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Happy Holidays from dpreview

By dpreview staff on Dec 25, 2011 at 05:56 GMT

The entire team at dpreview would like to wish all our readers Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas or whatever you say in your part of the world. As we celebrate our 13th anniversary we're thrilled with the changes we've made to the reviews and community tools in 2011 and are looking forward to another exciting year in 2012, with even more new features in the pipeline and of course even more of the high quality content that made this site what it is today. Whatever you're doing today, enjoy yourselves and thank you for being a part of!

2011 has been an incredibly busy year at dpreview, with our relocation to Seattle completed in January and our team expanded by five in the first half of the year. Dpreview's editorial team has never before had such a wealth of photography experience, knowledge and passion - not just for the technology, but also the art of picture taking - and I'm excited about what our (now not so) new recruits will bring to the content in 2012.

We also introduced several major new features to the site and completed a lot of 'under the hood' work on some of the creakier areas of code. This work continues - and continues to cause occasional hiccups as new bugs surface, something I can only apologise for and which I can promise will gradually disappear as our software team works tirelessly to make browsing as fast and fuss-free as possible.

2011 has been a tough year for much of the photographic industry. Aside from the overwhelming human tragedy, the aftermath of the catastrophic Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March caused extensive delays in new product launches and severe supply problems for existing products. And then, just when things looked like they were getting back to normal, the equally catastrophic flooding in Thailand left many camera factories under six feet of water.

That both disasters occurred against a backdrop of global economic turmoil and poor consumer spending meant anyone in the business of selling - or writing about - digital cameras had what politicians like to call a 'challenging' 2011. It almost goes without saying that 2012 is expected to be a better year, and we expect some pretty exciting developments in the market in the run up to Photokina in September. More on that soon...

2011 highlights

If you're one of the many commenters or forum posters who regularly state that 'DPR used to review more cameras in the good old days' look away now. In 2011, despite a dearth of new models from some of the major players, we reviewed 40 cameras, and published original content (in the form of previews, hands-on first impressions articles etc.,) on around 20 more. That's more than 500 pages of original preview/review content, and is one of our best ever. And that's not to mention the new content we introduced in 2011, including video previews and interviews and the all-new articles section.

Since we launched in late August we've published over 100 articles of original content, and our readers have contributed scores more on top of that. We added printer, software and app reviews (more of all to come in 2012) and we published more news stories than ever before. Even if you didn't like everything we did, we certainly hope you found something interesting to read on DPReview in 2011.

What we didn't do, regrettably, was any lens reviews. This was purely a problem of logistics, and we will have them back in 2012. Other things to look out for next year include a better site experience for users visiting using mobile devices (phones/tablets), our first apps and some amazing new writers for our articles section. There's a lot more that I'd like to tell you about, but I can't right now - so stay tuned!

Here's a few of the things we added to DPR in 2011:

  • Totally revamped our spec database, feature search, camera compare pages with new product, brand and category pages, user reviews, external reviews and much more (March)
  • Added lenses to our database (March)
  • Added 'My Shortlist' to product comparison tools and user images to lens pages (April)
  • Introduced commenting to news stories and previews (June)
  • Introduced email notification system for news and forum replies (June)
  • Expanded the forums, adding many new photography related, off-topic and for-sale forums (July)
  • Added printers to our database and published our first printer review
  • Launched our new - and rapidly expanding - Articles section
  • Published our first video preview
  • Launched the (continuing) beta of User Created Articles (blogs)
  • Revamped user profiles
  • Added a 'Gear List' feature
  • Added a black on white 'print view' option to news stories and articles
  • Migrated the site to AWS servers and added news tagging
Again, happy holidays from us all. Without you, none of this would be possible.


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By Ehrik (Jan 5, 2012)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, DPR.

Have you considered that people who don't celebrate Christmas and don't have a holiday then, maybe don't say anything at all? :-)

By kufelt (Jan 4, 2012)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year MMXII to everyone!!!!!

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By angeloscy (Dec 31, 2011)

Best of wishes from a new member. Happy new year to everyone!

