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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article (555 comments in total)
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MacroBokeh: I will buy this camera, and when it arrives..I will cuddle it, sleep with it in my bed, take care of it, bring it everywhere..

@ jpino79 - "Haha, it's time to implement a Tamagotchi game into a Pentax body." You're absolutely right. Can we borrow the one running in your head?

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article (555 comments in total)
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yesman12: When I see innovation like this, it confirms the reason I went with In Body Image Stabilization... Much more innovative and extensible than In Lens. And all the noise around In Lens being better is probably a wash at this point. In lens is a hold over from film era. Look what In Body can give you....

- Image stabilization on all lenses.
- Tilt shift function on all lenses up to a few degrees.
- Astrotracer in body equatorial mount (and I have used it)
- Macro adjustment
- Configurable aniti- Alias filtering
- And now increased resolution (I am sure off tripod will follow).

Where as In Lens only provides IS on a given lens. That is it.

Rotation is not tilt. Tilt would be pitch if we were talking about aircraft. The sensor doesn't do that.

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II article (555 comments in total)

Another Pentax, like the K-S2, with an exceptionally accessible opening price point for a excellent feature set. Rugged stuff, too. The advertised claim "the K-3 II also functions at temperatures as low is -10C/+14F" is probably an understatement. I've used the K-3 at minus 8F with no problems.

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On Nikon D5500 Review preview (326 comments in total)
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tom1234567: pentax ks2 far better buy

Well, as philo123 said about lens choice, AF is also not likely to be high on the list of buyers of this body. But since you also mention upgrade path, that might not be necessary for buyers of the Pentax K-S2, which has enough features (more than this Nikon) that upgrade won't be needed. With regard to aforementioned AF, the K-S2 has the Pentax flagship K-3's AF ability down to EV-3, and this was not the only item that K-S2 got from the higher tier model. From the likely buyers, I can easily see needing to upgrade out of this Nikon, but not from the Pentax K-S2.

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On DPReview Recommends: Selfie-Sticks article (137 comments in total)

The Pentax K-S2 has a rear shutter release button that lets you turn the camera on yourself (and the contextual background you presumably want to show) by holding the grip in your left hand. No selfie stick needed. Given the number of places that are disallowing sticks, and places like airports where a stick might open a conversation between you and a security guard, its a brilliant solution. And oh yes: this feature merely happens to be a bonus on top of other excellent specifications. The button is otherwise the wi-fi activation.

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On Nikon D5500 Review preview (326 comments in total)
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Andreas Stuebs: I would have liked to see how this camera stacks up against the Pentax KS2.They cost approximately the same in Germany.

I think the Pentax K-S2 would stack up very well, indeed. Regarding Mark's V.'s other reply here about in-camera stabilization, DPR lists all of Pentax's lenses as "Image Stabilization: No." That's strictly true, but it's also misleading because it's not applicable. Pentax has stabilization in all of its camera bodies by way of sensor shift, a technology that Pentax was first to apply to AA filtering. The K-S2 now uses this technology to provide two degrees of AA adjustment (plus off).

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jmgir: I like this image.

That's very true -- a lot of the time, one just needs to be out there with the camera. Thanks. again.

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jmgir: I like this image.

Thank you. It was 5 degrees above zero and getting dark after a long day hiking with a heavy pack. I wanted to get back inside the lodge and get some food, but I came across this scene and stayed out in the cold another 40 minutes waiting for the bison to get into a good spot between me and Old Faithful. It was actually quite grueling to get this image, and right at the verge of useful daylight. My shots from just 5 minutes later are not useable.

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Pentax already has an active mirrorless line -- the interchangeable lens Q series. Were they to add an entirely new mirrorless design to their development plans, they would be adding a fifth active program to the already existing 645Z, APS-C, the upcoming full frame, and the Q-series (not to mention the Pentax/Ricoh rugged-compacts line (WG-M1, etc.)). I think they are doing a commendably wide range of work already. The fact that they can make unquestionably top-notch cameras is clear with the 645Z and K-3 (as was true with the K-5 series), and the feature set/price ratio with the new K-S2 is remarkable. I'm sure the FF will be an excellent platform.

