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Lightcapture: I repeat, love all your video mini reviews! Long may it last!

Thanks for your support. We'll continue to try to make them better.

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justmeMN: Sony includes 4K in their cameras, because they want to promote the sale of their 4K televisions. Camera companies that don't make televisions don't have that financial incentive.

Part of this video was shot in 4K, which allowed us to zoom-in on the footage, while retaining excellent levels of detail.

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win39: What is it with the sound? I can barely hear it with the volume turned all the way up.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1552 comments in total)
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McIro: In this review of the new Sony RX 100 m4 it is mentioned that only specific memory card can be used to be able use all of the cameras features.

Would SanDisk SDSDXPB-064G-A46 - 64GB be such a card?

I've only found 64GB capacity card to comply with SDXC. Is this correct?

That is an SDXC card rated as speed class U3, so that will allow the use of all the camera's features (other cards *work*, they just don't allow the full range of features).

There are plenty of SDXC cards around, both larger and smaller, I believe.

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Mike FL: "12.3% increase in net sales year-on-year" is almost having NO increasing "year-on-year".

Olympus reported in Yen, but Yen lost 14% "year-on-year" as seem from below:


In the other words, if Olympus is using USD for reporting, it will be "2% *decrease* in net sales year-on-year".

Yes, that's right, decreasing instead of increasing.


The point about thinking in constant currency terms is fair (it's not about reporting in dollars, it's about cancelling out the effect of currency fluctuations).

However, the 12.3% figure is for the company as a whole. The mirrorless figures of +26% by value and +25% by volume are pretty solid, even if some of the value hike comes from a weakening Yen.

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Combatmedic870: How did I miss this event in Portland?!?!? Where was this?!?

Please do, ric63.

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Combatmedic870: How did I miss this event in Portland?!?!? Where was this?!?

@ric63 - named *for* its cement (another form of Portland, Dorset reference, [according to Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland_cement)).

I only got as far as Katoomba on my trip to NSW last year, so didn't make it out to Portland.

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Combatmedic870: How did I miss this event in Portland?!?!? Where was this?!?

ric63 - Wikipedia suggests Portland, VIC is named after the 3rd Duke of Portland, his title referring to the small chunk of land off the south coast of England from which Portland, Maine takes its name.

So, interestingly, those three names all ultimately relate back to a [small peninsula](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Portland), but only one of them directly takes its name from there.

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Combatmedic870: How did I miss this event in Portland?!?!? Where was this?!?

Portland, Oregon. The one named after Portland, Maine, (on the result of a coin toss, I believe).

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On Video: Summing up our Fujifilm X-T10 Review article (16 comments in total)
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FuhTeng: Is this style of summary review replacing the neat application videos you guys did for the a6000, NX1, and others? I really enjoyed those videos.

No - both styles of video will continue in parallel.

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On Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview (448 comments in total)
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ofquiet: Isn't it weird that the X-T10 and the a6000 both scored 80%, but the Fuji got a silver award and the Sony got a gold for the exact same score?

Not really. If you read the [explanation of the scoring system](http://www.dpreview.com/articles/4416254604), you'll find out what it means.

The simplest way of to explain is that the score is calculated mainly from objective assessments of the camera. Click to compare the two cameras in the scoring widget and you'll discover that they both achieved 80% very differently.

The award is the reviewer's assessment, based on their experience of it and its peers, and focused on the kinds of photographers we believe will be looking at the camera (these expectations should be spelled out in the review).

There isn't an exact match between the two: otherwise the award would just tell you the same information with less precision. However, there is a connection: it's unlikely a low scoring camera could be so well-suited to a group of shooters that it could still get an award or that a camera that scores really highly would be considered so unsuitable by the reviewer to not get one.

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Lightcapture: The discussion got buried into the hidden structure of the comment section below (which requires one to click on the 'show more' button to see further discussion, but I think this point deserves a new and separate comment section/discussion here.

There is this slight dissing from some regarding the new fourth generation 1-inch sensor developed by Sony, so-called the "stacked sensor". Though it's clear from dpreview that general IQ from the fourth generation 1-inch Sony sensor wasn't immediately better than the previous generation sensor, I would like to encourage anyone interested to head down to Youtube, and search for thecamerastoretv. They recently published the review of the RX100iv, and somewhere starting 3 minutes into the review, Jordan (the video guy) first confirmed he didn't see immediate improvement in the IQ, but found that the stacked sensor seemed to recover underexposed shadow areas of RAW files with much less noise penalty. Any dpreview team wish to comment on that?

We haven't shot the RX100 III in our Raw DR tests but there's not a huge difference between the Mk 1 and the Mk 4, so it seems odd to think it would have gone backwards with the move to BSI.

