Two reviews from Imaging-Resource

Sep 28, 2000 at 04:00 GMT

Dave over at Imaging-Resource is churning them out, he's got a review of Kodak's rugged DC5000 which is based on the older DC280 "Images shot with the DC5000 should look fine printed on photo-quality output devices at sizes up to 8x10 inches. " and the Olympus/Polaroid C-211 Camera/Printer "Because it's fully digital, the C-211 Zoom allows you to shoot and select only the images you want to keep, and since the initial exposure is not made directly on the Polaroid film, as it is in traditional Polaroid models, you have the option of printing only the photographs you want."

Click here for Imaging-Resource's review of the Kodak DC5000

Click here for Imaging-Resource's review of the Olympus/Polaroid C-211