Extensis Portfolio 8

Oct 21, 2005 at 15:15 GMT

Extensis has announce Portfolio 8, its digital asset management system, which it say now offers 'industrial strength' workflow features. Portfolio 8 allows you to instantly view, sort and manage all your photos, including RAW files, access your files directly from Photoshop, as well as publish images to the web. Pictures can be organized using visual catalogs and embedded metadata. The new 'galleries' feature allows you to organize your images, fast cataloging adds files to a catalog and allows you to start working on while allowing you to start working with them straight away, while other cataloging tasks occur in the background. Portfolio 8 will be available for download and purchase in December priced $199.95.

Press Release:

Extensis Portfolio 8 Puts Creative Workgroup Assets at User's Fingertips

New functionality means less time searching for files and more ways to organize and share across workgroups.

October 20, 2005 PhotoPlus Expo, New York, NY. - October 20th, 2005 - Extensis, a division of Celartem, Inc., today announced Portfolio 8, a major advance in its digital asset management (DAM) solution. The new version of Portfolio provides industrial-strength workflow features to organize and route digital files utilizing visual catalogs and embedded metadata, making it fast and easy to find and share valuable branding collateral within the asset creation workgroups and externally with global partners. The Portfolio 8 product family includes a standalone version, Client/Server solution; as well as NetPublish and SQL Connect Modules.

"The most competitive organizations are looking for the best way to use technology to improve their business processes and their bottom line. This new version of Portfolio is the ultimate solution for organizing, finding and distributing a company's critically important brand assets," said Dan Harlacher, Portfolio product manager for Extensis. "It's our cure for the common quagmire of creative assets and image management that companies are facing every day. Plus you can do it in less time and with less money than you might think; it's a software solution trusted by IT and approved by creatives and brand professionals."

Portfolio 8 has built-in workflow tracking out-of-the-box. With its new ability to add cataloging presets to AutoSync folders, files can be added to Portfolio with predefined metadata and can be moved through a workflow simply by dropping them into folders on the file-server. Portfolio can even keep track of the status of a job and help communicate with and route files to other members of a team.

It is now even easier to get started using Portfolio and to find guidance when needed. A new series of sample catalogs are provided for specific tasks like professional photography, stock image management, and document routing and approval. Fast cataloging quickly adds files to the Portfolio catalog and allows users to start working with them right away while other cataloging tasks happen in the background. Additionally, Portfolio can now use automatically created Screen Previews for creating CD's, DVDs, websites, and emails, making the process of sharing even offline files significantly faster.

Portfolio 8's new gallery features include private galleries, accessible only by the original creator and scratchpad galleries to easily collect items from several different locations and organize them for printing or other activities. Significant improvements in speed, workflow and metadata handling, now make it easier than ever to implement a full-featured DAM solution without extensive disruption and retraining.

"The digital asset management software market continues to gather momentum as more and more companies are realizing they need solutions to manage their growing numbers of assets," said Melissa Webster, Program Director at IDC. "Organizations need a solution that can be implemented quickly and at a reasonable cost to maintain business and workflow continuity."

New Features in Portfolio 8

Portfolio 8's new features and enhancements include:




Pricing and Availability

Portfolio 8 for both individual users and workgroups will be available for download and purchase in December 2005. Portfolio 8 Client/Server Solutions start at an estimated street price of $5,000US and can be extended to include SQL database options with SQL Connect Modules ranging in price from an estimated street price of $5,000US to $9,000US. Client connections for Portfolio Server are available in volume licenses at an estimated street price of less than $250US per seat. Portfolio catalogs can be shared via the web with the addition of Portfolio NetPublish for Server for an estimated street price of $5,000US

Portfolio 8 is also available in a single-user version at an estimated street price of $199.95US. Portfolio catalogs can be published to the web by adding a Portfolio NetPublish license for an estimated street price of $249.95US (five concurrent web connections). Upgrades to Portfolio 8 are available for $99.95US from Portfolio 6 and 7.

French, German and Japanese language versions of Portfolio will also be available in December 2005.

For information on where to purchase the Portfolio family of products visit http://www.extensis.com/portfolio