(Hopefully no one will complain about this not being a review)

Have fun :)

By OneGuy (Dec 31, 2011)

I'd like to contribute a "customer satisfaction" case:
Looking for a new camera I started visiting DPR and other sites to get on the learning curve, which tuned out to be more of a spinning vortex, considering the quantity of options and features. I did not read the review for Pana GF1 (its manuf discontinued), but when I saw this camera in a store in Prague, I knew enough about the 20mm lens to get on your site for a quick read.
I got a great camera at a great price and I am convinced that without DPR and the members' comments I'd just walk on by.
Merry Xmas
Now, that's American

By Skytalker (Dec 30, 2011)

Thanks a lot DPR for your continuous efforts to transfer information and understanding on various aspects of photography.
Wish you all the best and a HAPPY 2012 !

By DonA2 (Dec 27, 2011)

All the best in the new year Simon and crew. 2012 should be awsome!

By lacro (Dec 27, 2011)

Thanks for your efforts and Congratulations! My best, CL

By thanasaki (Dec 27, 2011)

Thank You ,
dear DPReview for keeping me good company.
I think, joining the DPReview community and especially "challenges" has made me a better photographer. I also make a wish that "challenge stats" are coming back on turn of the year.

Rick Knepper
By Rick Knepper (Dec 26, 2011)

DPR is maturing nicely. I particularly appreciated DPR fixing the inability to link to camera and lens comparisons of specific models. Comes in handy when one is debating the pros and cons. :)

I would like to take a minute and point out some peculiaraities in the gear section of the member profile. I've started adding my gear which is a long list. Don't know if it is just my computer, but when I add a 2nd and 3rd camera (and so forth) to any of the sections, the new item is not visible until I exit the gear area and re-enter. Kind of a hassle exiting and re-entering each time I add one item. Hopefully this won't happen when adding lenses.

I owned 2 5D mkIIs and replaced one with a D3x. The tool will not allow me to list a 5D mkII in more than one section. Sure, I could write a note stating that I owned 2 5D mkIIs, replaced one and sold it, but having the 5D mkII show up in both sections illustrates the point more boldly and actually adheres to your own protocol more precisely.

Comment edited 4 minutes after posting
Rick Knepper
By Rick Knepper (Dec 26, 2011)

Not crazy about the forced alphabetizing. I'd like to sort my own gear. Regarding paragraph 2 above, refreshing the page works too, is a bit less of a hassle but still...

Comment edited 2 times, last edit 7 minutes after posting
Rick Knepper
By Rick Knepper (Dec 27, 2011)

Okay, the workaround for listing the same camera twice is to put the name in as a custom name after the 1st instance.

Marshall Muir
By Marshall Muir (Dec 26, 2011)

Been with you a long time now. Just wanted to say thank you and a Very Merry Christmas and all the very best to you and yours for the coming New Year.

Deleted pending purge
By Deleted pending purge (Dec 26, 2011)

Thanks for your effort, DPReview, and for the fact that you do not consider your job finished! Many a photo site has in the meantime entered a stasis and there they slowly degrade as the World goes on. I'm counting on this ongoing betterment as one of the best DPR qualities, and I hope members will know how to appreciate that.
I also hope there are many members which belong to various photo manufacturing companies, and that they're able to convey their users' experiences and wishes totheir planning & designing departments... and may we all live to see some results from it.
My Best Regards to all DPR people, all members, all Challenge entrants, and all those who make this site a special place.
Have a Merry Christmas, successful 2012., sound health, and whatever else you wish... :)

1 upvote
Dave Mckenna
By Dave Mckenna (Dec 26, 2011)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. Keep up the good work.

1 upvote
By spoorthy (Dec 26, 2011)

Love the site changes. Hope that 2012 is dedicated towards reviews and real content.

John P.
By John P. (Dec 26, 2011)

2011 was a great year and I'm sure 2012 will be even better!! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication toward dpreview!!!

jack Doeski
By jack Doeski (Dec 26, 2011)

Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year despite these uncertain times, to the good folks here at dpeview and all the dpreview subscribers. This is a great forum.

Roland Karlsson
By Roland Karlsson (Dec 26, 2011)

God Jul och Gott nytt år från Sverige.
(Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year from Sweden)

Good work.

Now, where have you hidden ol grumpy Phil, Simon?

It would be fun if he popped in some time and said hello! He can be ol grumpy himself for all I care.

Happy New Year Phil!

