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Pitchertaker: This Manfrotto bag's features are almost what I want in a second bag, which I'm searching for now.

My entire EM-1 kit fits inside my Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW (EM-1, grip, 12, 17, 45, chargers, cables, batteries, cleaning kit, memory, etc.,) and there's room for me to attach a tripod or trekking poles. The hydration reservoir is about the only useless space. I love its built-in rain cover and how flipping it around I can open and access gear without setting it on the ground.

The only problem with this bag is there's no room for me! No room to carry anything personal, I mean. I'm looking for a pack that can carry all of this gear securely in one place while leaving me room to carry more personal items like: lunch, windbreaker, phone,

I want pretty much the same features offered by my Lowepro (wearable rain cover, body-side access) but with the ability to use a portion of the pack for myself.

I'm thinking maybe the Think Tank Urban Approach 15?


For a second there I thought you wanted to fit in the pack with your camera gear. :)

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veroman: Hey guys: you used "it's" instead of "its" in your opening comments. Come on now. That all-too-common typo is beneath dpreview.

Its not that important.

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Petrogel: No. 2 photo is……"creative " ?????????
i've got tons of creative photos !!!!!

And we all have tons of sharp photos, what's your point? Whenever we have tons of a certain style of photo that means all photos of this style are bad?

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Lawn Lends: Vindication for Canon's super secret earthquake research division.

It's tasteful because it is based on a fantastic idea, the inference that Canon killed a bunch of people taking out the competition by controlling earthquakes is something most intelligent people would believe when Santa Claus explains it to them himself after coming down their chimney. And my joke stands whether people died or not. It is not reliant on the deaths of people from the quake. That is not an element of the joke. You have to add that yourself from your holier than thou pedestal.

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Lawn Lends: Vindication for Canon's super secret earthquake research division.

Looks like a lot of people forgot their medication today. That was just a joke, and a tasteful one too. Your response was not a joke, just a Sony fan person knee jerk reaction. In response to your post, yes, Canon has facilities in Japan, but do you realize that the quake did not damage buildings in all of Japan? Have you heard that any critical Canon facilities were affected by the earthquake? Certainly a possibility, but I havent heard it.

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Vindication for Canon's super secret earthquake research division.

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Altimir: Thanks for the thorough review. Please correct: in Section 3 "the new lens will be lens prone to hoover in dust" should read "leSS prone" Cheers

I think it should be "Lends" prone. (hint, see my name)

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On photo Smoke signals in the Your City - Industrial Landmark challenge (7 comments in total)

Nice. I would crop and/or use a filter to subdue the building on the left as it is bright distracting the eye from the more interesting portions of the photo.

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On photo Image100 in the Thunderstruck challenge (3 comments in total)

Nice, but at 30mm, even with a crop body, those bolts look awful close. Hope you were near some other metallic object like a car or lightning rod.

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On photo Blossom rain in the Your City - First signs of spring (color only) challenge (3 comments in total)

That purse looks like it would fit an Uzi.

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On photo Hvitserkur in the Natural Sculptures challenge (6 comments in total)

Agree with Arbux, should be called Rhino Rock

Link | Posted on Mar 26, 2016 at 20:58 UTC as 1st comment
On photo Farewell to a Legend. in the Jump jet challenge (7 comments in total)

Very nice. Is the ground blurred in PP or because you were panning?

One thing I will do to deemphasize the background is to mask the aircraft and desaturate the "other" objects like people standing around a static display. I dont consider it too unethical. :)

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Alphoid: I hope the second generation supports all Canon lenses, not just Sigma ones. If so, I'll be extremely tempted to switch to E-mount+Canon glass.

I'm not in the market for a new camera, but it looks like we're very close to coming to something essentially ideal. Canon has by far the nicest lenses for what I do, especially combined with Sigma glass. Sony has almost no glass I'd want to use in E-mount (a fair bit of A-mount), but by far the best bodies. If the two worked together, it'd be an ideal system.

Plus, you'll get into all sorts of nice, esoteric niches with this. Stabilized Canon tilt-shift lenses. Etc.

If the Sigma lens speaks "Canon" to Canon bodies. Isnt it speaking the same language that Canon lenses speak? So I dont see how this adapter could only work with Sigma lenses unless Sigma lenses have some kind of unique signal that is needed to "activate" the adapter to provide it's Sony translation services.

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Tieu Ngao: Sigma lenses are on the heavy side. Sony bodies are on the light side. This combination is not balance for my taste.

But arent the new Sony lenses for FF cameras pretty heavy? Of course, the Sigma adapter IS additional weight to their lenses, so native Sony lenses or Sigma lenses already made for Sony E mounts would be ideal. But if you have both a Canon body and a Sony body, you can now get a Sigma lens with a base Canon mount and still use it on your Sony body.

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This is great. Maybe other third-party lens makers like Tamron will do this to compete as well.

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Playford: Ah yes a wife can be your making or in my case your breaking. So good to see this encouraging bloke. It's easy for us to sit in our swivel chairs and watch this stuff for a couple of minutes and think about how cool it sounds then just carry on with our lives. There is no glory in serving self but in serving others. I'd like to see my 19 year old youngest son do well. Now let me think about how I might take a risk to help him achieve that.
Thanks for sharing this.

I dont think helping your progeny is what he means by helping others. Helping your children is Nepotism, and it is generally done even by the most greedy and selfish.

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On photo KJH_8431 kopia in Trubbtele's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

This shot is appealing. ;)

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (97 comments in total)
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bmwzimmer: Amazing High ISO Images taken with the 1DXii. The Blacks are so clean!!

Can somebody upload the 1dxM2 RAW of Joan rivers? ;)

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On photo Alpenglow in the High Peaks at Dawn or Dusk challenge (12 comments in total)


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SmilerGrogan: This will come in very handy for journalists and video artists who want to immerse their viewers in a situation. As long as it has awesome Nikon lens technology, I'm in.

This camera has great promise. Hopefully they can come out with a cheaper non-waterproof version too. i think the main obstacle is not the camera but the means to view the output. At this point, I think most of us would be viewing this on a dual monitor setup, but for those who dont have dual monitors, i dont see how this is a practical camera, except in anticipation of a better future viewing setup.

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