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  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    This question pops up after almost every review, so DPreview answered your question already many times.

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    No, scoring and award are two independent ratings. The Silver might be meaningless to you if your Canon bodies are Gold for you, maybe for DPreview they aren't.

  • In his other video he shows the PDAF, but he'd better go with a smaller box, if that is possible?
  • Replied in A7ii S-AF test
    That looks like CDAF to me. What makes it also difficult, he focusses on horizontal lines or surfaces without contrast, nothing the CDAF can lock on. Once you know how to use the CDAF (I have the ...
  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    Silver award means that that it's still lacking in one or more departments.

    Canon 7DII, overall a great camera but when it comes to the sensor, one very important part of the camera, it's...

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    They celebrate their "superior sensors" and see impossible...

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    It's not dpreviews fault that Canon stopped developing cameras...

  • This thread is about a firmware update for a Leica camera.
    Why do you even come up with things you don't like about other cameras again again and again without anyone asking about it. It's so...

  • Fair enough, but seriously, who wants to fiddle with a stylus?

  • H:

    Seriously, who cares?

  • Note 4? Thought that's a tablet with phone app and "innovative" stylus control from 1995?

  • Mr RAW :)

    Still waiting for your samples of the uncompressed raw "problems" as well as "only middling" A7s high ISO performance :)

    I'll take jpegs ;)

  • Mr RAW :)

    Still waiting for your samples of the uncompressed raw "problems" as well as "only middling" A7s high ISO performance.

    I'll take jpegs ;)

  • After 4 generation of iPhones I'm now actually using this Z3 compact. It's a nice hardware, but hey, this ad sponsored crappy android is the last thing I wanted to have on my phone. It's an ...
  • omg dark noob again...

    Okay next year let's just have the Nikon 1 together with the Sony A7 in one "dark noob full frame" group. Interesting...

  • Endless click producing roundups. Seriously, who cares? These lists simply made Dpreview less credible to me...

  • @ canon shooter

    Ever heard of "click to flash" or something? Together with Adblock it's a new internet experience, one where you can choose what happens.

  • Tell that to some people here. Sony has a compressed RAW format and lots of people keep whining about it as if was a 64kbits/s lame codec MP3 compression from 1995.
    They love their uncompressed...

  • Second reason why I can't vote

  • What if one doesn't like plastic-rubber-lenses? No FE 55? No FE16-35?

    Poor choice, can't even vote.

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