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About me:

E510 + ZD 12-60 + 40-150 + Pany 25/1.4

OM2n, OM 35/2, 50/1.2, 50/1.4, 50/1.8, 50/2 macro, 55/1.2, 85/2s, 135/2.8, winder 2, other random OM stuff

M6TTL, Bessa T, CV 12/5.6, 21/4, Canon 35/2, CV 40/1.4, Leica 50/1.4, 90/2.8 thin TE

Xpan, 45/4

I also got a Canon Sureshot 35-85 P&S that was in the trash and I took apart, cleaned up and got to work again (much to my surprise). Kinda noisy lens extension/retraction (probably could grease it but worried about the optics).

older stuff - sold/traded/donated:
CV 40/1.4 (I sold one, missed it, and bought it again)
Canon Serenar 85/1.9
Leica R summicron 50
OM 28/2.8
OM 35/2.8
OM 35-70/4
too many OM 50/1.8s
too many OM 50/1.4s
OM 100/2.8
T20 for OM system

ZD 14-42/f3.5-5.6
Bessa R3a
Nikon S6
Pentax Optio 330GS
Sony Mavica FD-90
Minolta something or the other P&S

gnarayan's recent activity

  • Went meteor watching a few nights ago, here in Tucson, AZ. The three short streaks just below and to the left of center are the meteors - the Camelopardalids - remnants from comet 209P/LINEAR (the ...
  • A bunch from this morning. Cheers, -Gautham
  • Here you go: all with LR5 from DNG - range of apertures from f2.8 to f11. One with the 47mm crop. Some with a circular polarizer. Cheers, -Gautham (this one with the 47mm crop mode)
  • That might be because I DID use a circular polarizer :-D Cheers, -Gautham
  • We've finally gotten a little rain in Tucson, and the pools in Sabino Canyon were a lot more full. Sabino Canyon, after the rain May not be obvious at this size, but if you look at it Original size ...
  • Thanks folks. Sergey, I think it's the circular polarizer you are picking up on re. the colors. The Arizona sky is always fairly saturated naturally in the late evening - not much moisture to get ...
  • Replied in Foyne Harbour
    And those are quite the conditions to encounter Frank. Looks lovely. Cheers, -Gautham
  • Replied in Frozen ..
    Lovely composition - like the play with using both the shadows and the bridge as leading lines.
  • Last few times, I've tried to keep the man made elements to a minimum in the composition. This time I tried to go the other way. Path to the Stars Original Twilight: Clouds over Kitt Peak and ...
  • A mixed set Jonathan - initially I tried 60s at f2.8 ISO 3200, but the Bok 2.3m dome I was propped against moved. I figured I'd been unlucky and wanted a brighter image of the 4m dome, so upped it ...
  • Created discussions Star Trails over Kitt Peak
    I was at Kitt Peak again this week, and after the first half night on the Mayall 4m I was walking back to the dorms and saw the Dipper over the 4m, and found Polaris. It looked beautiful but I ...
  • With LR5, you can now create/paint masks on the images, and apply edits (extra contrast, extra saturation say) in only a specific region. You have a typical gradient/graduated filter tool, an ...
  • I've used RawTherapee a lot - it's really excellent software. Yes, it's free but do not let that fool you into thinking that it is in any way worse. The differences it has to Lightroom 5 are: (1) no ...
  • It's actually in my OP ;-) but the TL; DR is that I love my external viewfinder and use it all the time. Not just because I don't like the LCD in bright light too mind - when it's really dark and ...
  • Good. If positively bland and mainstream means fits in my pocket and no extra bits that jut out and make sticking it in a bag awkward, then I'm all for it. It's different, but different isn't ...
  • Replied in Thanks all
    Glad you like them. Cheers, -G.
  • Thanks! Indeed - and a good night it was too, despite these clouds, because the sun shining heralded the passing of the weather front. Cheers, -Gautham
  • I've mostly posted over at Oly SLR talk (familiar surroundings), but given the focus on black and white street photography in this forum primarily, I thought a few of you might be interested in ...
  • Sunset, Kitt Peak, AZ actually original Cheers, -Gautham
  • Yeah but you have blue in your sky - bright subject, under exposed to keep highlights and then contrast pushed back while black level pushed down, maybe a circular polarizer to boot. Not sure the ...
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