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  • My points of comparison are the 21 and the 40 Ltd's.   20-40 beats the 21 and very nearly matches the 40 but for speed.
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    No, that is not correct. I have K-3, K-30, and K-S2. The K-S2 system matches the noticeable mechanical vibration of the K-30, not the silent K-3. Notwithstanding that, the K-S2 did get some of the ...
  • The RAW+jpeg JPEGs will have the settings you had switched on when you took the picture.  Develop the corresponding RAW in-camera and change any settings, you get new jpegs with the new settings.
  • Like most manuals, the K-S2 manual says merely that these features exist, not what they are actually doing. FWIW, the manual is on-line; the camera came only with a quick guide (a step down from ...
  • Here's the K-S2's lens aberration corrections screen, showing the 5 types that each can be turned on or off during in-camera RAW development.
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    Well, as philo123 said about lens choice, AF is also not likely to be high on the list of buyers of this body. But since you also mention upgrade path, that might not be necessary for buyers of...

  • In terms of IQ, the K-30's 16mp sensor remains a viable choice.  Here's the same center crop as before, for both K-30 and K-01, followed again by the K-S2 so you can A/B compare right here.  The ...
  • My 20-40 is definitely better than my 21 in the corners. My 40Ltd might be slightly sharper but the difference is negligible. I carry neither of those primes since getting the 20-40, which ...
  • I've shot the F* with the HD TC.  The light indeed must be really good.  Anything less than bright daylight is a challenge.  I bought the DA* 300mm f4.0 as a result.
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    I did a 4-way comparison of K-01, K-30, K-3, and K-S2 with the DA35mmLtd and the 20-40Ltd.  Here are some excerpts.  All cams set similarly.  OOC, no PP.
  • The Pentax K-S2 has a rear shutter release button that lets you turn the camera on yourself (and the contextual background you presumably want to show) by holding the grip in your left hand. No...

  • Given the results I'm getting in comparing the K-S2/K-3/K-30/K-01 sensors, I'd say you are safe getting the K-S2 . . .
  • Thank you, Tom. I like the A-HDR result in some situations, not necessarily all (or even very many). I like the airport snapshot better than I do the other "normal" picture I took at the same ...
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    I am cross-checking the K-01, K-30, K-3, and K-S2 sensors today and will post some OOC's in another string shortly.
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    That's my thread on A-HDR.  My later thread is here.  Most info on K-S2's new features is in my last post in that string.
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    I think the Pentax K-S2 would stack up very well, indeed. Regarding Mark's V.'s other reply here about in-camera stabilization, DPR lists all of Pentax's lenses as "Image Stabilization: No." ...

  • Someone mentioned K-3's HDR.  K-3's menu-driven HDR is basically the same as with K-01, K-30/50, and even K-7 -- all not very good. My original intention in posting, however, will have been to ...
  • Yes, your pre-selected Custom Image setting applies to the A-HDR exposures.  You can use Custom Image "Muted," for example, and within that you can plus or minus the saturation, contrast, etc.   ...
  • Negativity is reflexive on the web.  I just try to be helpful and move along.
  • No apology necessary, Joe.  I'm just reporting what the K-S2 is doing in the A-HDR mode, since no one else has done so and some people seem to be curious about the camera before purchasing.  ...
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