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Fuji to announce SuperCCD products at PMA2000

By dpreview staff on Jan 19, 2000 at 04:00 GMT

Fuji just popped out this interesting press release which talks about their presence at PMA 2000, amongst all the other products Fuji will be offering they do make special mention of "Fujifilms leadership in digital camera technology is once again demonstrated with the introduction of Fujifilm�s proprietary Super CCD image sensor technology, in which the unique placement of sensors results in images rich in detail and alive with vibrant colors. The company plans to make several product announcements regarding the Super CCD technology during the PMA show."

Here's the full release:

ELMSFORD, NY, January 19, 2000 – Offering a full range of innovative consumer, professional and photofinishing products and services, Fujifilm is showcasing an extensive lineup of imaging products at this year’s Photo Marketing Association Trade Show, February 3 – 6 in Las Vegas, NV. Focusing on three areas of the photo imaging business – Picture Taking, Digital Applications and Digital Printing – Fujifilm is showing how everyone can “Get the Picture with Fujifilm.”

Fujifilm will demonstrate its innovation in Picture Taking with the company’s patented Fourth Color Layer Technology found in Superia 35mm and Nexia 24mm consumer films, four new Nexia 24mm Advanced Photo System cameras, and the innovative Super CCD technology for digital cameras. Consumers and retailers will find that Fujifilm is setting the standards for quality images and products for the new millennium.

Products such as Fujifilm Digital Minilabs Frontier 370 and 350, Aladdin Picture Centers and the Aladdin DigiCam Picture Center, support Fujifilm’s commitment to Digital Applications. All of these products deliver cost-effective tools and opportunities for retailers to expand the way customers are using pictures – whether captured digitally or on film. Fujifilm’s Digital Minilabs Frontier 370 and 350 highlight the lineup with the ability to make sharp images from both silver halide and digital photography.

Digital Printing rounds out Fujifilm’s focus, with the company’s highly-acclaimed Thermo-Autochrome Technology which is featured in a variety of printers and Thermal Development and Transfer Technology as featured in Fujifilm’s award-winning Pictrography Digital Printers. Fujifilm will have live demonstrations of all their Picture Taking, Digital Applications and Digital Printing products and services on three stages at the Fujifilm PMA 2000 booth.

"At PMA 2000, Fujifilm will introduce a range of innovative consumer, professional and photofinishing products and services that emphasize connectivity," said Yasuo "George" Tanaka, President, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "Our commitment is to Total Imaging Solution, and total connectivity between all the elements of conventional and digital imaging. The Fujifilm Digital Minilabs Frontier 370 and Frontier 350 serve as the core of Fujifilm Total Imaging Solution because they accept input from a wide variety of silver halide and digital sources and output to photographic color paper, various digital media and even to the Internet. Because of this smooth connectivity of process and product, and significant breakthroughs such as Fujifilm's Super CCD image sensor technology, which will be introduced to the world at this show, more and more people will 'Get the Picture with Fujifilm’.”

“Imaging plays a significant role in people's lives – in the workplace, the home, the classroom and at moments of recreation and leisure – in all areas, Fujifilm continues to lead the way. Our products, services and technology are ready to meet the imaging needs of retailers and consumers in the 21st century," said Ted McGrath, Jr., President, Photo Imaging Group.

At the core of Fujifilm’s product line up is Fujifilm Total Imaging Solution, a fully-integrated, seamless system of connectivity that continues to provide retailers with the tools to offer higher levels of quality, speed, convenience and creativity and ultimately, build business and increase profitability. Components of Fujifilm Total Imaging Solution include the state-of-the-art Fujifilm Digital Minilabs Frontier 370 and 350, the Fujifilm Aladdin Picture Centers and Fujifilm.Net.

Frontier Digital Minilabs Link To Total Imaging Solution -- Deliver High Quality, High Speed For Digital And Silver Halide
Available now, the Fujfilm Digital Minilabs Frontier 370 and Frontier 350 utilize Fujifilm’s unique solid-state laser technology to deliver extraordinary print quality, convenience and speed for both silver halide and digital photography. The Frontiers digitize a negative or slide and quickly and easily correct any flaws in the original image. Both models provide the kind of connectivity that's become the hallmark of Fujifilm’s Total Imaging Solution. For example, by integrating the Digital Minilab Frontier 370 and Frontier 350 with the Fujifilm Aladdin Picture Centers, retailers have a cost-effective vehicle to greatly expand their service offerings with everything from traditional photofinishing to custom-designed digital output.

Fourth Color Layer Technology “Films for the 21st Century”
Fujifilm’s patented Fourth Color Layer Technology enables the film to “see” color in nearly the same way as the human eye. This improves the film’s overall color accuracy, with dramatic improvements in the green portions of the spectrum, and produces excellent results even under florescent lighting. This technology is incorporated in Fujicolor Superia 100, 200, and X-TRA 400 35mm films and Nexia D100, A200, H400 24mm films.

Superia X-TRA 400 and 800 Meet Growing Demand for Higher Speed Films
With more and more consumers moving to higher speed films, Fujifilm is making it easier for them to experience the benefits of Fujicolor 400 and 800 speed films by designating them Superia X-TRA prominently on all packaging and displays. And, the company is adding Superia X-TRA 400 and Superia X-TRA 800 2-packs to its current single roll and 4-pack configurations for even more consumer convenience.

