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On Beatlemania Revisited in the Old Drums challenge (2 comments in total)

vintage OBP's might count as very old, but not these.

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RStyga: How is this worth releasing when the K-5 series is currently manufactured?

K-5 series is out of production.

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The Pentax FLU card does cell-phone camera operation also, and with adjustable shooting parameters.

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On DM140415_0414-ed photo in lectrolink's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

I liked this one a lot. it'is a nice "slice of life" photo.

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On A look back at the week: October 25, 2014 article (13 comments in total)

You need to set a better example, DPR. For just about any camera, this place can turn into a flame-fest pretty quickly. When YOU do it, you lend credence to troll comments. Some users like Pentax gear a lot for some very cogent reasons, and probably don't appreciate your "spoil your dinner" nonsense. Unless you can tell us what the useful takeaway is from a comment like that, I call it an insult.

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On Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection article (231 comments in total)
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Fabio Pirovano: I would test on KS1 but i'm not so happy in what i see and read.. They have one of best aesthetics never done for a DSLR like the K30 and quit for do a more classic "thing" like k50 or K500... they done one of greatest thing with K-01 named the brick(I got one amazing camera specially for the many format that can shot 16:9 included) and stop to produce... I would like a mix between K30 and K 01

I agree that the aesthetic of the K-30 was very well done. K-50 added a couple of functions (Eye-Fi compatibility, for one), but they need not have changed that edgy K-30 design. I'm happy to have the K-30 in blue version, but the K-50 120-colors marketing could have been done with the K-30.

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On Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection article (231 comments in total)
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falconeyes: This is another tough but not final exercise in Shaolin monk style patience -- to eventually become a true Pentaxian. Only few prevail ...

I understand. I truly do. Perhaps I am almost there . . .

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On Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection article (231 comments in total)
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sleibson: Ooooh, these are so purty. Kidding aside, there's method to Pentax's madness here. A marketing maxim is not to give a prospect a "yes/no" choice but a "which one do you like best" choice. It works every single day for cars. It will work for cameras. It won't work for the majority of DPR readers, who worry bout how many angelic shadows can dance on the darkened head of a pixel, but it will work for the much larger audience concerned with "Teal is my favorite color! I'm a San Jose Sharks fan." This is the same audience that will never augment the camera with a second lens. The kit lens is fine, thank you very much.

Actually, cars is a good comparison when it comes to color. Having not bought a new car in some years but looking for one now, I'm finding a plethora of colors and trims that seems to make no sense at all to me, but yet they exist because some marketing decider does the math and it works.

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On Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection article (231 comments in total)

Depending on the manufacturing set-up, these color approaches Pentax is taking might be highly cost effective. First, these colored external case parts are definitely the least critical and likely the least expensive parts to make once the molds are produced, as they already are. Just pour in different colors for short runs. They probably are not making 10,000 "strawberry cake" copies, and then waiting to sell them, but rather making a small initial batch followed by incremental orders. All in the interest of making some ongoing profit while more serious products needing more up-front work are developed. That said, I might have called these "High Key" rather than sweets. And though I've not handled one yet, I'm guessing that K-S1 is robust like the usual Pentax bodies regardless of how it look on the outside

I've seen nothing yet on the performance of the 20m sensor, but I will hazard that it is worthy competition.

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On High Flyer? DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone Review article (180 comments in total)

At least one news report said it was a Phantom that someone crashed to the sidewalk in Manhattan from about 300 feet, nearly hitting a pedestrian. That could have been a serious injury with a justifiable lawsuit to follow.

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article (346 comments in total)
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crowneagle: I just wondering if the fact that the KS1 is going to be able to use the Flucard makes a difference when it comes to price. I don't believe the k-50 has that capability.

K-50 can use Eye-Fi cards. FLU, I don't think so.

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Peiasdf: That camera looks good. Way better than any non-black Pentax.

How so? How so "way," specifically?

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"Easily combine Facebook Cover and Profile photos with text and graphics to create an integrated layout that's sure to get noticed."

I've been doing that "manually" for years, but Facebook is very obviously actually trying to make that more difficult. And at any moment, Facebook could change its layouts and render any Elements tricks useless.

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)
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FinDERP: Where is the MF camera?!?!

I LITERALLY only clicked this article to ogle that thing, and you couldn't be bothered to show the single best thing on the stand? WTF dpr

The Nikon report was "updated." This one could be updated as well.

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)

First view of an all-black WG-M1. Might be a good hip-shot stealth stills camera.

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)
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CatsAreFineArt: "And yes, we'll bring a polarizing filter next time."

Couldn't manage to find one at the largest photo show in the world? I thought I had it rough in the suburbs.

shooting with some snazzy mirrorless with no filter threads, is my guess . . .

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)

A spare but fair (i.e., not gratuitously snarky) report. DPR could only mention what Ricoh brought to the event, so it is what it is. My only observation would be on the point "As with all Pentax DSLRs, [theK-S1] optical viewfinder is very large for its price range." Since all Pentax DSLR viewfinders are still high-quality pentaprisms, even the entry-level OVF's are better than most viewfinders from other makers, in any price range. Viewfinder quality resonates somewhat with mention that DPR forgot a polarizer to eliminate glass case reflections (oops!). One of the finer qualities of those nice, bright Pentax viewfinders is the ability to dial in polarization quickly and precisely (when you don't forget the filter). Not just inability to see most mirrorless screens in bright sunlight, but the added difficulty of clearly seeing polarization remains a big drawback to mirrorless, IMHO.

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article (346 comments in total)
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Mr Darma: I'm inclined to believe that this will go the way of the K-01 (which was a much better camera than it's fate). As a dedicated lifelong Pentax shooter with 5 bodies and 30 lenses, I gave up on APS-C and am back shooting film on my MZ-S, PZ1-p and ZX-5n.....patiently waiting for the much rumored and perhaps never to happen full frame K-1. I wish the effort by Ricoh/Pentax had been directed thus rather than on this blingy little thing.

I was a big fan of MZ-S, PZ-1p, and ZX-5n also, especially the PZ-1p, which I think introduced the hyper-program/green button that has been with us ever since. I've never found the Pentax UI bettered by anyone. It may be that Pentax decided to be King of the Hill in APS-C, and with the K-5 series and now the K-3 they accomplished that. Engaging in the full frame battle against canikon would have been too much to shoot for given a somewhat troubled history of takeovers. The other products - K-01, Q-series, 645, K-S1 - demonstrate ongoing diversity and desire to innovate. Q-series and 645 have both been successful, and K-S1 might prove to be successful if the sensor rocks. All of these things seem like a smart long-term strategy to me. The Pentax engineers have made some exceptional, innovative, really nice stuff over the decades. I think they're not done yet, despite the comical doomsayers.

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On Ricoh surfs into action camera market with WG-M1 article (108 comments in total)

Ricoh is aiming for that segment of the action camera market that couldn't care less about every top-end specification possible. There are plenty of Youtube hero wannabes to go around for several makers; that fact is patently obvious from a few minutes on Youtube, and the idea that everyone in world is looking 24/7 to produce a film festival winner is silly. Everyone here who has declaimed the WG-M1 as a product of failed imagination have themselves failed to imagine that Ricoh has targeted the market carefully and has likely hit a sweet spot.

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article (346 comments in total)
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robbo d: Yet another tilt towards coloured and out of left field camera's for Pentax.....which is an understanding of their market strengths. Spec wise pretty good compared to the opposition..... so for all the uninformed out there, watch this space as it does well turning even more profit for Pentax.

But dear GOD.... please DPR........ DONT review this camera... can see it now, full of silly, snarkey, uninformed comments by reviewers stuck in a Canikonony space warp and no understanding of Pentax's market.
I'll read proper reviews from unbiased other sites thanks....... it's not a product for you to review.

I'll second the idea that DPR simply does not understand Pentax - and not just the market Pentax aims for, but Pentax's quite fluid user interface - well enough to do a review that doesn't contain irrelevant snarks. Sometimes DPR's review comments on Pentax sound like the trolls themselves.

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