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Just imagine : someone posted that image on the Portrait and People Photography forum and asked for help, my first portrait, need advise.

Not bad for the first time.
Washed out
Over exposed
Flat lighting
boring poses
just keep practicing

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Poweruser: "Faster AF with adapted lenses"...? I dont get it. The LAEA4 Adapter comes with its own AF system. And other lenses than A-mount will not AF on the a7. So what is the article talking about? Better performance with the LAEA3 adapter? If thats the case, why not write exactly that?

There is no AF adapter for Nikon, even a single one, unless I slept too long.

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surlezi: Beautiful images Rishi.

However I'm very surprised with 1C3A3915-Edit.jpg . The first with the blonde model.
It's very posterized and grainy; it can't be a 200 ISO picture, can it ?

It is 200 ISO pushed 6 stops, so equal to 12800 in best sensors, and 51200 ISO for Canon sensors, just my guessing .
The shot probably exposed for the bright sun light and pushed many stops to lighten the shadows.

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Nick932: I loved and miss my D800e. Due to lack of image stabilisation, mirror slap and curtain movement it was impossible to get a clean sharp low light image. I wonder if this is possible with this camera.

No, not possible, just wait for a better camera
But I remember I did one sharp picture with D800

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On article Second time lucky? A closer look at Sony's new RX1R II (640 comments in total)

So it is the same price as aR7 II , but you get a free lens, also you will stuck with one lens, I think it is a little bit smaller also.
It is a high end compact camera for deep pockets ($4500 in Canada after taxes)

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I know this is like religion, no logic will help, but I ask photographers to do a simple thing, download the picture of the flag that has no shadow, then open photoshop, then file, open as, camera raw
Now move the exposure slide all the way to the right, you will see clearly that the flag was been selected,then pasted as a perfect rectangle shape, then they darkened the extra areas or brushed or whatever to blend it to the rest of the picture, but unfortunately they forgot to make shadow for the flag on the earth(studio or moon) , and don't forget, this is after 2 million times of editing so that they don't leave any signs of mistakes,so how do you want me to accept the rest of their lies?
The flag has been added later to another picture that also been faked in studio .

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jaykumarr: I will never behave like such a paparazzi. It is unacceptable, serious security problem and dangerous for the baby. But,
As an Indian, I envy they are able to rob innocent masses of India, charge 48% as tax from Indian farmers and take everything to Britain without spending a penny in India. I envy no other country questioned them. I envy they could setup Gandhi as a shield from patriotic freedom fighters. I envy how they used Gandhi to send Indian soldiers to fight and die against Germans. I envy how they sucked bloods of farmers of every nation, how they killed 500 harmless people in and praised Reginald Edward Harry Dyer as a war hero, but they could portray Hitler as daemon. I envy the British royal family people are bald except for prince George. I envy they have become more searched family after alleged killing of princes Diana. I envy British papers didn't care about them while they cared about hair style of Beckham.

You are right Tim,this a photography site, but believe me most nations died silently and the majority of people don'e know anything about them, all I want to do is to pay attention of humanity to stop killing each other, this planet is big enough for all of us without greed, and saving the rest of those people that white people stole their land and killed all of them (I heard from some Indian leaders 60 million from Canada and 150 million in US been killed) and the rest of them (only half million left) are dyeing very fast, please leave them to live normally like those healthy kids in the picture, saving one life is more important to me than all my hobbies and cameras, to be more clear, there is a secret war still going on against those poor people, that is why they are all sick, there is no healthy single person among them, they do't live more than 45yrs, do something to protect them instead of defensing a photographic site, and I am sure Dpreview will be happy also.

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TimT999: How disappointing. The article brings up a valid point, that paparazzi will do a bunch of creepy things to get pictures. And any photographer who takes people pictures is impacted by this issue because more and more people get overly defensive if a camera is around.

So that's the issue. But 90% of the comments here are about whether the British Royal Family is the scum of the earth or not. Use your brains people. Think about the deeper issue instead of giving us a knee-jerk response that says nothing about photography and isn't even insightful about the Windsors.

Why you are so angry Tim, people are saying their opinion and you can do that also, but thank you anyway for teaching ignorant people what to say, and here is my comment :

Long live Queen.
Oh sorry, did I say something bad?
Anybody knows why the life span of aboriginal people in Canada and Australia is only 45 years? you will know the answer Tim after 100 years, but that will be too late, when no one of them is left, I think you just heard the story of 150,000 of their children than been taken from their families and tortured and killed at least 6000 of them in residential schools (churches) , do you want the rest of them to die silently? sure , they will not complain anymore, to make her live longer.
Oh my God, is it a nightmare, or I am really living in this world?

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If I use my brain : 20MP is better than 16MP
But when I use my eyes, The Olympus 16mp has more detail, less noise in any settings, GPEG or RAW in any ISO.
The new 20MP looks like an old 12MP upsized in a bad software to 20MP.
Sorry if what my eyes tell me is different than what you expect from a new sensor.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Sarnim Dean (36 comments in total)

Art of photography is dyeing, as many other arts, thanks for showcasing those beautiful images.

