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I just printed a glorious 17 x 22 print from a V3/ 70-200 2.8 shot of a Black Skimmer skimming along the water at a 45 degree angle toward me. It's the best shot of a skimmer I have got from decades of trying with D4 D800 D7100 etc. My only problem with that shot was that I had to choose from 20 other perfectly focused shots the V3 produced from that pass alone. And that was only the second time out with the camera. Even the D4 doesn't begin to approach the focus tracking ability of this camera. I am not saying this is the only camera you will ever need, but let's discuss this camera rationally! The technology in the camera is staggering. If I didn't have an extensive Nikon system, it would hold no interest for me. But as an addition to my system, especially for birds in flight, it's mana from heaven. The price is high, but given what I have seen it produce from 2 brief sessions, I have no regrets about getting it.
And I, too, hate the micro SD card thing!

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I just got the V3. I shootwith a D4, D800 and D7100, and lenses from 14 to 600. I got the V3 to shoot birds in flight. The D4 with the 80-400G lens is about the best combo I have. I took the V3 out to a skimmer colony on the beach near Tampa. These birds skim along the waters surface draging the tip of their lower bill in the water to catch fish. They move very quickly across the water. I have tried for years to capture them on "film". I have had very limited success. Till now. Using the 600mm lens with th V3 was fine, but it was not till I mounted the 70-200 2.8 lens that everything came together for these birds. This gives a "magnification" similar to a 540mm lens on full frame. But the V3/70-200 combination is relatively light and made following the birds a breeze. I ended up with string after string of in-focus skimmers fishing. Sure, if you could get close enough to the birds with a full frame camera, you would get a better image. But just try that and let me know your percentage.

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increments: I have to say I don't see the point of something like this for a compact camera. It's still large enough to negate any pocketability gains from choosing a smaller camera. Also looks very unstable, even for a smaller camera.

Any ideas about what situations it would be useful?

I just ordered one of these from amazon. Going with the wife to Russia and France next week. We will be doing a great deal of walking. I have a D800 and several lenses I will be taking, along with a great mid-weight Feisol tripod. But the Tamrac tripod seems perfect for use with a Canon G1X type camera for those shots where you want to get into the picture yourself, and use a remote release. That's the use I forsee for his tripod. Its small size/weight beg to be taken everywhere. Like they say, the tripod you have with you always beats the one you left at home.

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