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What Digital Camera - what no news?

By dpreview staff on May 30, 2000 at 04:00 GMT

It's not often that us online types get a chance to take a swipe at our printed brothers, but in an amusing twist it appears that the excellent UK publication "WHAT DIGITAL CAMERA" published my April Fools joke about Canon's new CCD in their May edition as a real rumour (Page 9)... Better still not only did they publish it but obviously didn't visit the site the next day to read the retraction (Nor credit me for any of the news.. bu then I'd expect that.. sigh).

Click here for my April Fools about Canon's CCD (April 1)

Click here for the retraction the next day (April 2)

Fooled you What Digital Camera? I think so.

The original article from May edition What Digital Camera below: