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  • What you forget is that the author in the article not only changes the distance to the subject, but also the focal length. And at shorter distances that indeed seems to be correct. You can use the ...
  • What you describe sounds like vignetting; see https://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Vignetting Every lens suffers from it ((some more than others). It's usually more pronounced when you use the lens wide ...
  • When you connect the camera to the computer (or insert the card into the computer), your movie should be there. Just use the file browser (e.g. windows eplorer) to navigate to the camera / card ...
  • DMKAlex will probably forget too switch it back to normal ;) Pentax cameras have the user modes as well and I'm sure that Nikon and Canon have them.
  • That second 'cannot' should be read as 'is not willing to'.
  • Guess you have a Metz 45CT-1 with a SN below 534000. Mine measures low voltage ;)
  • I'm confused ;) What is a test area? As far as I know, the K10D supports AF fine-tuning for 6 individual lenses (normally done by service center); in which case it does not match the 4 areas.
  • I used PK tether to enable it on the K5. But if you follow the thread that was referenced above, I think it contains a way to do it using a SD card. But it's a lot of reading to go through to find it.
  • Thanks for the reply, but both cameras already have debug enabled. Just like to know what the numbers indicate.
  • I doubt it; I think form factor and lack of WiFi were more important factors. Some people say so. For me, anything that does not have a connector for a wired remote is entry-level ;)
  • Created questions Debug mode (K10D and K-5)
    I think my search skills are not up to scratch, but I could not find the information. Anyway ... I need to finetune AF on both my K10D and K-5; for the latter because the +10 adjustment no longer ...
  • If you're really concerned about F-stop, you should not compromise. Go for medium format. But seriously, just go out and make photos instead of worrying about 0.5 cm DOF instead of 1 cm DOF ;)
  • Do a search for data recovery, here and elsewhere on the web. I have used Photorec with success. If you have done a format, I hope it was not a full / low level format; if you did that, you have no ...
  • You can try to install an android emulation software on your PC, install image sync (the Pentax application for iPad and Android to communicate with the camera) in it and use that. I think it will ...
  • You forgot to put you're glasses on :) OP is talking about a K-S2, not a K-5/II.
  • Buy the non-dedicated versions of the Yongnuos (as already mentioned). An alternative can be the Cactus RF60 with the V6 remote. This setup allows to remotely change the power settings on the flash ...
  • No; I only use protective filters when shooting in a blistering sandstorm on the beach or similar conditions. You usually get what you pay for. They will more than likely affect image quality and ...
  • Personally I think that dSLR is a dying breed but that will not be in 3 years though. It depends on the developments in EVF and on-sensor PDAF. Once mirrorless can match AF performance (think ...
  • Guide number (GN) indicates how powerful a flash is. It's usually specified in meters (or feet) at ISO100 and for a (equivalent) 35mm or 50mm lens when using a lens with an aperture of f/1. My ...
  • Learn the basic rule for correct flash exposure and you should be good to go If the only use is these landscape shots with people, you will be OK. If you however also want to use it for e.g. a ...
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