ACDSee 4.0 is out!

Sep 26, 2001 at 04:00 GMT

ACDSystems the authors of the excellent image browsing / viewing application have today announced ACDSee 4.0 (Windows). ACDSee has been the browser of choice here at dpreview for some time, and it just keeps getting better. New features include a new interface, a full screen file-browsing mode, 10 new multimedia formats, enhanced slide shows, zoom level by pixels or percentages, catalog photos from CD (for offline browsing), browse thumbnails and file details in a column view and 'first frame thumbnail' for video files. Download a free trial, buy ($49.95) or upgrade ($34.95) today. This version also supports Canon RAW files (CRW) - although VERY SLOWLY.

Click here for the ACDSee 4.0 webpage

New Features in ACDSee™ 4.0

A More User-friendly Interface

Viewing and Browsing Enhancements

ACDSee 4.0 screenshots

Example of thumbnail view

Example of information view (note EXIF data)

Phil: first bug - If you set viewer mode to 'full screen' and also 'reduce large images to fit' the image is not reduced in size when viewed (this did work in 3.1). Half-workaround: once you're at a zoom level which gives you a full view (such as 50%) press CTRL+Numpad /, this will lock this zoom level.