Without knowing the exposure settings of the two images shown in that video, it's impossible to know whether there really is a difference. Any difference in exposure and, consequently, shot noise is likely to very quickly be more significant than the differences sensor-to-sensor.

It's telling that Sony has never claimed an image quality improvement between the III and IV - all the claims have been about speed and the capabilities it brings.

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On Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview (448 comments in total)
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joelakeland: DPR has been beating the dated sensor drum consistently on Fujifilm releases of late. If the rumors floating around about a Sony sensor coming in the relatively near future are true, Fujifilm cameras would be hard to keep on the shelves. That said, this camera won't have particularly good resale value when it's time to replace it with one of the new ones featuring a more capable sensor both resolution wise as well as with dynamic range.

@KonstantinosK - I think photominion is suggesting using the X-Trans colour filter array on the rumoured 'a7000' sensor *instead* of a Bayer pattern. There's no silicon-level difference between an X-Trans and a Bayer sensor, just which CFA you apply to the front.

The X-T10's Raw dynamic range results are very much what we've become used to seeing from Sony sensors and all the images Fujifilm has published of the sensors it's using have shown the characteristic wiring patterns of Sony column ADC chips, I believe.

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On Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview (448 comments in total)
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whumber: Campy Chorus on a Colnago frame? Well done DPR.

These ones do, yes.

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On Fujifilm X-T10 Review preview (448 comments in total)
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whumber: Campy Chorus on a Colnago frame? Well done DPR.

What else could I have built it with?

I tried to keep it as Italian as possible.

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Antisthenes: Quoting from the article:
"[..] Cosina does not promote the Touit, Batis, Loxia and Otus ranges of lenses, though all of these are also made in Japan."

Well, actually, Cosina /does/ promote the Otus range of lenses:


Cosina, OTOH, does /not/ promote the Touit, Batis and Loxia ranges, and it's quite possible they don't manufacture them.

AF lenses like the Touits and Batises might well be produced by other Japanese companies — e.g. Kyocera Optics who have been involved with Contax cameras and their Zeiss-branded AF and MF lenses.

Other OEM possibilities of course include Sigma, Tamron etc.

That's interesting: I couldn't find the Otus lenses on the Cosina site when I was writing the story. I'll update it.

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Martin.au: Are we sure this is for cameras, because it makes a hell of a lot more sense for microscopes?

The patent itself doesn't ever explain the context beyond pointing back to a Sony patent that is about photography.

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On Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography article (203 comments in total)
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Hugo808: I used to like the little red dot on my lenses (no, not that sort) that showed where to refocus if I was using infra-red film. Because IR has a different and non-visible wavelength, normal visible light focusing would put the pictures ever so slightly out, so we had to focus normally and then move the lens barrel to allow for the IR shift. Imagine how tricky that's going to be with today's super fast lenses!

That's going to be a neat trick to pull off in an autofocus camera, and fun to watch on the screen. How many will think their pictures are out of focus?

@Hugo808 - the whole point is that CMOS sensors can capture IR light (so long as you don't put an IR cut filter in front of them).

However, you're then trying to represent that IR light within the visible spectrum, otherwise you still wouldn't be able to see what's been captured.

Just as you can change the hue of visible light you've captured, it's up to the camera what colour it presents the IR information it's captured as (perhaps as equal red-green-blue greyscales, so that you see the IR as luminance).

This will happen in the viewfinder, just as much as in the output image. Does that make sense?

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Svetoslav Popov: Lordy, lordy, they should rather update that logo again. I can't imagine somebody taking them seriously nowadays, with a design that looks like created by a 5 year old. Especially the "a" is ridiculous and doesn't match at all. (SCNR, it's bugging me for years now...)

That's an interesting point: how much control does Kodak Alaris have over the Kodak branding or do they have to use whatever Eastman Kodak comes up with?

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1472 comments in total)
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WalkerC: "…it's still worth putting the word 'affordable' in single quotes…"

Not actually. It's a good article, but, just 'cause you said that, I might mention single quotes don't play that roll. You'd still use double quotes. Single quotes are often used for a direct quote within a direct quote.

(As for the placement of the period, it depends on your nationality. In the United States, I think now that the period always goes inside. In Canada, you attempt to judge logically whether the quote is contained within the full thought of the sentence or not.)

Helpfully, in DPR's house style, quotes are indicated by single quotes, so we essentially have no way of having quotes-within-quotes.

What I originally wrote was "still worth putting the word 'affordable' in inverted commas." But then discovered that the term isn't used in US English and is unhelpfully ambiguous as to whether it is referring to a set (opening, then closing) 'single quotes' or to a single 'double-quote' quotation mark.

As used, I was suggesting the essentially ironic single quotation marks that imply 'so-called,' or 'some might say.'

Working in a mixed US/UK English office with people who have previously worked with other house styles is a former sub-editor's idea of hell. In the nicest possible way.

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