Lives in United States Los Angeles, CA, United States
Works as a Photographer, Writer
Has a website at http://imagesbyeduardo.com
Joined on May 24, 2004
About me:

In his photography, Eduardo Suastegui seeks the heart and spirit in each image and considers every photograph a blessing caught rather than a result of his ability. He captures his images not solely for the sake of self-satisfaction or expression, but to share his vision of the world with others. His hope is to share the photographic gifts he receives with those who view his images.

Eduardo captures all his photos digitally and post-processes them with specialized software to finalize his vision. He prints his photos using high quality photo paper, opting in some cases for prints on canvas or metal medium. In his exploration of photography, Eduardo gradually shifted his emphasis from color photography to the freedom black and white allows him to express emotions and moods at the core of his images.

You can view more of Eduardo’s photography and order some of his work through the Fine Prints page on his site.


eNo | Published on Mar 14, 2012 |
While many equipment choices a wedding photographer makes come down to style and preference, the choice of how many cameras to bring to a wedding does not. To keep the story short and sweet, the right answer is not “one.”
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How do you decide whether the Nikon 1 (V1/J1) system is for you? Here are some things to think about aside the "it's nice and small" benefits.
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Let's re-address self-acclaimed “purists” disdain for post-capture image manipulation, centered on the idea that to get a “pure” photograph, one should limit efforts to getting the best shot possible in-camera and limit post-capture “manipulation.”
eNo | Published on Nov 28, 2011 |
Why pro photographers should be a little more balanced when recommending the iPhone.