Fujifilm Unites 24mm Advanced Photo System
Cameras Under Nexia Brand; Adds Four Models To Line

All of Fujifilm's 24mm Advanced Photo System cameras will now be united under Fujifilm’s global brand name – Nexia. And to launch the name in high style, Fujifilm is introducing four new compact 24mm Advanced Photo System cameras, bringing the Nexia line to six compact, high-quality, convenient and easy-to-use models.

The new quartet of stylish compacts is comprised of the flagship model Nexia 3100ix Z, the Nexia 320ix Z, Nexia 270ix Z and Nexia 220ix Z cameras. They join the existing 265ix Z and 20 AUTO cameras under the Nexia logo. The Nexia 3100ix Z features a 23-70mm 3x Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) Fujinon zoom lens and provides enhanced image clarity. The Nexia 320ix Z features a 23-69mm 3x Fujinon zoom lens and pop-up multi-mode auto flash. The Nexia 270ix Z boasts a sleek compact design, a 2.2x Super EBC Fujinon zoom lens, and is loaded with automatic features for “anywhere, anytime” shooting. The Nexia 220ix Z is a value-packed take-anywhere compact with a 2x zoom lens.

Fujicolor QuickSnaps With A Difference
Fujifilm is unveiling a new look for its popular line of Fujicolor QuickSnap one-time-use cameras with an updated lifestyles package design that will continue to maximize consumer interest. The company is also introducing a new look for the Fujicolor QuickSnap Waterproof 35mm one-time-use camera, with a new contoured body shape and colorful, fun packaging. Fujicolor QuickSnaps will continue to feature Fujicolor Superia X-TRA film.

Super CCD Innovation to Drive Digital Camera Lineup
Fujifilm’s leadership in digital camera technology is once again demonstrated with the introduction of Fujifilm’s proprietary Super CCD image sensor technology, in which the unique placement of sensors results in images rich in detail and alive with vibrant colors. The company plans to make several product announcements regarding the Super CCD technology during the PMA show.

Family of Aladdin Picture Centers
Fujifilm is also introducing an expanded family of Aladdin Picture Centers that not only offers new software but also, three model configurations from which to choose – the Aladdin Picture Center, with built-in Pictrography 3000, and new Aladdin Slimline Picture Center and Aladdin Countertop Picture Center. The new models are stylish space-savers that, when connected to the Fujifilm Frontier or Pictrography 3000, deliver customer-pleasing, high quality photographic prints.

The Aladdin Picture Centers take their place in the chain of connectivity, too, as they accept input from a variety of print, film and digital sources including CDs and floppy discs, allow transfer of images to Fujicolor CDs and, through connection to Fujifilm.Net, enable consumers to share photos with friends and family via the Internet. Digital photos can be uploaded to Fujifilm.Net from a variety of sources, including Fujicolor CDs and Fujifilm Digital Minilabs Frontier 370 and 350.

Consumers Get The Picture with the Aladdin DigiCam Picture Center
The new Aladdin DigiCam Picture Center is a low-cost, easy-to-use countertop system for photo retailers and dealers that provides consumers with a quick and easy way to print images captured by digital cameras. Consumers simply drop in their SmartMedia™ card or other digital media, view the desired image on a liquid crystal display and wait a mere 35 seconds for the first print and 30 seconds for each print thereafter.

Fujicolor CD Stores, Shares Digital Images
Fujicolor CD, available in the U.S. for the first time, provides consumers with the ability to easily view, edit and share images via email. Thanks to an alliance with Microsoft, the Fujicolor CD incorporates state-of-the-art Microsoft Picture It! 2000 Express software that gives consumers easy access to their images via their PCs, plus simple-to-use yet powerful image editing tools that allow users to change the size of their pictures, adjust color and brightness, correct red-eye and sharpen, warp or blur images, among other creative effects.

And the sharing has never been easier, thanks to Fujifilm's newly-redesigned online Internet photo service, Fujifilm.Net, which now boasts a powerful new navigator to speed up the loading and viewing of consumers' password-protected photos, making the process of emailing images simple, fast and flexible.

Thermo-Autochrome Printers
Fujifilm will introduce new printers that feature the company’s refined Thermo-Autochrome printing technology, an environmentally friendly single sheet process that requires no inks, toners or ribbons and is similar to the technology used in conventional photography where the dyes are formed in the paper.

Fujifilm Adds Black Titanium Model to GA645Zi Pro Line
Professional photographers rely on Fujifilm's award-winning GA645Zi Professional medium format camera, and in response to requests from these pro shooters, Fujifilm is introducing the new Black Titanium GA645Zi Professional camera which incorporates all the outstanding features and performance for which the camera is recognized.

“With all our new products and services, combined with our already vast array of state-of-the-art consumer and professional films and cameras, color paper and photofinishing equipment, supplies and services, digital cameras and printers, audio, video and computer products and more and the total connectivity between all of these elements, Fujifilm is proud to demonstrate how everyone can ‘Get the Picture with Fujifilm’ in the new millennium,” concluded McGrath.

For more information on Fujifilm products or services, please visit Fujifilm’s PMA 2000 Booth #D101.