Simon Joinson
By Simon Joinson (Dec 26, 2011)

Phil left about 18 months ago Roland

By Earthlight (Dec 27, 2011)

Do you at least hear from him from time to time? How about an article interviewing him about his views on the digital camera market and even Dpreview these days?

Simon Joinson
By Simon Joinson (Dec 27, 2011)

Well he's a good friend so i hear from him all the time

By Makinations (Dec 27, 2011)

He runs this place (see link below) these days, right?

Comment edited 26 seconds after posting
Roland Karlsson
By Roland Karlsson (Dec 28, 2011)

OK - not surprising I have not seen him :)

So - he is into electric cars now.

Maybe you can convince him to write some kind of article or something, just for nostalgic reasons. It dont have to be serious. You have some articles sometimes nowadays that are somewhat off topic. Maybe he can write about photographing electric cars. Some nice images on his site.

By 00112233 (Dec 26, 2011)

Hoping for a better understandment for the companies to make cameras that are really good and work well without costing the shirt. Some are on the right track, namely to find a better system which is more universal and that will last and evolve making things better, thinking also on economy for the consumer with better quality and performance. Dpreview delivering a great job with research and communication, thanks and have yourselves a Happy New Year.

1 upvote
By sadoun (Dec 26, 2011)

Merry Christmas, great site, and you doing a great job

1 upvote
Richard Koh
By Richard Koh (Dec 26, 2011)

A Blessed Christmas and Joyous New Year to all at dpreview.

1 upvote
By aja2 (Dec 26, 2011)

Merry Christmas to the DPR staff & members (it's still Christmas day here)

Here's to a great & exciting New Year for all! :-)

Don Simons
By Don Simons (Dec 26, 2011)

Log in every morning in the hope that the perfect camera will be announced. DPR is my one stop shop for any data I need and it doesn't cost me a cent. Very much appreciated.

By HarrieD7000 (Dec 26, 2011)

For the whole team:
Thanks for all what you have done last year.
Best wishes for you all.
I wish you all a great 2012.
For all the DPR members:
Thanks for everything you shared.
I hope you all have a great 2012 and keep sharing your pictures and your words.

By peterclark55 (Dec 26, 2011)

Great site, visit you everyday and learned so much from your efforts and the member comments. Now am trying to give some of it back as best I can. Continue with the good work and merry xmas. Peter

Debankur Mukherjee
By Debankur Mukherjee (Dec 26, 2011)

Please dont add more features to this website, its getting too complicated and takes time to download.....

By Joshlovesphotos (Dec 26, 2011)

Merry Christmas!!!!

Simon Joinson
By Simon Joinson (Dec 26, 2011)

Merry Xmas to you too!!

By Joshlovesphotos (Dec 26, 2011)

If I were President of DP Review, I would fire the person that walked into the weekly meeting with their Brooks Brothers suit, perfectly positioned hair and Fresh Star Bucks, and said, "you aren't a proper businessman unless you dress like a salesman, you aren't a proper professional unless you are a great communicator, you aren't a proper company unless you hire only people with college degrees, you aren't a proper corporation unless you insult people celebrating CHRISTmas, ON CHRISTmas, by saying Seasons Greetings on CHRISTMAS DAY and not even a random non-holiday, or even on the first day of Hanukkah, but instead ON CHRISTMAS DAY. lol.

I'm pretty sure DP Review is still not an American company, so why are you being so politically correct? News Flash: We Americans find your and other countries commitment of purpose the single most attractive attribute about any foreign country.

Comment edited 1 minute after posting
1 upvote
Simon Joinson
By Simon Joinson (Dec 26, 2011)

Just fyi, we are an american company. I don't fully understand everything in your comment, but i can tell you that the decision on wording was mine. But then again, I'm from the UK, a place where non-believers never hesitate to wish each other merry christmas.

Comment edited 3 times, last edit 8 minutes after posting
Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (Dec 26, 2011)

@ Joshlovesphotos: I would say "get a life," but I know that would probably be in vain. As an American citizen myself, I find the whole idea of "CHRISTmas" unsavory. How about the folks who do not believe in this ancient biblical stuff? For those of us who do not easily fall for the "CHRISTmas" stuff, there is always the end of the year celebrations, fresh snow (in some years), and general holiday season during the final week of the year.

I am so glad we could clear all this up, Joshlovesphotos.

