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Canon EOS 300D review updated

By dpreview staff on Feb 26, 2004 at 11:24 GMT

Just posted! Our updated final Canon EOS 300D review. This review has been updated with test results from a final production EOS 300D, image samples have been re-shot and a new samples gallery added. The overall conclusion remains the same as the late pre-production camera we had for our initial review appears to be very similar in quality to the final camera. Also added is a new 20 image samples gallery including several long exposure night shots.

Click here for our final, updated Canon EOS 300D review


  • Specifications - Verfied
  • Body & Design - Verified
  • Operation - Verified
  • Display & Menus - Verified
  • Timings & Sizes - Verified
  • Features - Verified
  • ISO Sensitivity / Noise levels - Re-shot and Updated
  • White balance - Re-shot and Updated
  • Flash - Re-shot and Updated
  • Night exposures - Re-shot and Updated
  • RAW - Re-shot and Updated
  • Color reproduction - Verified
  • Compard to... - Re-shot and Updated
  • Resolution chart - Re-shot and Updated
  • Conclusion - Verified
  • Samples gallery - New gallery added