Kodak announce Print@Kodak

Jun 26, 2000 at 04:00 GMT

Today Kodak announced their own Internet photofinishing service, Print@Kodak. Along the same lines as many other photo finishing services Kodak are hoping that their reputation and name will go a long way to winning customers. Print@Kodak is available direct from Kodak at www.kodak.com and through several photo sharing sites.

Kodak Answers Industry Demand for Internet Photofinishing with Launch of Print@Kodak Service

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 26, 2000--Eastman Kodak Company today announced the launch of Print@Kodak, the company's new Internet photofinishing service. The service will provide print fulfillment for a variety of customers including leading photo-sharing sites and software manufacturers. The first Print@Kodak customers include ememories.com, MyFamily.com, NUWAVE Technologies, PhotoAccess.com, PhotoPoint.com, PicServe.com, Snapfish.com and Weave Innovations.

With these agreements and the availability of the service at kodak.com, Kodak will provide print fulfillment for the millions of photos stored and shared through Print@Kodak customer sites and applications, creating a new revenue stream for the company.

"Snapfish customers have high expectations for quality and service for both film-based and digital consumer photography, so Kodak is a perfect partner for Snapfish,'' said Rajil Kapoor, chairman, CEO and co-founder of Snapfish. "The Print@Kodak service provides our customers the quality and reliability that comes with the Kodak brand.''

Reinforcing Kodak's strategy to deliver a complete set of high-quality digital services for the burgeoning Internet photography industry, these agreements give Kodak a stronghold in the U.S. market for online photofinishing, an industry expected to reach $1.4 billion in annual sales by 2003, according to InfoTrends Research Group.

"Kodak is poised to capitalize on this growth through the breadth, scope and scale of its photofinishing infrastructure, which has the capacity to print nearly 40 million pictures per day,'' said Kristy Holch, principal, InfoTrends Research Group.

Powered by the latest Kodak technologies and Kodak's industry-leading photofinishing capabilities, Print@Kodak will provide high-quality prints from digital files along with customized e-commerce solutions designed to meet customers' needs.

"We're pleased to be adding Print@Kodak to PhotoPoint.com's digital print offerings,'' noted Ed Bernstein, CEO of PhotoPoint Corporation. "As the Internet's top-visited photo-sharing community, millions of members and visitors use our service to make prints of their favorite online photos. By including the Print@Kodak offering, we're providing additional value and giving consumers the chance to order high-quality prints from the most recognized and trusted brand in photography.''

Kodak will provide Print@Kodak customers with either a comprehensive e-commerce solution, where Kodak will handle the entire transaction, or customize the e-commerce to the customer's specific needs. Regardless of the model, Kodak will generate revenue through printing high-quality pictures for its customers. Print@Kodak customers will set their own pricing, while paying Kodak an agreed-upon fee for fulfillment.

"PhotoAccess recognizes the value that Kodak, the industry leader in photofinishing and the brand that consumers trust and believe in, adds to our own products and services,'' said Gene Wang, Chairman and CEO for PhotoAccess. "By offering a premium service option through Print@Kodak, PhotoAccess guarantees its customers the highest-quality prints and services.''

Print@Kodak Now Available at Kodak.com

Print@Kodak also will offer Internet photofinishing directly to consumers at www.kodak.com, delivering high-quality, photographic prints from digital files at affordable prices. Consumers who elect to use the service through kodak.com will pay the following prices:

In addition to a range of print sizes, the Print@Kodak service offers other photo-specialty items, such as photo mugs and other items.

"By making Print@Kodak widely available to the digital world--from software and hardware manufacturers to photo and retailer dot-coms--we can capitalize on the growing Internet photofinishing market and strengthen this new channel with Kodak's long association with pictures,'' said Willy Shih, president, Digital & Applied Imaging, and senior vice president, Eastman Kodak Company. "Print@Kodak can benefit a range of customers, not just those in the photo-sharing category.''

About Print@Kodak Customers

About Print@Kodak

Created to meet the growing market demand for high-quality photographic prints from digital files, Print@Kodak makes it easier than ever to upload, print and share high-quality prints with a simple three-step order process, convenient batch uploads, low prices and a variety of delivery options.

Powered by the latest Kodak technologies and industry-leading photofinishing capabilities, Print@Kodak provides its customers with new opportunities to capitalize on the growing digital and Internet photography market and deliver leading photofinishing services to consumers over the Internet and through emerging technologies such as connected frames and interactive television services.