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(You can pick up the ME20F-SH this December for $30,000)
No I can't, may be next, or next next nxt nx December.

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On article Adobe Camera Raw 9.1.1 now available (32 comments in total)

Yes, I downloaded the new Camera Raw and processed some RAW files from the new Sony A7r II, it works with no problem, but I didn't like the files, I don't know if it is from the photographer or the camera, it is too soon to know for certain.

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EarthSmiles: At the beginning of the Iraq war, our local newspaper printed a section called, "Portraits of Valor." It featured the stories and portraits of U.S. soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq. The stories were often the same. The deceased were 21- or 22-years old who volunteered to defend their country after the 9/11 attack. Instead they were diverted to Iraq for lies, Halliburton/KBR oil profits, and Bush "family pride." Hence the negative response to these portraits of evil. Both Bush and Cheney should be staring at the inside wall of a federal penitentiary. You could say that since this is a photography forum we should confine our comments to photo technique, but the subject is so charged and polarized that is hardly possible. The damage these men did with their lies continues to unfold on a daily basis.

We, Iraqian people, and you, US people, and all other nations has learned many good things, almost everyone from different countries and backgrounds agree on the same subject.
But unfortunately this knowledge took one generation to add up and become facts, for the next generation they will repeat the same lie, I don't mean US, but anyone with power and greed,we were victims, so please let help next generations,how? it is not about Dick, or Hitler or Saddam, it is all about misusing humans pure nature to do evil deeds,I am quite sure that the majority of all nations are good people, and Dicks are always very few, so when they want to destroy a nation they don't tell you (lets go and destroy them because they are nice people, and we are evil) because as I said the majority are pure and don't accept that, so they misuse our good side, they tell you (lets go and destroy that nation because they are evil, terrorist, danger)so what is the answer?in short their is no evil nation,be aware

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I am really sad about the 3000 victims, they where from all kinds of background (except one).
But no one talking about 1,000,000 victims from Iraq, my country, and turning it to most dangerous country on the planet , to the moment.
the most stupid thing is to say Saddam was supporting Usama, but the reality was Saddam was hanging anyone who even say a good word about them, Saddam was bad, but his relation with Alqaida is a stupid jock.
So why you attacked Iraq? No body knows to my knowledge
What was the relation between Afghanistan and Iraq?
Now just recently, according to agreements between western countries and Turkey, they started attacking Kurdish troops, the only nation on the planet that really fighting Isis? do you believe that?why?the same old reason, to make Isis live longer, and sell more weapons.
Just to add, the real reason about Afghanistan war was the shortage of drugs to America, according to a report from UN just a few days before the attack, Taliban destroyed it 100%.

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Civil society organizations should work hard to force government to remove those ugly masses that block their vision and cause color pollution, or someday those greedy people will mount a meter on your nose and charge you monthly for the amount of the polluted air you breathed, I am sure if that happens your reaction will not be different than what I read here. all pre-programed and ready to milk.

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bakhtyar kurdi: I think using a 28mm prime, one step back you have 24mm, one step forward you have 35mm is a better idea, still useful for some.
What I really looking for is a high end 16-80 f5.6 VR full frame for landscape to replace two zooms, 14-24 and 24-70 , because I use it anyway from f8-f13.

Why you are joking and mocking? who is Sigma? are they Gods?
Pay them money and they make you whatever you ask,like a Pizza store, that simple.
Carl Zeiss made only one copy of this lens special order:
Or you are laughing at me because you think I am a poor man? what is wrong with you?

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I think using a 28mm prime, one step back you have 24mm, one step forward you have 35mm is a better idea, still useful for some.
What I really looking for is a high end 16-80 f5.6 VR full frame for landscape to replace two zooms, 14-24 and 24-70 , because I use it anyway from f8-f13.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (267 comments in total)

I thing they are planing to export this camera to 6 hands aliens in galaxy 13.

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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1119 comments in total)
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bovverwonder: I just sold my Canon FF the same day the Sony A7R II was announced. I was sold that quick! I also shoot with Oly EM5 mk2 and Fuji XT1 (which I both love!) so I'm familiar with mirrorless. I was a Canon fanboy (heavily invested) and so are millions of shooters but I saw the light and had to get out of my comfort zone. Going to sell the remaining of all my L lenses/speedlights to fund the A7RII and a few Sony lenses. Bye bye Canon, hello mirrorless - it's the future!

Why you sell your excellent Canon lenses and buy overpriced limited Sony lenses? If I buy this camera I buy it to mount my Canon lenses on it.

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On article Mono a mono: Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) hands-on (709 comments in total)
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martindpr: What is the purpose of having a B&W camera in the XXI century?

Shoot color and then desaturate! Or let me guess: If you have a B&W project, you leave your D810 (or your 5D3/5Ds) at home, go buy one Leica and do the job 100% better than you would have done it with your D810??

"brings the black-and-white-only concept up to date", they should have said "brings the date back to the old black and white concept"

(The luminance resolution of a Bayer sensor is full (e.g., 36MP) while the color resolution is half (e.g., 9MP).
I don't think so, the black & white photo is the same output like the color, but disaturated in software, that is the difference this Leica camera makes.

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