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Nikon D3 and d300 now support 'D2X mode'

By dpreview staff on Nov 27, 2007 at 15:20 GMT

Nikon, obviously realizing that many users of its previous flagship DSLR will be migrating to its successors, has made available 'Picture Controls' aiming to emulate the color reproduction of the D2X(s) on the new D3 and D300. There are three such controls, mirroring the original color modes I to III. These settings may be used as a base point to add further tweaks and should prove a major time-saver to photographers wishing to upgrade their camera bodies and continue with their existing workflow. The Picture Controls are available now via Nikon's website, links after the jump.

Download links:


Ralph Auletta
By Ralph Auletta (Aug 29, 2012)

These Picture Controls are also avilable for the D700 and the D3X, which also include Landscape and Portrait Picture Controls. I use the D2X Mode 2 for all my portraiture on my D700 and my D3X and it looks beautiful in final print. The detailed PDF manual can be downloaded here: and the latest Pic Controls can be downloaded here: