D-Lux 5 worth considering

By RoccoGalatioto (Mar 15, 2012)

How generous of them

By CameraLabTester (Mar 15, 2012)

Product bundles are happening more often these days...


By Goreyo (Mar 15, 2012)

Considering Lightroom just had it's price slashed I can't imagine throwing it in for 'free' will be a massive incentive to buy a red dot.

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Cultured Vulture
By Cultured Vulture (Mar 15, 2012)

For the price they charge, they ought to include a full version of Photoshop.

Amateur Hour
By Amateur Hour (Mar 16, 2012)

and a new computer as well...

By dgoakill (Mar 16, 2012)

I'd like a bottle of whisky, a hooker, and week in a motell. Since my wife will throw me out of the house one she sees the receipt from the camera.

By bwabl (Mar 16, 2012)

Rather, a Canon camera

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By jpmac55 (Mar 15, 2012)

Most folks already have something for post production and are capable of vetting all options if they don't. I don't get it, I think most potential Leica buyers would prefer a credit or voucher or maybe a price reduction if you don't want Lightroom or already own it.

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By MPA1 (Mar 15, 2012)

Why would you want it, though?
I tried both LR and Aperture and found the latter much more useful. Also, it's not free - you're paying for it in the camera price. I dislike the Adobe march to dominance and find it ethically questionable of Leica to do this.

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By marike6 (Mar 15, 2012)

I also have both, and Lightroom is much faster (Aperture is pretty slow), and much better if you use other Adobe products like Photoshop, with which LR works in concert with.

And of course it's free. You are paying for the camera, and they are giving you a free copy, just like I got a free copy of Magic Bullet Looks Suite with my 5D Mk II. Leica is not raising the price of the camera. They are giving you are free copy of, IMO, the best software of it's type available. Of course you would want it.

By MPA1 (Mar 15, 2012)

It's not free- it's in the price of the camera somewhere!

Aperture runs like a deer on my Mac Pro workstation with dual 3Ghz dual-core Xeons and 10gb of RAM. Can't imagine I would need anything to run faster.

As to PS - so 1980's. I use Nik stuff for my work and on the odd occasion I truly need what PS does, which is rare, I outsource to a specialist. At over NZ$2000 for the full version of CS5 I can get a lot of outsourcing!

By wdwyer (Mar 15, 2012)

So 1980's??, I guess, if you busted your chops in Photoshop, manually creating masks etc., and what not back then (not pushing a button), you learned the true nature of post digital production. As for Nik, anyone can toss on a Nik filter (a simple algorithm created by a programmer) and get a stylized looking photo. If you call that photographic mastery or artistry, well, you would have to say it's akin to plagiarism. Build a color process in photoshop, create a style all your own, that takes some effort, and creativity.

I should say, I feel like I'm sort of cheating when I've tried a demo version of NIK and slid around with them there sliders. To each his own, didn't mean to say anything against you and your process.

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By marike6 (Mar 16, 2012)

When you were describing your "Mac Pro workstation with dual 3Ghz dual-core Xeons and 10gb of RAM" I literally got "d-chills".
But you could run the Pentagon on that computer, that doesn't make Aperture good software that runs well on the majority of normal macs. It's slow and it lacks ACR. LR make working with RAW files a joy. No "Set RAW or JPEG Master" nonsense. But if that suits your needs, great.
And if applying some cheesy "Vintage" NIK filter is 2012, and Photostop, the industry standard, is "so 1980's", I'll happily stay in the 80's as at least I'm working on my images myself.

Andreas Stuebs
By Andreas Stuebs (Mar 16, 2012)

While I sympathize with your sentiment, that you do not like Adobe’s march to dominance, I do not feel that bundling the software with Leica’s products will help them much in that direction. Now if Canon and Nikon were to follow suit that would be a completely different picture ….

By PawelWoj (Mar 16, 2012)

Because that is your opinion. Not everyone shares it. Aperture for me is needlessly complex. Lightroom is intuitive, fast and serves as a perfect companion to Photoshop. No Aperture for me.

Mr Fartleberry
By Mr Fartleberry (Mar 15, 2012)

Hasselblad beat them to it.

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