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Sigma EM-140 DG Ring Flash

By dpreview staff on Sep 22, 2004 at 10:23 GMT

Sigma has announced the EM-140 DG Ring Flash. Targetted at macro, medical and scientific applications the EM-140 DG can be configured to fire both flash rings (left & right) or just one depending on the look. It has a guide number of 14 and is is powered by four AA batteries. From a connectivity point of fview it is compatible with most modern TTL flash protocols including Canon E-TTL, Nikon D-TTL & i-TTL and Pentax P-TTL (as well as Sigma S-TTL).

Press Release:


Multifunctional Macro Flash designed to work with new Digital SLR cameras.

  • Ideal for Close-up photography, especially medical and scientific applications
  • Fully dedicated with the latest TTL auto exposure systems
  • Flash tubes can be switched on or off for creative flash contro
  • Wireless Flash Control
  • High Speed Synchro Flash
  • Guide Number of 14 w/ISO100

Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new ELECTRONIC FLASH MACRO EM-140 DG.

THE ELECTRONIC FLASH MACRO EM-140 DG is designed to work with both AF 35mm film and Digital SLR cameras of all-popular manufactures.

The EM-140 DG Ring Flash is ideal for photographing subjects in fine detail when the shadowless mode is used and is extremely effective for scientific and medical applications.

Dual flash tubes can fire simultaneously or separately. Using only one flashtube creates shadow, which can give a three-dimensional feeling to the subject. The flash features a guide number of 14 w/ISO 100.

The Modeling Flash function makes it possible to check for reflections and shadows before actually taking the flash picture.

A wireless flash function is also available, when the EM-140 DG is used as master and the EF-500 DG SUPER as a slave unit for creating fine shadow details.

High Speed Synchro and Exposure compensation functions are also available for advanced flash photography.


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Montreal Canada
By Montreal Canada (3 months ago)

Does the sigma ring flash have problem being attached to a lens that has a uv filter already attached?

Montreal Canada
By Montreal Canada (4 months ago)

I own a Nikon D90 and a 7000.
I recently purchased a Tokina 100 MM 2.8 M100 AF Pro D macro.
I would like to attach a Sigma EM140 DG ring flash onto the Tokina lens.

I read the Sigma manual on line and they say that it is not advisable to connect the ring to a lens whose barrel goes in and out( like Tokina) and go manual instead

I spoke to B+H and one guy said it could damage the motor of the 90 and 7000, and another guy said that it would have no effect at all.

I need to go auto due to vision issues.

Does anyone know if using the Sigma ring with a Nikion 90 or 7000 body attached to a Tokina lens willl damaqe my equipment?

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