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yehudakgtbnet: Who in the world is going to use this device?

Oh, I wasn't talking Monster cables. I have heard a lot of audiophile gear and have a decent system. Anyway if you hear the difference more power to you

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yehudakgtbnet: Who in the world is going to use this device?

Heard various brands. Can't say that it seems to make any difference to my ears

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yehudakgtbnet: Who in the world is going to use this device?

I love it when people spend up large on audiophile USB cables :)

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Naveed Akhtar: Now three options as general purpose lens on Fuji X-mount system.

This is double the weight and price of 18-55mm without OIS and with WR.

Which one you gonna chose

A) 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R OIS
+ surprisingly sharp across the range
+ well controlled CA (negligible and only in extreme corners)
+ vig (1/4 stop in extreme corners; negligible)
+ distortion (.3 to -.1)%
+ small size (70.4mm x 65mm) and weight (330g)
+ well built (plastic with metal barell and mount)
+ filter size (58mm)
+ OIS (4 stops)
+ Fast quite AF
+ great bokeh with 7 rounded blades
+ EBC coating to reduce flare and ghosting
+ reasonably priced, specially in a kit option
+ wide aperture range f/2.8 - 4
- not macro (0.08 to 0.15)x magnification
- no weather sealing

18-55 for me. It's a great and light lens. Nice match for my Xpro-1 for travel.

The new lens is almost the size of my Canon 24-70L MkII so can't see the value in having two heavy zooms.

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On Motorola Moto X (2014) camera review post (21 comments in total)
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2tnut: Nice review. When are you going to review the best android phone currently, the note 4?

I love the stylus. For me it's great for writing and practicing Chinese/Korean. I like the pen windows, sketching and scrapbooking. I don't like Samsung's bloatware but it would be difficult for me to give up the pen.

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Marty4650: I never did understand why Sony had IBIS on their DSLRs and DSLTs but not on their NEX and Alpha E cameras. So now a great camera just got better.

A very smart move by Sony.

If Sony is lucky, then Nikon and Canon aren't paying attention again.

I like Sony's innovations but in terms of sales how well are they actually doing? I had a look at the best selling changeable lens cameras on Amazon and it was dominated by Canon and Nikon (maybe I looked at the wrong figures)?

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On LensRentals looks into the Canon EF 16-35 f/4 IS article (62 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Even with a red band, half plastic...

I have no problem with the plastic. Seems well constructed

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panchoskywalker: I wish they'll come with equivalent lens for FF bodies.

When you say equivalence - you mean for dof - right? Not for calculating shutter speed?

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wellyspyder: If you were expecting a quantum leap in image quality from Canon or Nikon, then you are deluded. There will be no such an easy and frequent thing as the product has matured. Same for flat panel tv, which only gets thinner but image quality is now pretty stable with each generation.

What this camera gives Canon lens owners like myself still using xxD bodies is another choice, i.e. full frame with decent AF for sports without going to 1D bodies which weighs like a brick which I do not need.

Canon already have hook those with 5D bodies, whether you upgrade or not is irrelevant for most part.

Irrespective of what 'quantum' means, the noun 'quantum leap' usually means a sudden and/or dramatic advance (e.g. a significant technological advance).

Wellyspider's use of quantum leap in the sentence above is correct.

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