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On CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 article (195 comments in total)

You miss the disco lights? I thought you hated them.

DPR's consistent backhanded digs at Pentax probably encourage the other trolls to follow suite. It seems unprofessional to me, at the very least, especially since they've been reminded of it. There is nothing fresh here about the camera not figured out by others days ago. The one piece of actual news that DPR could have conveyed (about the battery compartment) wasn't mentioned or pictured. I have no interest in the reviewer's mere opinion as to color schemes or something else entirely unspecified about the LCD rotating that apparently irritates him. As for the childish fixation on the K-S1's blinking lights, I'm reminded of nothing so much as New York Times' Gail Collins' fixation on Mitt Romney strapping the family dog on the roof of the car on a drive to Canada. Get over it. This camera is going to sell very well, but for me it won't be a click-through from here to Amazon.

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Using AAA batteries, this compact, tilting flash is fantastic for the Q-series. Bravo, Pentax!

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drummercam: Market release, late 2015. DPR review thereof, late 2017 . . . as part of a "round-up." It's Pentax.

Barney, I'm very happy Pentax still is strong enough to develop another new camera. But elsewhere someone here says "Pentax News? On DPR?" And the long wait for the K-3 review (which DPR eventually explained) frustrated many in the Pentax SLR forum. So the impression that Pentax doesn't get the recognition it deserves is real. That Pentax has been a scrappy survivor capable of building very robust, feature-rich cameras and excellent lenses would seem to beg for a kinder nod when they do something notable. Pentax gets some attention here, for which I thank you, but the occasional design error (K-S1 LEDs, K-50 121 colors, K-01 anything (except actual IQ)) seems over-magnified and unnecessary, because all of those are benign faults unconnected to what the cameras can do. I'm going to guess from your interest here that this new model will be of great interest to DPR when it arrives in its mechanical flesh rather than as a 3D print, and that it will receive a fair hearing. Thanks.

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ChristianRock: This is what we have been waiting for, for years :) I think Pentax does it right in terms of giving their customers a well thought out tool that is a pleasure to use and gives great results.
It's too bad that this took so long, if Pentax hadn't been taken over by Hoya in the 2000s and almost shut down by them, they would be much further ahead in the game at this point. Ricoh saved not just the brand but the Pentax way of doing things - out of the box yet friendly :)

I agree that the Hoya days might have been an unfortunate period. Hard to say with no insider knowledge. I do think, however, that the old Pentax ethic and heritage survives in those employees of Ricoh's Pentax division who weathered all of the storms, and good for them. They are still very capable of making excellent cameras and lenses. More power to them.

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Market release, late 2015. DPR review thereof, late 2017 . . . as part of a "round-up." It's Pentax.

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drummercam: Save $1,400 and get a Pentax K-3. Use the $1,400 to get two, or nearly three, of the Pentax HD DA Limited lenses.

I'm sure that most people, not just some, care about all of those things, Howie. But some of them also care about the $1,400 difference in price, too, which was my original point. But since you brought the other issues up . . . as for the viewfinder, Pentax uses Pentaprisms in all of its bodies, so you'll not find a maker more dedicated to nice viewfinders. D-750 has a pentaprism also, but many Nikons don't, and they appear to need a price bump to provide one. The K-3 is more than competitive in that department. Also, The Pentax Limited lenses and some of their DA* lenses hold their own with any maker, including Zeiss, with the caveat that Pentax does trade compactness for speed. But Pentax also trades you real bang for the buck, too, which remains my point.

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drummercam: Save $1,400 and get a Pentax K-3. Use the $1,400 to get two, or nearly three, of the Pentax HD DA Limited lenses.

Uh, yeah, I know, there Conrad, and I think that's just fine.

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Save $1,400 and get a Pentax K-3. Use the $1,400 to get two, or nearly three, of the Pentax HD DA Limited lenses.

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On Beatlemania Revisited in the Old Drums challenge (2 comments in total)

vintage OBP's might count as very old, but not these.

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RStyga: How is this worth releasing when the K-5 series is currently manufactured?

K-5 series is out of production.

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The Pentax FLU card does cell-phone camera operation also, and with adjustable shooting parameters.

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