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Imaging Resource posts Nikon D1X review

By dpreview staff on Jun 19, 2001 at 04:00 GMT

Kudos to Dave Etchells for getting his hands on a production D1X before any of us (I should receive mine today) and posting up a full review. Here's what he thinks of Nikon's flagship digital SLR "They've managed to simultaneously improve nearly every operating parameter, from color quality, to resolution, to image noise, while at the same time incorporating numerous user-interface improvements and ergonomic niceties... ...Outstanding in every respect!"

Click here for Dave's full review on Imaging-Resource

UPDATE: We have received our loan D1X today at 5 PM GMT. Interestingly it already has firmware 1.01 loaded. All things being equal I should have a full, detailed review within 10 days.