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Ricoh GXR and GPS-equipped Panasonics get firmware updates

By dpreview staff on Aug 4, 2011 at 00:10 GMT

Ricoh and Panasonic have announced firmware updates for their cameras. Ricoh has released firmware v1.37 for its GXR module, while Panasonic promises improved GPS accuracy for several of its recent cameras. Installing firmware version 1.2 should increase the positioning accuracy of the DMC-ZS10/TZ20, TZ22 and FT3/TS3. Meanwhile, v1.37 for the GXR modules corrects a minor error with focus mode reporting, and a glitch in manual mode for the S10 module.


For more information and to download Firmware v1.37 for the Ricoh GXR system, click here.


Click here for information and to download Firmware v1.2 for the Panasonic DMC-TZ20/ZS10

Click here for information and to download Firmware v1.2 for the Panasonic DMC-TZ22

Click here for information and to download Firmware v1.2 for the Panasonic DMC-FT3/TS3


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Al de Wet
By Al de Wet (Aug 6, 2011)

I would like to know if anybody who updated his /her TZ20 with Filmware v1.2 find that IQ and the GPS is better now. Looking forward to hear from you. Thx.

Peter Galbavy
By Peter Galbavy (Aug 4, 2011)

If you're travelling then GPS is an excellent addition. Problem with the FT3 is that acquiring a lock takes ages and ages. Maybe this update will help.

By thielges (Aug 4, 2011)

Peter - can you quantify "ages and ages"? Normally a cold lock should take about two minutes and a warm lock a few seconds (depending on how long/far it has been since the last lock)

The cold lock time assumes that the camera is stationary with a clear sky view, i.e. not handheld. Locks take longer if you're holding the camera or of the sky view is obscured.

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Peter Galbavy
By Peter Galbavy (Aug 5, 2011)

Well, earlier this week my FT3 would not get a lock at all in the City of London (either errored out early or ran until the end of the progress bar) while I was walking around on the way home after work. Up to 25% of sky visibility at junctions where building work was happening and there was some cler sky.

This morning, in a very unscientific test after installing 1.2, the FT3 acquired 4 satellites and a fix in about 45 seconds while walking down a build-up street (Cornhill to those who know the area). A sampler of one, I admit, but I will perhaps try again this afternoon in a different area.

So, I'm happier with 1.2 at the moment :)

Peter Galbavy
By Peter Galbavy (Aug 6, 2011)

I spoke too soon. Tried after 8 hours in an office and the camera would not get a lock again until I got home to suburbia and open skies. Sigh.

I speak as the long time user of Garmin Edge products that seem to have well designed and engineered antenna and chipsets. no problems in cities with the 705...

Cy Cheze
By Cy Cheze (Aug 4, 2011)

Firmware for a $325 P&S is something of a novelty. It's also curious that, of all things, GPS accuracy should be so might important. People must be taking pictures of their houses, then complaining that the GPS coordinates aren't good enough for strangers to find their way to the door.

Wouldn't it be something if camera companies stopped rolling out new hardware at all, but simply sold annual firmware updates? This would also spare folks from buying things they don't want, like sensors with more pixels or bodies without their favorite dials and knobs.

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By Thierry37 (Aug 5, 2011)

I guess, for new features (from a new "paid" firmware), you would need new hardware also.
I don't think my 2 years old panasonic would gain anything if I could install this new firmware. (processor would not be fast enough, etc.)

By jimboyvr (Aug 5, 2011)

gps is excellent. if you are fishing/hiking/hunting/vacation. you take a photo of a place that has value to you and then you can backtrack to it via gps info. very useful for those of us who do not live in bars.

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Total comments: 8