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On article Adobe issues Lightroom 6.2 apology and update (229 comments in total)

Lightroom 6.2.1 is also tremendous buggy. They did the impossible: Two terrible versions in a row...

Back to 6.1.1

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obsolescence: I would like to suggest another product category: RAW Conversion / Processing software. I think it's such an important component in the workflow for high quality imaging.

Samsung 16-50S Soft???? I have a Canon 24-105 F4L, a 70-200 F4L and a Canon 50mm 1.8 and I can say for sure that Samsung 16-50S is the sharpest lens that I have...

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creaDVty: For innovation, I think the A7RII should have been the winner. No one had ever conceived of a non-native lens focusing as quickly as it does on the A7RII, plus stabilization.

Don't agree... A7R II has tremendous specs but:

You have in a $1200 body:
- 4k internal recording
- BSI 28mp Crop sensor
- Hybrid AF system with 205 phase-detect points covering 90% of the frame
- h265 (the lack of software/hardware support is just temporary)
- Super fast processor
- Great user interface with touch control
- Wifi with AC support + bluetooth
- 15 fps
- 4k

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On article And the winners are: DPReview Awards 2015 (392 comments in total)

Finnally... Samsung NX1 has some recognition...

Bought it for video but now it's my #1 Camera for photo & Video...

Bye bye Canon

NX1 Rules!!

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Who cares? NX1 is way better and I already have it for several months...

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StevenE: I'd be willing to give this a shot, but h.265 as the only video codec? really? no thanks right now, too much trouble

If you have a 4k hvec tv it would play the h265 without problems but it will struggle to play 4k h264.
The video quality of NX1 is just fantastic.

I'm a Canon guy from Canon g2, Canon 20D and Canon 7d. Now I also have a Samsung NX1.

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Prairie Pal: This in part is why Nikon is announcing enhanced firmware upgrade offers. I am envious of anyone entering into the exciting world of photography today without the burden of being heavily invested in the "dinosaur brands"

Lassoni: Are your comments based on using your own NX1?

I'm not a Samsung fanboy: I have been using Canon for the past 12 years, in which I have invested in 3 cameras (Canon G2, Canon 20D & Canon 7) several lens (24-105 L, 70-200 L, f1.8 & others) & flash.

I can say clearly that the NX1 is the camera that impressed me more: Fast focus, Fantastic IQ, Fantastic Video.

I had to learn doing things differently:
- EVF & LCD and be used in different situations;
- The commands are different from Canon 7D, and I didn't liked them in the first week. Now it's natural.
- The touch focus feature is just great in so many situations. Now that I have it, I really miss it with Canon 7D.

Yes, the conversion from my h265 to Prores is a pain in the ass but the results are worth the wait.

And yes, my LG 4K TV can play natively h265 videos from NX1.

I just love this camera. It's like Nike: "Use it"

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nicolaiecostel: Will it properly focus now ? In the DPR review of the NX1, the tracking ability is only superficially tested in good light while TheCameraStore TV guys found it difficult to achieve perfect focus even in stills ..


Firmware v1.01 had some problems with low light but with firmware v1.1 it's much, much better.

It's at least on pair with my Canon 7D, if not even better.

I still have both cameras (NX1 16-50 f2.8 + 7D 24-105 L & others) and now 98% of my photos are taken with NX1.

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JavaJones: I'm really struggling to understand the justification for a book module given the response to the face recognition issue: "'Face recognition is very important to some', he says, 'but irrelevant to others.'" So, kind of like a book module then?

I'd be shocked if making expensive photo books is more popular and of greater interest than face recognition, which can be useful to *anyone* who takes photos of people Anyone who says they have no use for it is likely to change their mind if they get a chance to work with a *well-implemented* system.

If Adobe is thinking about professionals and their cell phone pics with the geotagging module, clearly they're not so concerned with targeting a minority of the market. How many people are really editing their *cell phone* pics in LR?

My guess is they made a deal with Blurb, let's say 15% of all revenue from books made in LR4. Blurb gets promotion, Adobe gets extra cash. We get a module useful only to a minority of people. Win!

I agree 100%!

For people like me with a huge photo library the facial recognition is a must! I gave up tagging my family!

Maybe i use lightroom just for adjusting some important photos and use other software packages to manage my photo library.

I'm willing to try further iPhoto or even Aperture....

I'm very disappointed with the two new features...

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