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silentstorm: What kind of standards is CEA upholding???

Last i studied form my text books, 4k resolution is referred to horizontal resolution having 4000 or more pixels. 4096 is what i understood from Zeiss research decades ago.

Why is 3840 consider 4k resolution????? So that makes 1920x1080 a 2k video standard too??? WHAT A JOKE!!!!

Is our standards getting lower?? Or did someone goofed?

err no actually, 1920x1080 is "2k" in digital cinematography. "4k" has previously been described quite routinely as anything which exceeds 4k horizontal pixels. Yes, 3840 is twice the horizontal resolution as 1080p, which does simplify many aspects.
By the way, its a shame GoPro can get away with claiming their new camera is "4k" when actually it only shoots 15fps...but frame rates are another discussion I guess...

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (712 comments in total)

VAT, guys! Whilst I sympathise with the initial reaction, most of these posts about "rip-off Britain" miss out that you HAVE to pay £260 VAT on top of the £1300 you would have to pay in the US. (and by the way, if you import it/bring it through customs without paying the VAT you are breaking the law...).
Also what about the need for a longer EU warranty? Minimum two years I seem to recall - what do you get as a default in the USA? I also seem to remember that some aspect of a US warranty won't be valid in the UK if you "grey import". Someone will surely enlighten me...

So Jessops are still charging a £400 premium, which is an issue, but maybe there is some justification underneath it all...

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