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Nikon updates firmware for discontinued CoolPix P7000

By dpreview staff on Dec 6, 2011 at 22:50 GMT

Nikon has taken the unusual step of updating the firmware of its discontinued CoolPix P7000 enthusiast compact. Firmware v1.2 offers a broad selection of improvements and bug fixes, ranging from improved AF targeting to the correction of an error that meant the color temperature scale was reversed when correcting White Balance during in-camera Raw processing. The updated firmware can be downloaded from Nikon's websites.

Description of changes:

• Autofocus performance has been increased for more reliable focus acquisition on the intended subject, reducing the number of cases in which focus on the subject was not acquired or focus was acquired on the background when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway.

•  Auto bracketing and the self timer can now be enabled at the same time.

• Aperture settings at or near maximum aperture were grayed out and apparently unavailable for selection (selection was actually possible) when the following procedure was performed. This issue has been resolved.

  • An aperture value other than maximum aperture was applied with shooting in [A] (aperture-priority auto) mode
  • The camera was turned off
  • The camera was turned on again
  • The user attempted to adjust the aperture setting (aperture settings at or near maximum aperture grayed out)

• An issue that prevented operation of the specified function when the shutter-release button was pressed while the Fn (function) button was held down in [M] (manual) mode has been resolved.

• An issue that in some rare cases caused inaccurate shutter speed display in [M] (manual) mode has been resolved.

• An issue that caused an asterisk (*) to be displayed, and continue to be displayed even when settings were reverted to their default values, next to the Vivid Picture Control (COOLPIX Picture Control) option when User Setting U3 was enabled has been resolved.

• The results of adjustments to White balance>Choose color temp. using the P7000's NRW (RAW) processing function on NRW (RAW) images were the opposite of those achieved with adjustment of NEF (RAW) images captured with Nikon digital-SLR cameras (higher settings resulted in bluer images while lower settings resulted in redder images). P7000 settings have been reversed for operation and results similar to that of D-SLR cameras.

• An issue that in some extremely rare cases caused NRW (RAW) images to become completely black with editing using the camera's NRW (RAW) processing function or with RAW processing using ViewNX 2 has been resolved.

• An issue that caused borders and outlines in images to appear rough with playback on an HDTV when the camera was connected to the TV via an HDMI cable has been resolved.


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By banababraincanoe (Aug 4, 2012)

I just saw the comments and tried to update. When I put the card in the camera (the update file is in the root directory), and go to firmware version it just shows the old version and does not update. Anyone have a solution please?

By 1pwr (Feb 6, 2012)

Greetings all, Does a new Nikon P7000 come with the 1.1 firmware already installed? I just received my Nikon P7000 from Amazon and it already had 1.1 firmware in it. I am wondering if Amazon sold me a camera that was previously returned by someone who installed 1.1 OR does a new P7000 come with 1.1 in it? I did install 1.2. However, if 1.1 is NOT standard in a new P7000, then I am left wondering why this one was returned to Amazon.Thanks for any clarification you can offer.

Jeff Harper
By Jeff Harper (Jan 2, 2012)

I just installed this update. The main thing I was looking for was the auto bracketing using the self timer. After the update, the self timer worked and it took 3 shots but it did not bracket the shots, they were all the same. Has anyone else tried this?

By mbrobich (Jan 3, 2012)

Jeff, I just tested and it worked. The bracket gave me 3 different exposures !!! Superb !

By DennisLogue (Dec 25, 2011)

First, thanks for the "heads-Up," you beat Nikon because I subscribe and they usually Email me about updates for my registered cameras or I see it when I go on "My Nikon" page. I did the v1.1 right after I bought the camera and didn't know there was a v1.2 ... Haven't had any problems since 1.1 but I did the update anyway.

I agree with Nuddy. It's not unusual for Nikon to update drivers for old cameras. I pass all my old equipment down to family and friends. In January (2011) Nikon updated the D70 I gave my dad 5 years ago.

Part of the P7000's negative press was caused by firmware issues that they fixed quickly with an update. The only real difference between the 7000 and the 7100 seems to be the flip out LCD. And that makes the camera slightly larger ... it barely fits in a "Big Pocket" as it is ;-)

By mbrobich (Dec 21, 2011)

Just picked a P7000 new from a local store. Runs pretty neat with the update. I am shooting RAW(NRW) and it doesn't seem too slow at all. Enjoying the little thing, especially love the in camera B&W results.

By DanFromNfld (Dec 19, 2011)

I had my P7000 up for sale but fortunately I found the 1.2 update. It has improved the autofocus so much that I am no longer willing to sell the camera. Kudos to Nikon for fixing this.

By mbrobich (Dec 16, 2011)

Has anyone tried the update yet and can you let us know if it makes it better/faster ? I have a choice to make between the Fuji X10 the P7100 or the $150 cheaper P7000 ??

HEEELLPP xmas is next week !!!!!!!!!

By zanypoet (Dec 27, 2011)

P7000 with v.1.2 firmware update is like having P7100 w/o the articulating screen, almost. What a great price on Amazon! More like $180 cheaper.

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By Nuddy (Dec 7, 2011)

What a funny way to report this. Nikon has always been a super firm - for a lot longer than dpreview has existed. Nikon has supported cameras that were years old, and has always been very good to customers. Printed camera manuals for free if you ask for example! It is regarded as normal these days that it may be possible to improve on camera software after the first release - such is the pace of modern development. They are certainly not going to abandone customers just because a newer version has been released. Probably they found the improvements while working on the updated camera.

