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  • Great review....but it was released about 7 months ago and as such, a bit late to matter.

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    It seems to be a badge of honour with some.  I'll do a weekend in the bush somewhere with a group, some digital and some film photographers...and some of us using both.  If you ask the digital ...
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    I'm shocked that he would think that market is the deciding factors to quality.  If it was, then cell phones are the best cameras.  MP3 is the highest quality audio format.  JPG is the highest ...
  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Review preview

    I find the 16mp xtrans sensor resolves as much as the 18mp Canon sensor....nothing about this is 12mp. Not quite sure what you are looking at.

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    LMAO.  I can't tell without knowing the sales figures...LOL.
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    I guess he only eats at McDonald's as they have the highest numbers.  Talk about a race to the bottom...LOL.
  • I've never used one myself. I've used a Yachica Mat 124G and Mamiya C33....but. Rollei is the gem!
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    +1 as well for medium format or 4x5.
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    Spray and pray is rarely a strategy employed by film users m:-D
  • My X-Pro1 easily out resolves my old D700.  Must be the processing and software.
  • I've found a lot of the digital only shooters seem fixated on sharpness as opposed to tonality and the general feel of the photo.
  • It appears his own samples prove him wrong on the blown highlights and also the film grain issue.  It also appears he is alone in his opinion here.  I think it was pretty obvious he was just trolling.
  • Beautiful camera.
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    Makes my black one seem so boring
  • The histogram extends off the right...and you can clearly see the whites blown out. Texture in the dres vanishes. It appears your eyes have some issues.....and some biases you are struggling with. ...
  • I stopped at the first one with the typical old blown highlighs in the dress.  About as unfilmli,e as one can get
  • I'd say both look horrible and nothing like film....or even a well processed digital file.  Sorry CP But for fun, I'll be the contrarian and say #2 is film.  At least on my iphone
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    Actually, it does. The larger tonal range you have to work with, the more accurate each portion of that range is. That is the most basic in knowledge. I suggest you read up on the topic and how it ...
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    Your focus point is different. That is why the DOF shows the D800 ears to be OOF more than in the Canon shot. Seriously, it is painfully obvious that this is DOF. I got better eyes brows wide open ...
  • As he appear to be a Pentax user only posting in the Pentax forum, what makes you think he is trolling?  Trying to insult his own brand?  Rather odd.
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