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Good job Olympus! M43 should be dead a few years ago if not because the excellent 16Mp sensor and some great models like EPL2, OM5. I can't wait to see the 40Mp is a hype or another great practical feature. It may actually work with the excellent in-body IS, interesting idea indeed.

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Cool, hope it will update WPG (Windows Photo Gallery) too. It is one of the best free organizer around. WPG, Faststone together take care of most of need.

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Marcus Antonius: If you look closely at the header photo, you can clearly see that he mirrored the image. There is also some obvious purple fringing going on in several places. Also the sky seems manipulated. What does that tell me? That this is a bad photo? No, but i would not classify this image as an interesting photo entry, let alone a serious winning contender for an award.

you may be right but there are photos similar to this, the caption says "Cube Houses viewed from beneath". So perhaps op was inspired by that, or perhaps they were taken by the same person?


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On Fast and full-frame: Nikon announces 24MP Nikon D750 article (406 comments in total)

still no hybrid sensor or improvement in Continuous AF in video mode?

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Kim Letkeman: "The resulting video, seen in the demo below, is quite impressive. As of now, the team does not have a release date, but mentions that those who are interested should stay tuned as they 'are working hard on making [their] hyperlapse algorithm available as a Windows app' - Note that the word app most likely hints at a Windows 8 application and not legacy desktop software (sorry Windows 7 users)."

I'm looking forward to playing with this app ... and I think it might be time that users and reviewers put on their big boy pants and stop wasting so much energy whinging about Windows 8. Using dirt cheap tools from Stardock, I have been running Windows 8 exactly as I ran Windows 7 for years now.

nothing really wrong with the Modern UI. This is like running Android or iOS on a desktop device. If you don't have touchscreen, you have the option to stick with desktop UI. The bad decision is Microsoft tried to force users to use Modern UI by default in 8.0.

Win8 is not Vista, it is a great OS with a few bad decisions and public image.

Back to the topic, hopefully the software will be available for everyone soon.

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Boss of Sony: I make first comment: what is a photo sphere?

Photo Sphere on the other hand, is more like a multi-axis stitching software that produces a 3D panoramic view. The quality is similar to what you see in streetview, good but not great. And like many panoramic software, the stitching usually produce distortion. When you view the result, it is exactly like viewing a stitched picture.

Some good examples of Photo Sphere:


Again, my opinion is based on older version. If things have change, I am happy to learn.

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Boss of Sony: I make first comment: what is a photo sphere?

Sorry for the late reply. First off, I like to point out that my experience with Photoshpere is based on 4.2. A quick check doesn't suggest any major improvement.

Photosync uses sophisticated bundle adjustment algorithium to construct a 3D model from a collection of pictures in a given location. These picture can be taken at any angle, zoom range or even different camera. The result can be mapped or traced their original pictures; and Photosynth has a lot of "respect" to the original photo and mostly free of distortion. When you view a Photosync image, you are manipulate a 3D model instead of viewing a stitched picture.

some good examples of Photosynth:



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Boss of Sony: I make first comment: what is a photo sphere?

stripped down version of Microsoft Photosynth. Too bad given the unpopularity of Photosynth, I doubt MS will spend the resource to port it to Android.

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Jogger: Basically, the legal name will be Microsoft Mobile Oyi.. but, the name on the phones and such will still be Nokia. I hope that is the case, "Microsoft Mobile" has too many syllables to be used as a brand name.

same here. Nokia > Microsoft in consumer market. Even better if they can name it Apple, it will instantly boost sale by 200%.

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DStudio: Thanks for the mock photo with that disgusting logo on the back!

lol, gotta agree with that one. Windows Phone UI (tiles and simple texts) looks great, I am tired with icon-based GUI. The mock up logo is just a plain Windows 7 logo. The last thing I want to see on my phone, DPR should at least use the monochrome Windows 8 logo.

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Daxs: Nokia was dead long time ago, Without Microsoft Nokia is nothing! Nokia was to slow when smartphones came.

Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 are really good. I actually prefer my wife's HTC 8x over my iPhone.

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (596 comments in total)
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straylightrun: Super fast AF, complete silent shutter, unique modular concept; I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I will definitely get one

when they go on sale at the end of next year for $299.95.

lol, well I am waiting for the review for the new sensor. If it has similar picture quality. I am 100% agree with you after the clearance bin eventually lured me into a S1 for $100.