Andrew Higgins
By Andrew Higgins (Dec 7, 2011)

The right thing to do for P7000 owners, as the 'flagship compact' was hastily replaced by the P7100 which is the camera the 7000 should have been in the first place. The original camera's menu and controls still remain bizarrely slow though...

By Ithackermike (Dec 8, 2011)

Andrew, just to be clear, are you saying the menu is slow after this latest firmware update? I'm considering NOT picking up my backordered Fuji x10 and getting the 7000.

By shaocaholica (Dec 7, 2011)

But are the UI animations still there? Thats the biggest bug.

By Hauer (Dec 7, 2011)

Wow, Nikon, I really am impressed to say the least!
Updating a non-current product doesen't happen often.
I think much cutomer loyalty will be gained with this attitude / move...

By cgarrard (Dec 7, 2011)

Huge respect for this move, who ever made that call at Nikon should get a raise. This is the king of thing Nikon needs to do to improve the image of Coolpix.

I'm totally impressed.

They will need to do a lot more in the future though.


By Claudio59 (Dec 7, 2011)

Excellent choice by Nikon to continue to update products also no longer in production ... good!

By Tigadee (Dec 7, 2011)

Well done, Nikon. I'm glad I held on to my P7000... I was generally happy with it, now I am very satisfied with it. Kudos!

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By _sem_ (Dec 7, 2011)

Discontinued? Obviously still being actively sold. Moreover, it seems they've got xytloads of them in warehouses.

Debankur Mukherjee
By Debankur Mukherjee (Dec 7, 2011)

Good Customer Service from Nikon , I sold mine for all the bugs that the P7000 had.....there are still some hardware issues which I think will not be possible by Firmware update.....

By tkbslc (Dec 7, 2011)

Good news for all those who got one over the black friday sales.

By jwaif (Dec 7, 2011)

Actually, Nikon has done this in the past. They released a firmware update for the D200 in September, 2008 a year after the D200 was replaced by the D300.

Patrick McMahon
By Patrick McMahon (Dec 6, 2011)

Thanks for the update. Appreciated :)

By jj74e (Dec 6, 2011)

that's a lot of issues they needed to fix. some that weren't even improvements, but rather actual technical fixes.

By johnparas11zenfoliodotcom (Dec 6, 2011)

thanks for this Firmware update nikon..but how about a NIkon D90-- like give us 720p at 30fps, 60fps and maybe make a 1080p for 5 minutes too..same FPS as the 720? :-)

By noss (Dec 6, 2011)

nice step (for customer satisfaction)

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By newe (Dec 6, 2011)

Why is this stated as an "unusual step" if there are still this many problems to fix? Seems to me Nikon should upgrade the firmware on an on-going basis as this is not a throw-away camera...or is it?

Richard Butler
By Richard Butler (Dec 6, 2011)

How many instances can you think of where a manufacturer has put out a firmware update after a product has been discontinued? That makes it fairly unusual.

It's not a value statement - it doesn't denote this being a bad idea. However it is unusual.

F Stop Fitzgerald
By F Stop Fitzgerald (Dec 6, 2011)

The only other camera maker that I know of that regularly issues performance enhancing firmware updates (in addition to bug fixes) to discontinued cameras is Ricoh.

This is a classy move by Nikon and I applaud them!

By newe (Dec 6, 2011)

Are you kidding me??? How are about cars, Epson printers, Bluray players...list goes on and one...hey even Toshiba continued firmware upgrades for an HD DVD player. Just because you discontinue a product is NO EXCUSE not to support it, especially if there are bugs. Kudos to Nikon for doing this. Any company that discontinues a product (including software) with known bugs does not deserve your business.

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By Mssimo (Dec 6, 2011)

Maybe Panasonic. I would like see to a common firmware with fixes and new features for new and old cameras. i.e. apple iOS style. I will buy the first camera to offer a Open API/firmware or at least some kind of app support. This is what makes the iphone (and other phones) so great, nothing to do with image quality.

Jon Porter
By Jon Porter (Dec 7, 2011)

The P7000 may be discontinued but it's still a current product widely available new. So it makes sense for Nikon to issue a firmware update to help move remaining inventory. Manufacturers haven't forgotten that Atari game cartridge pit...

By HeezDeadJim (Dec 7, 2011)

It's unusual in certain products (cameras and small electronic devices) where they roll out a new version and expect/force you to buy one because the old one isn't "supported" any more.

That said, there are some fields where updates are frequent and lasts for years. AMD (the CPU company) has retained the AM/2/3+ socket for a long time. Some early AM socket (single core) motherboards have had firmware updates that allows for even the newest AM3+ CPUs (8-cores) for a motherboard that is 5+ years old.

Prairie Pal
By Prairie Pal (Dec 7, 2011)

I suspect there is a glut of D7000 still out there in the supply chain that nobody wants and Nikon has to do something to flush them out. Deeper discounts alone wouldn't make the camera any more desireable to buyers, plus I think the distributors are getting a little ticked having their money tied up in this dud. With dwindling inventory to generate income Nikon needs to look at what inventory they already have and add value (firmware upgrades to existing models).

Luc Biron
By Luc Biron (Dec 7, 2011)

Olympus did realease update for some of they camera 2 years after being discontinued. However that pretty rare to see sometime like this for a compact.

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