By sherwoodpete (Dec 26, 2011)

There are lots of differences between US and British English, and the term "Happy Holidays" - which in Britain means something we do in the summer time, has no significance at all at this time of year.

The use of this meaningless term is perhaps part of the reason why it causes offence, as it seems to drain all significance from the occasion, regardless of one's beliefs.

Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (Dec 28, 2011)

@ sherwoodpete: Good information, thanks.

Now, last I heard, DP Review is based out of Seattle, Washington, United States of America. But even this was not so -- the world is really not catering to the whimsies and whimsical, odd customs of the "British Empire" anymore. The English are regular sour-pusses anyhow. Why bitch at someone who wishes someone else a "Happy" anything at any time of the year?

I don't get it. Then again, I guess I don't have to, as I am fortunate enough that I don't even live in the UK.

By Miwok (Dec 26, 2011)

Your team did great work this year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year DPr!

1 upvote
By Snaaks (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Holland. Thanks for all the good stuff.

Richard Franiec
By Richard Franiec (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas and all the best in the year 2012 for DPReview Team.
Thank you for the splendid work.

By robertosh11 (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas!

By backayonder (Dec 25, 2011)

Don't forget your New Year resolution DP Review team. Only review Nikon!
Remember you promised at the office party, otherwise I'm sueing and I shall tell my husband

Man Mac
By Man Mac (Dec 25, 2011)

Thanks for everything, and wish all a very Merry Christmas...

don d
By don d (Dec 25, 2011)

Health and Happiness to the dp crew in 2012. Thanks for all the good stuff.

By gervazy (Dec 25, 2011)

Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia dla polskich czytelników tej strony.
Wakacje i życzenia niłych wakacji będziemy sobie składać kiedy indziej - to mamy latem.
Merry Christmas to all of you, which celebrates the day when Christ was born.
- Gervazy

By LukeLT63 (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas to all staff and members of the DPReview site

Donald Walker
By Donald Walker (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas DP Review! You provide a fantastic service.

Those with their complaints and suggestions below should get a life and give it a rest.

By tiberiousgracchus (Dec 25, 2011)

Happy Christmas all thee !

By Max-Horse-Power (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas to everyone.

By eugenemode (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas!

By Donny_B (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas from me here in the UK to every one wherever you may be in the world and may you find peace in your lives.

Joseph T Lewis III
By Joseph T Lewis III (Dec 25, 2011)

Thanks to the DPR staff, for all the work you do to make this the best photography site on the web. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

By roblarosa (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas to all of the staff at - I enjoy your site every day and appreciate all that you do. Keep up the good work!

By Lucy (Dec 25, 2011)

Thank you for your good wishes and for all the hard work you folks do to keep these forums so great. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, too. Looking forward to a great new year!

Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (Dec 25, 2011)

Thanks you guys and gals at DP You have the best single web site on Planet Earth, bar none. Not to mention the most informative and most beneficial for us, the world's proverbial little people. :-))


By HaiderAfridi (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas to all at dpreview, the people who run the site and those that post in the forums. A wonderful community for the entusiast!!!!!!!!

By HBoss26 (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas to all of the men behind this wonderful site! and to all photo enthusiast Happy Holiday Season Clicking!

By ppage (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas to everyone at dpReview and to all the contributors to the forums who generously share their knowledge and experience with those of us who struggle to occasionally produce a decent image.

Pavel A. Kharitonov
By Pavel A. Kharitonov (Dec 25, 2011)

Merry Christmas Dpreview!!!

By gpandel (Dec 25, 2011)

How about Merry Christmas when you make your announcements ON CHRISTMAS day or otherwise use another day and call it happy holiday.

By ppage (Dec 25, 2011)

You may not realize it, but this site is NOT an American site. It WAS Christmas Day in Europe before it was Christmas Day where you live.

Francis Carver
By Francis Carver (Dec 25, 2011)

Wise comment, Abe. On Jupiter, Christmas was last month, actually.

Raymond Wardenaer
By Raymond Wardenaer (Dec 25, 2011)

I have followed you for many years now, and I will be following my main photo site in the future. Thank you for all the work you put into it. I hope you have some time off during the holidays so that you can gather strength for another year!
Best regards from Norway,
Raymond Wardenaer
(who is looking forward to the news in January)

Total comments: 97