Pentax OptioS30

Mar 11, 2004 at 14:01 GMT

Pentax has recently announced the OptioS30. Featuring a 3.2 effective megapixel CCD, a lens offering 3X optical zooming and with an attractive, hairline-textured aluminum exterior, it's also strikingly stylish. All buttons and controls have been located within easy reach from a ready-to-shoot position. The shutter release button has been enlarged for swift access, and buttons on the back of the camera have also been made bigger for easier control.

Press Release:

The OptioS30 - The ultra-compact digital with performance that's a class above.

A compact digital camera that places the key emphasis on cost performance, PENTAX announces the OptioS30. Easy to handle for stress-free shooting, it makes it easy to enjoy quality digital photography anywhere, at any time. With a truly user-friendly design, it makes shooting in diverse situations a breeze. And with an attractive, hairline-textured aluminum exterior, it's also strikingly stylish.
The OptioS30 is surprisingly capable too. It features an array of easy-to-operate functions that assist in making sure the end results live up to expectations, is empowered with 3.2 effective megapixels, and also features a lens offering 3X optical zooming versatility that can be combined with 2.6X digital zoom for total 8X (approx.) zooming freedom.

Major features

Ultra-compact, sophisticated design

3.2 effective megapixel clarity

Ultra-compact, 3X optical zoom lens

User-friendly operation

Function customization

9-position mode dial

1. Auto select
Automatically activates Program mode for effortless, yet pleasing results.
From there, the OptioS30 also has the ability to evaluate the subject too, automatically activating Portrait, Landscape or Night Scene mode accordingly.
Auto select mode also features settings for frequently used shooting functions (recording image size and quality settings), which can be easily altered to suit user tastes.

2. Portrait
Designed to capture skin tones in a more natural way.

3. Landscape
Makes it easy to capture wide-open natural scenes.

4. Night scene
Captures a significant amount of detail while retaining the mood of shots taken in low light.

5. Movie
The OptioS30 even has the power to record video accompanied by the advantage of sound!
*Recorded movies can be viewed using ACDSee for PENTAX (on systems with QuickTimeTM installed).

6. Voice recording
Extremely useful in a wide range of situations, the OptioS30 is also capable of recording audio.

7. Digital effects
Offers a range of special digital effects for exciting creative results. (8 digital filters, a 2 in 1 effect, and Panorama Assist)

8. Program
Leaves all settings to the camera for spur-of-the-moment photo opportunities.

9. Picture
Allows the user to choose one of 10 different settings to swiftly make the most of the situation at hand.

Help function in Auto Select mode
A useful Help function can be easily accessed when in both shooting and playback modes.
With the press of a button, the OptioS30 activates a display of easy-to-understand explanations for dial positions and buttons for both shooting and playback.
As a result, even the total beginner to get the hang of OptioS30 operation in a snap.

Simple shooting with 10 Picture modes

1. Flower
Designed to bring out the vivid colors and intricate details of flowers.

2. Self-portrait
Delivers sharp results and flattering tones whenever you need to turn the camera around to take a shot of yourself.

3. Surf
Solves the common problems with reflections of light off water for pleasing, appropriate exposure throughout the frame.

4. Snow
Helps to maintain true colors and avoid the detrimental effects of excessive reflection off snow.

5. Sunset mode
Capture the warmth and romance of sunrise and sunset scenes.

6. Museum
Allows optimal exposure to be achieved while ensuring the flash doesn't fire.

7. Text
Captures written material in a manner that maximizes legibility.

8. Food
Conveys convincing texture, and communicate the real freshness of food.

9. Landscape Portrait
Clearly captures portraits along with the expansive scenery of the background.

10. Marine
Makes it easy to capture natural colors when shooting underwater. Soundless movies can also be shot underwater too.
* When the OptioS30 is housed within an optionally available waterproof case.

Digital effect modes

Without the need for a PC, the OptioS30 opens up a range of creative possibilities with a choice of 8 digital filters as well as, Panorama Assist, and 2 in 1 digital functions.

8 digital filters

B&W, sepia, red, green, blue, B&W with red, B&W with green, and B&W with blue digital filters let the user emphasize key colors of the original scene or add an entirely different mood.

2 in 1

Allows two different images to be recorded side by side in a single frame.

Panorama Assist

Following the camera's simple guidance, take a series of horizontal or vertical shots.
These can then easily be aligned and combined on a PC using the software provided to create one large image that captures expansive scenes in their entirety.

