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Kodak announces Easyshare M5370 touch-screen 5x compact

By dpreview staff on Sep 14, 2011 at 21:33 GMT

Kodak has released three cameras, including the Easyshare Touch M5370; a 16MP, 5x zoom touch-screen compact. It features a 28-140mm equivalent lens and follows Samsung's trend of using MicroSD cards. The company has also created the Z5010 14MP 21x (25-525mm equiv.) superzoom and the M5350, which appears to offer a similar spec to the M5370 but without touch-screen and taking full-size SD cards.

Press Release:

Kodak Launches EASYSHARE TOUCH M5370 Digital Camera to Take Pictures Simply

New Essential Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger also released for a smarter, effortless way to charge

London, UK, September 13, 2011 — Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) today announced the launch of the next generation KODAK EASYSHARE TOUCH Digital Camera featuring a new 16MP sensor and HD video which makes creative editing, organizing and sharing easy with a simple touch.

The enhanced EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera makes sharing photos easy with Kodak’s innovative and exclusive Share Button, while the responsive touch screen makes gliding through pictures effortless. Once connected to a PC, selected photos will automatically upload to sites like FACEBOOK and KODAK Gallery or can be emailed. The enhanced Share Button App builds on the success of the KODAK Share Button, enabling millions of people to easily share and transfer their favourite images. Face Tagging allows you to stay even more organized by enabling you to upload your images to FACEBOOK with your friends already tagged.

“The EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera offers the family ‘Chief Memory Officer’ great 16MP pictures or 720 HD video that can be simply shared with a touch,” said Phil Scott, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Capture and Accessories, Kodak. “The EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera has a completely new compact and clean design with an intuitive touch screen and many additional features. These options allow consumers to effortlessly tap the screen to take a picture or add in effects like background blur and spot colour easily from the touch screen.”

The EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera features Kodak’s Smart Capture capability to automatically set the camera based on your scene while Face Recognition recognizes and organizes pictures of your friends. Special shooting modes like KODAK Film effects, photo booth and over 20 scene modes bring creativity to your pictures while the 5X wide angle SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH lens makes it easy to take exceptional pictures from a distance.

Available this fall, at major retailers and, the EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera comes in silver, blue, pink and red for U.K. £129.99 RRP.

New KODAK Essential Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger Announced Today

In addition to the launch of the EASYSHARE Touch is the latest innovation in battery chargers - KODAK Essential Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger. Whether in a hotel room, an airport or at home, it is the smarter way to have devices ready to go – no matter the camera brand. It features Kodak’s innovative blade array technology and offers effortless, carefree charging. Also included is a USB wall plug adapter for charging additional devices.

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Total comments: 14
Kerry Munroe
By Kerry Munroe (Sep 21, 2011)

" Give Eric Clapton cheap guitar and the music will still sound great" . A good photog can still take good pictures with these cameras. Enlarge up to 8x10 no problem!

By oldshutterbug (Sep 17, 2011)

Its about time some of these anti Kodak experts got off their high horses. not everyone wants to run around looking like paparazzi, I hope Kodak sell these new camera by the container load, camera snobs make me want to throw up.

By cuteorkill (Sep 15, 2011)

Kodak hasn't made anything even tolerable since the V1073. It needed a wider angle lens and greater control options, but the 1/1.63" 11 MP CCD was comparable to the current premium compacts. It had a nicely understated body that was quite pocketable and was one of the earliest cameras to add 720p video.

Why did Kodak abandon what was clearly a better direction for them?

By marike6 (Sep 15, 2011)

The only good things about these cameras are the price and the Schneider branded lens. Do Schneider-KREUZNACH have anything to do with producing these lenses? Who knows.

By tkpenalty (Sep 15, 2011)

Despite the negativity here, the fact that they're so cheap is why they sell so many of them...

By tkbslc (Sep 15, 2011)

That's why I made my comment earlier. They are landfill fodder made to last about a year and be replaced with the same thing in a different color with more megapixels.

By CanonPhotog (Sep 15, 2011)

Hasn't Kodak gone out of the digital camera business yet? Good grief. Their cameras are cheaply made/built, the image quality is only so-so, and there's never been a single stand-out camera in any of Kodak's never ending line of "disposable" digicams year after year. You know what I would actually love to see from Kodak? An old style Kodak camera but digital based of course, like these:

Build some digital P&S cameras that look like these and I'll be the first to buy one just for the retro look. Otherwise, meh.


By Somerichs (Sep 15, 2011)

I don't know, my 4MP DX6440 from 20003 is pretty darn near a classic. It was very well-regarded at the time and took beautiful pictures. Granted, it was slow as molasses at times and big as a brick, but it served me well for a number of years...

By schaki (Sep 14, 2011)

Yet another me too compact just to fill the shelves in a store. Kodak should do something "cool" instead like Fujifilm with their X100 or Sigma with their DP1 and DP2. So much sensor potential, nice Kodak-colours and have the know-how-to, knowledge about how to modify and build advanced cameras. Kodak better try and benefit from these resources or hopefully being bought up by some company like Ricoh which know how to make cameras that photographers wants to use.

By tkbslc (Sep 14, 2011)

I wish these companies would quit making so many worthless products and versions that serve no purpose other than to overload our landfills.

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By vegwolff (Sep 14, 2011)

Yes, but... there are how many people in the world?! Camera manufacturers could never build enough cameras to supply the market of the average person who wants to just take snaps every now and then.

John Tracy
By John Tracy (Sep 15, 2011)

Hey, I have a $50 Kodak C183 and I take it with me more often than my LX3.
Most of the time I have to look at the exif data to see what camera I used.
The Kodak is fast enough and produces nice color.
Maybe all you critics need a $500 camera to get decent pic`s but I don`t. Quit knocking the brand you don`t have. It only shows your ignorance.

By Marty4650 (Sep 15, 2011)

John, that's a very good point.

There are over 6 billion people on this planet, and the vast majority of them cannot afford to buy something as nice as an LX3.

Cameras like these will serve the needs of many people, at a very modest price.

Granted, announcements like these aren't "big news" on a website devoted to high end cameras. When the Nikon D400 is announced, you will see literally thousands of posts about it.

There is a place for these lowly cameras too....

By chiue (Sep 15, 2011)

Could not agree with you more John. Well said.

Total comments: 14