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French, Irish & Portuguese.
- Old Navy.
- An "Old Fart" whose a "Kid" at heart.
- Old Flyer / Reluctant Airport Bum.
- Student Chuter
- Vagabond Vanman
- Dreamer of the Past.
- Realist of the Present
- Little Hope of the Future
- Retired.
- Resigned.

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  • I bought the SX on an "emergency basis" (I'm a NIKON guy, after all) at a Walmart in Olympia, Wa. I forgot to bring my P-510 to shoot the "great Pumpkin" (an enclosed 7X12 cargo trailer) that I was...

  • - already have a Hero2, and I'm happy with it. Seems like GoPro is competing with Nikon for the position of "King Of The Up-Sell".

  • Commented on Nikon Df Review preview

    Absolute statements are NEVER absolute. SOME classic re-mades are a classic SUCCESS!

  • Commented on Nikon D610 preview

    ........ personally - I think you got luck, and didn't get a "leaker" !!!

  • Commented on Nikon D610 preview

    I feel your pain - although not 18K worth.

    I have a D70 (with the original firmware) since 2005, and it has, so far, performed flawlessly (and my recent Nikon 1 seems to be following suit). The...

  • Commented on Nikon D610 preview

    After reading these comments, coupled with my own outrageously bad experiences with the Coolpix S9100, and the D3000, I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer purchase ANY Nikon...

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    "Friends": I'm an "SLR" kinda guy; and in my younger days, would prance around with all that "bling", impressing everyone with all the stuff i didn't know.
     Now, in a "post 9-11" world, people (for the most part) are rather skittish when they see a photographer wielding the "big guns" (which back in my day was a flash-equipped Speed Graphic, and a satchel full of film holders and flash bulbs). 
     For me, this little Nikon 1 can easily deliver professional quality photos with a minimum of "dial turning and meter watching". If it had arms and legs, I'd be out of a "job" :P
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    Entrance to Brown's Landing: This is a 180 degree "Easy Panoramic" shot from the Nikon S9100 P&S camera. This is probably the best feature of the camera. The focusing glitch this camera possesses seems to disappear when in the "Panorama" mode.
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    The "Neighborhood": I live on an old 32 foot Tollycraft boat at a marina along the Multnomah Channel, which is an off-shoot from the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. This is my neighbor across the dock. This old fella is a "work in progress".
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    Sunrise at the Yard: This is Union Pacific's switching yard in Portland, Oregon. They have a 150,000 gallon POL storage tank to fuel the locomotives. My company took as many as five loads a day down there. That's going through 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel - in one day.
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    Good to the Last Drop: "Topping off" the Unleaded fill at a Shell station in Portland, Oregon.
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    Waiting to Get In: One of the nice things about delivering gas at night is the lack of traffic - unless the cops want to muck it up. Shot from the dash of my Freightliner truck, I'm "parked" in the center "left turn" lane on Sandy Blvd., waiting for the cop cars to clear so I can make the wide swing into the Pacific Pride station to make my delivery. Note the ever present rain drops that permeate the Pacific Northwest for 10 months out of the year.
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    NIGHT DELIVERY: Seventy five feet long, eight axles, grossing out at 104,600 pounds while hauling 11,400 gallons of gasoline. This "Freddie's" is along the Oregon coast in Warrenton, just south of Astoria. Deliveries are WAY less stressful, when everyone's at home snoozing.
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    Portland Sunrise: ..... at the Shell station across from the River City Bicycle Shop. If you zoom in on the centerpost of the parked Prius, you can see my reflection in front of the trailer (an "inconvenient selfie"}.
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    "MOM ~ DAD   .....   I'M GOING TO THE MAULE": This is a picture of a MAULE M7 Rocket - a fabric covered, high wing, conventional geared (tailwheel, instead of nosewheel) airplane that is STOL (Short Takeoff & Landing) capable. Under the right conditions, it can leap into the air in 200 feet.
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    MORNING FLIGHT: NWAAC {NorthWest Antique Airplane Club} rebuilt an old "basketcase" 1946 Taylorcraft airplane, and sold it a year later for 18 thousand dollars.The "average Joe" could afford to buy this airplane today; BUT, due to ridiculously high maintenance, insurance and fuel costs, the "average Joe" would quickly become bankrupt. "Average Joe" boat owners have the same dilemma, minus the regulatory mandates of an FAA {the Federation to Abolish Airplanes} ....
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    "SHORT FINAL": An old, gutted King Air 90 shooting touch & go's at the local airport. No longer the "executive transport", this airplane hauls package freight for a living now (inclusing cancelled checks - maybe}.
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    Oregon Summer: Shooting out the window of the local pizza parlor, while waiting on my pie and sipping wine.
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