12 digital filters for shot images

The user can apply different moods to images that have been already shot using 12 filters (B&W, sepia, red, green, blue, B&W with red, B&W with green, B&W with blue, Soft, and 3 types of illustration effects).

Menu text information enlargement

The menu display can be easily enlarged with a press of the zoom button.

PictBridge compatibility

The OptioS30 supports PictBridge, a new direct-print standard released by the CIPA (Camera and Imaging Products Association). With this advantage, the OptioS30 can be connected directly to a printer that supports PictBridge via USB cable to offer control over printing, resizing, digital filters, and other functions - all without the need for a PC.

Other helpful features

Optional accessories

Pentax OptioS30 Specifications

Effective Pixels 3.2 megapixels
Sensor Total pixels 3.34 megapixels�
  1/2.7 inch interline transfer CCD with a primary color filter
Color Depth 12- bit�
Recorded Pixels Still 2048 x 1536 pixels, 1600 x 1200 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels�
Movie 320 x 240 pixels
Sensitivity Auto, fixed (equivalent to ISO 50, 100, 200, 400)
File Formats Still JPEG (Exif 2.2), DCF, DPOF, PRINT Image Matching II
Movie AVI (Motion JPEG format), approx.30fps, with sound
Sound WAV (PCM), monaural�
Quality Levels ★★★(Best), ★★(Better), ★(Good)
Storage Media Built-in memory (approx. 11 MB), SD memory card
Lens smc PENTAX power zoom 5.8mm-17.4mm (equivalent to 38mm-114mm in 35mm format) F2.6-F4.8, 6 elements in 5 groups (2 dual-sided aspherical elements)
Digital Zoom 1X - 2.6X
Focusing System Type TTL contrast detection autofocus system
Manual focus/Infinity-landscape mode available
Focusing Areas 5-point autofocus, spot autofocus
Focusing Range
Autofocus Normal: 0.4m (1.31 ft ) to infinity
Macro: 0.18m (0.59 ft.) to 0.5m (1.64 ft.)
Super macro:� 0.06m (0.2 ft.) to 0.2m (0.65 ft.) at 10.2mm (equivalent to 61.5mm in 35mm format)
Manual Focus 0.06 m (0.2 ft.) to infinity
Exposure Control Metering System TTL metering: Choice of Multi-segment metering, Center-weighted metering, Spot metering
Mode dial
Auto Select, Portrait, Landscape, Night scene, Movie, Voice recording,
Digital Effect, Program, Picture
Picture Mode Flower, Self-portrait, Surf, Snow, Sunset, Museum, Text, Food, Landscape Portrait, Marine, Marine movie
Digital Filter Black and white, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, B&W+red, B&W+green, B&W+blue, 2 in 1, Panorama assist
During play mode (Black and white, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, B&W+red, B&W+green,�
B&W+blue, Soft, Illustration)
Exposure Compensation �2 EV (1/3 steps)
From approx. 1 sec. to memory card capacity.�
Color mode Full color
Shutter Programmed AE electronic lens shutter with CCD electronic shutter
Shutter speed Approx. 1/2000 sec. to 4 sec.�
Drive Modes One shot, Continuous, Remote control, Self-timer
Flash Built-in series-control auto flash. Automatic discharge under low lighting conditions in auto modes.
Flash-on and Flash-off modes.� "Red-eye" reduction function also available.
Effective Range
Approx. 0.2m -2m (0.65 ft -6.6 ft) (17.4mm at Sensitivity 200)
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Shade, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light, Manual setting
Optical Viewfinder Actual-image zoom viewfinder
LCD Monitor 1.6 inch, TFT color LCD (Approx. 85,000 pixels)
Time World Time Displays the time in 62 cities (28 time zones)
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean, Japanese
PictBridge Print mode Single image print, All images print, DPOF auto print
Interfaces AV output terminal, USB terminal, DC input terminal
Video Output Compatible with NTSC and PAL formats (monaural sound)
Power Sources One Lithium battery CR-V3(allows approximately500 shots to be taken*) , two AA batteries�
(lithium, alkaline, nickel-manganese and rechargeable Ni-MH).
Optional AC adapter also available.�
Dimensions 89(W) x 58.5(H) x 25.5(D)mm� (3.5 x 2.3 x 1 inches) (excluding protrusions)
Weight 175g (6.2 oz.) loaded and ready
  125g (4.4 oz.)without battery and SD memory card
* According to the result of in-house testing (with LCD monitor on and flash used for 50% of the shots).

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