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D# Dreamarts post low-light comparison

By dpreview staff on Aug 24, 1999 at 04:00 GMT

The Japanese magazine D# Dreamarts have published a low-light shot comparison between various cameras on their website. Cameras covered are (translated):

Sanyo DSC-X110 1/4s, F2.8
Canon Powershot A50 1/8s, F2.0
Canon Powershot A50 1s, F2.0 (night mode)
Kodak DC240Zoom 1/8s, F2.8
Olympus C900Z (D400Z) 1/2s, F2.8 (ISO 200)
Leica Digilux (Fuji MX700) 1/4s, F3.2
Olympus C1400XL (D620-L) 1/4s, F2.8
Kodak DC260 1/2s, F2.8
Kodak DC260 2s, F2.8
Canon Powershot Pro70 1/2s, F2.0
Epson CP-800 (beta machine) 1/2s, F2.4
Epson CP-800 (beta machine) 1/2s, F2.4 (ISO 400)
Olympus C2000Z 1/2s, F2.0 (ISO 400)
Olympus C2000Z 1/2s, F2.0 (ISO 100, Shutter priority)
Olympus C2000Z 2s, F2.0 (ISO 100, Shutter priority)
Nikon Coolpix 950 1s, F2.6
Nikon Coolpix 950 2s, F2.6 (Shutter priority)
Fuji MX2700 1/4s, F3.2 (ISO 120)

Links courtesy of Dreamarts