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Canon announces Japan-only IXY 32S touch-shutter variant

By dpreview staff on Jul 14, 2011 at 19:40 GMT

Canon Japan has announced the IXY 32S, a variant of the IXY 31S (IXUS 310 HS/ELPH 500 HS) with touch-shutter control. As with the existing model, it features a 12.1MP back-lit CMOS sensor, 24-105mm equivalent, F2.0-5.8 lens and 3.2" 16:9 touch screen. It's not clear whether there are any hardware differences, preventing touch-shutter being added to existing models by firmware update. Canon's touch-shutter implementation is unusual in that it doesn't fire the shutter until the user's finger is removed - meaning the camera can be pre-focused to avoid focus lag, but at the risk of being focused in the wrong position for a moving subject. For now, it appears to be a Japan-only model.

Press Release:

Canon IXY 32S features new 'Touch Shutter enabling users to capture the shots they want

TOKYO, July 14, 2011—Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. announced today the introduction to the Japanese market of the IXY 32S, a 12.1-megapixel compact digital camera featuring a bright f/2.0 lens and the HS System, along with an LCD touch-screen monitor that newly incorporates a Touch Shutter function.

Inheriting the same outstanding basic performance as the IXY 31S, released in March this year, the IXY 32S's new Touch Shutter allows users to determine the ideal timing in which to capture a photo while viewing the scene on the camera's viewing monitor. The feature is supported by the wide 3.2 inch, 16:9 aspect ratio Clear Live LCD T monitor (approximately 461,000 dots), which delivers intuitive operation during both shooting and image playback. By applying a finger to the monitor users can select the focal point within the frame, and by lifting the finger from the screen, they can release the shutter to capture an image. In this way, Touch Shutter ensures that users get the shots they want without missing valuable opportunities, especially when shooting a moving subject, such as a child or a pet.

The IXY 32S incorporates a bright f/2.0 aperture, 24 mm*1 4.4x zoom lens that supports shooting at shutter speeds faster than ordinary lenses. Additionally, the camera is equipped with the HS System, which combines a low-noise, high-sensitivity 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and Canon's high- performance DIGIC 4 image processor to realize exceptional imaging results even when shooting in low-light conditions, such as night scenes or indoors.

The Smart Auto function, with a total of 32 specially defined shooting scenes, includes Advanced Subject Detection, enabling the automatic detection and tracking of such non-human subjects as pets and vehicles to ensure that such subjects remain in focus with the proper exposure within the frame.

The new Canon IXY 32S supports the recording of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 video at 24 frames per second (fps) with high-quality stereo sound. It also includes a Movie Digest mode*2 that automatically records short video clips of up to approximately four seconds during the seconds just before still images are captured, which are then combined to create a short movie highlighting the day's events.

The IXY 32S, available in four stylish color variations—pink, gold, silver and black—will go on sale in Japan on August 4, 2011, at an open price. Canon has set initial production at 20,000 units per month.

*1 35 mm film equivalent
*2 Records at 640 x 480 pixels, 30 fps


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Ashley Pomeroy
By Ashley Pomeroy (Jul 15, 2011)

Now if only they would bring back the eye-controlled focus system they used to use on their later film SLRs - with the shutter activated by a blink. It would be tricky to implement with a compact camera, but probably not impossible (it would need to monitor your face... perhaps it could fire when it senses you smiling!).

The A-Team
By The A-Team (Jul 15, 2011)

I'm not a fan of the touch shutter on my iPhone, so I can't see using this feature in a compact camera. As long as they don't do away with the physical shutter!

1 upvote
By CKDexterHaven (Jul 15, 2011)

In a different forum, some poor schmuck asked the members how he could submit a camera idea to the manufacturers. He proposed a shutter that would not be activated until the user REMOVED his finger.

Well, about a hundred morons jumped all over the dude. Called his idea idiotic. No one could imagine a context in which that would be useful. And, worse, of course. If i had an actual life, i wouldn't have gotten involved with defending the idea and also the concept that the most practical features often come from an idea that may be 'across the line' and even ridiculous.

I can't express how much satisfaction this news item gives me. I only wish i could find the original thread so that crow could be served. Cold.

By skwillt (Jul 15, 2011)

Do you refer to this?

By MrTaikitso (Jul 14, 2011)

Uhm, somevPansonic G series, inc my GH2, have touch shutter. Very useful.

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By Spotts (Jul 14, 2011)

Interesting concept. It's just a matter of firmware, makes me wonder why all cameras don't have the option?

By Deviantfotografer (Jul 14, 2011)

very interesting, why only in Japan though???

By RedFox88 (Jul 14, 2011)

Could be testing it out in a place they don't have to ship far to sell. I think other camera companies sometimes do Japan-only models.

By snake_b (Jul 15, 2011)

Small, baby fingers.

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Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul
By Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul (Jul 18, 2011)

Because white so complicated.

By AlvinLeyva (Jul 14, 2011)

I like the gold one... Maybe I can attach it to my big gold chain necklace.

By DigitalDon (Jul 14, 2011)

Touch Shutter concept is similar in concept to the release trigger in competition shot guns. It is said that it takes fewer muscles to activate a release trigger thereby all but eliminating flinch. No flinch = better aim. In a camera, better composition/focus control, yes?

Total comments: 12