@Harry, the AF is pretty darn close to DSLR. Tracking AF is best I have seen, better than my good old D90 but it is an outdoor camera.

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (596 comments in total)
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D200_4me: I'll give Nikon credit for sticking with it, but honestly, I always feel like they're not realizing the full potential of this system. With a more desirable body with the right controls AND a very good sensor, it would be a very popular system. The 1 series gets a lot of complaints from people that never even touched these cameras, but having owned the V1 and V2, I have to say there's more to it than you think. In the end, I just couldn't stay committed to it, given the availability of other small, great products like the Oly E-M1 and the Fuji X series.

I touched it (Nikon S1), owned it and returned it. It has great AF and skin tone but other than that I rather use a LX7, micro 4/3, NEX or a DSLR. It has the size of a NEX or Micro 4/3, PQ similar to LX7 after you discount the slower lens. The DX class AF/metering performance doesn't make up the shortcomings. And really Micro4/3 AF performance is pretty close the Nikon 1 and it doesn't suffer from brightness stepping as much as the 1 in video mode. Nikon must show significant improvemdent in the new sensor in V3, otherwise it will have the same fate of V1,J1,J2,S1 that we can buy them with deep discount price. I got my S1 for a bit more than $100 and it is not a keeper even at that price.

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I stopped checking DXO for a long time because its result don't always match what my eyes told me. Is it comparing overall picture quality or pixel noise. To fit 41mp in a tiny sensor, you expect noise to be bad in pixels level. Anyone don't like their 1020, I love to trade my HTC 8x with you.

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I won't buy any more Nikon body/lens until it has good C-AF in movie mode either thru hybrid sensor or some other magics. In the meantime, I will use my "new" NEX and ZS30 more.

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vesa1tahti: Make this simple test: Open both Lumia full view and 2,7x zoom images in Photoshop. Make any part of these images visually of the same size. You can't see any difference. So, this 'constant aperture zoom' is a big joke. You can do this kind of zooming by software. Why selling these kind of devices having 'zooming' properties?

No matter how you slice it, crop zoom cannot match optical zoom. It's all come down to the sensor size. 1020's sensor is not a lot bigger than S120, so the result is predictable. A full frame may have a better shot...

So why do we want this feature? It helps users to get better composition. In-camera crop zoom may have small advantage with RAW data, less PP time. And most importantly, crop zoom can be very useful for HD Video mode. Something I like to see being implemented on all new camera.

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Ore interested in the reFocus app.

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Surprised no reference or mention of the 18-105mm VR. I wonder how is the new 18-140 stack up against the good old 18-105mm.

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KariIceland: "Bailey, famous for his photographs of celebrities including The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson, told The Daily Mail: "the level of detail you can capture using a Nokia Lumia 1020 is nothing short of breathtaking."

Gee.... I wonder the fact Nokia PAID him to use it has got anything to do with it.

However the Nokia 808 DOES have a tad BETTER camera.
Now if they released a Nokia 808 with android, watch Nokia become KING again, but NO sadly Nokia was STUPID enough to trust MICROSOFT & in the end Nokia DIED!

Nokia how did you manage to be so STUPID?! I gave you TONS Of advice, MAYBE just MAYBE you would of better LISTENED.

Perhaps if Baiey tried the Pureview 808, he may like it more than the 1020. But 808 doesn't has OIS and it is thicker than the 1020. Everything has a trade off. My dream camera is a full frame on a typical 4.3" screen, thin as S4 but includes a 20x zoom like the Sony WX300. It can take 1080p video at 120fps, and 720p at 480p.

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panoviews: I would buy a Nokia with a plain Android OS and the possibility to root the device - but never with a Windows OS.

Android is nice but I would never use it for work. It is the malware king like XP in the desktop world.

It is easy to suggest Nokia made the wrong decision to switch to Windows Phone but who had the crystal ball? Things could go either way. If Meego is the answer, Samsung should had archieved something with it. The fact is a good OS doesn't always translate to market success. Especially when your oppoinent is the mightly Google with deep pocket from advertisement revenue. It will give you everything for free as long as you use their advertisement feed.

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