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I have to ask how this rumor affects ME? I can only conclude that it doesn't, regardless of it's level of truth or falsity.

If true, it's a shame, I think Samsung is well placed to gain both market share and mindshare in the USA, at least. If false, it's a 'never mind' sort of story. But either way, the short term and long term effect on my life is negligible.

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It's COREL people! That company is made up of serial software abandoners. it's what they DO!

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Anything similar with good quality for Canon FL/FD? I don't mean a basic manual adapter, I have one of them, but one with the optical elements.

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On article DxOMark Mobile report: Motorola Droid Turbo 2 (4 comments in total)

I gotta get away from the Samsung S5! This sounds interesting to me. I don't care much about the camera though. Phone cameras suck.

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rfstudio: canon cameras takes amazing pics but they are all freaking ugly, the design engineers need to do better job

I don't know, the pre digital Canon cameras were pretty much all good looking. I still think the Canon FT-QL and the Olympus OM series cameras to be the best looking SLRs of all time.

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samfan: G5X's specs look just about perfect, although that hump is hilarious. I wouldn't expect Canon to come out with such retro designs.

Retro!?! That thing harkens back to the 1940's when SLRs were just starting to come out! I'm pretty sure you can't shoot young children and household pets with the thing, they'd run in terror!

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I'm sure the G5X is a perfectly adequate camera, but DAMN! It's ugly!

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KAMBIC: I hope you guys have all been practicing your MF skills. F1.2 MF only? Hahaha

I had no idea that sour grapes smelled so badly!

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BigShooter: Ooh, can I make my backgrounds all out-of-focus like the 'pros' now?

Sorry! wrong post!

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For that kind of money, why not just buy a camera designed for the job at hand?

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nikon power: How did they measure 0.05?
Anyway, if I can mount that MF lens on my A7 with an M42-E-mount adapter and if the selling price is $249, I will buy one.

Don't you mean m43s mount to E mount. If I recall the M42 was the old screw mount lens system that Pentax and the east Germans used.

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You know that looks like a remarkably small lens for an f/0.95 max aperture, (though large-ish for an m43s prime). I'm old enough to remember that in the 1960's and 70s, an f/0.95 would have been big even for a "FF" 35 mm camera.

I wonder what technology is used to keep it reasonably small?

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I realize that the camera IS art at this point, but we don't need to be giving the A-holes any more ideas.

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luigibozi: Could somebody push Sony to explain technically (NOT marketing-ly) what are they doing with the bits from the sensor to the file delivered on the memory card?
It would save a lot of people's time having the available info in their tech specs.

@vadims - Yes, but they are giving them to poor people who have no bits of their own.

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RadPhoto: Is there a reason why they would't give the user the choice? I am just curious?

They've got a 'subscription' scheme to avoid compression? That's just speculation, but if we start to hear about the "Compressive Cloud" plan, hang on to your wallet!

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I suspect it's more disturbing to me on a philosophical level than it is on an absolutely practical level. But even so, if I were to spend money on a full frame camera, which honestly seems unlikely at this point, It WOULD play a factor in my decision making process.

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No built in viewfinder, no deal

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (675 comments in total)
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Lightcapture: Very efficient, DPR! This should shut the mouths of naysayers out there claiming you only have eyes on the Sony cameras, eh?

Video capabilities aside, I find the model name a mouthful: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II.

Seriously? O M - D E - M 1 0 I I? What is this, machine language?! ;)

No hate, love this little camera and its target audience/buyers...

IarekB - The new '10' is less expensive, but we pay for it every time we write about the camera!

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (675 comments in total)

It's pretty much what I expected. A solid upgrade designed to keep the low end of 'the serious' cameras competitive with the other manufacturers. Is it enough to get me to upgrade? Probably not, the new features, while interesting and desirable, just aren't what I'm personally looking for. I would rather buy a new lens for my E-M10 MKI if I get any extra money.

BTW, some camera designs look better in Black, but Oly's have always been better looking in a silvered finish, I think. (Except the E500, I don't recall ever seeing a silver finish)

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erotavlas: Stop complaining about the prices. If it's too much for your wallet, you have the choice to buy cheaper products made using Chinese factory slave labor. Be thankful to have a product from alternative manufacturing and country of origin.

I'm not defending the practice, I'm saying you are throwing yourself up as a defender of the "oppressed", when you can't even state with certainty that NOTHING you own isn't produced in an oppressive manner. I'm not interested in continuing this P'ng match any further, feel free to rant away in any hypocritical manner that you want.

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