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aerorail: i have a grip like that on my .357

May I borrow it? My reply would be flagged however.

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Clint009: It is one of the most beautiful camera design I've ever seen is this pocket camera sized.
Same specifications as the 20.2-megapixel Sony RX100, which features a 1-inch sensor behind a bright 3.6x (28-100mm), f/1.8 Zeiss-branded lens in a compact body.
If the the mirrorless Hasselblad Lunar compact system camera, which went on sale last month for $7,000, is also based on a Sony camera (the NEX-7) and features wood or carbon fiber handgrip options, this Stellar Hasselblad would be at around $3000. ?!
It is looking it is the new tendency for high quality pocket size camera. Think also at Lumix DMC LF1, etc...
Leica with Panasonic, Sony with Hasselblad, etc...

Vinyl "alligator" shoes , Schmolex watches.

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white shadow: Those travelling to Australia with this camera are sure to have their camera confisticated to be destroyed if they forget to declare it.

In Australia, they are very paranoid of allowing anything made of wood to pass through without quarantine.

Good luck if you have one.

I hear you have world class termites in the outback. Why not just leave them to nature?

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Here we go again! Well, let's be nice; some people just feel more comfortable dressed in drag no matter the cost. I'm thinking about press on decals of all sorts (licensed of course) that we can paste on our favorite gear. The crowd that buys grills and fascias to make their Chrysler 300's look like Bentley's will surely go for this.

Stellar, eh? Stellar bad taste perhaps. The only Stella' I like is from this clip (wait through the advert.):

Other exciting news. Lexus has placed it's decals on Colnago bikes. Great cars, great bikes - not so sure if it will do for me until I see a bike rack on an LFA:

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spencerspencer: It's good that the big players are being pushed out of the compact market. This means they will make fewer models that will have to be more carefully considered to meet the needs and expectations of the market segments remaining to them.

With hope, this will result in my dream camera becoming a reality.

What's that? What is my dream camera you say?

Doesn't need to be a DSLR but I'd love it if it had the features below.

Very high shutter speed
Phase and Contrast detect autofocus - or better
Full Frame
100% Viewfinder
Hyperfocal focusing mode - no guides or A-rings anymore
Something like Ricoh's snap focus
Focus Peaking
NICE BIG SCREEN (- maybe a pop out one?)
Smart Flash and Commander that isn't line of site.



This is very interesting. I'd like to start an ideal camera(s) thread. What do you think?

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On French student creates SLR using 3D printer article (156 comments in total)

Cool. Frankencamera.

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On Just Posted: Pentax WG-3 GPS Review preview (68 comments in total)

Well it does look less than a tub-toy than the Canon does, especially in all black.
I own a non-GPS-3 and am happy with it for what it is. Yes, I'd like to see something sturdier in so far as water sealing - I owned a Nikonos at one time.
Here's a link to an image I made last month:

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On Just Posted: Pentax WG-3 GPS Review preview (68 comments in total)
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Manic Tuesday: .
i tried this piece of sh*t about 2 years ago. the first time i put it a few centimeters under the water surface it flooded. wtf???

Maybe you should have closed the latches before you took it in the tub with you.

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It's impossible to predict where the dust will eventually settle, if it ever does. Keeping your head down and doing the best at what you know while learning seems to be a corporate ethic long forgotten. Everyone seems to instead be grasping at the great unknown; as which hot combination of existing technologies will sell. Or, simply pasting a well known brand name on a lesser item. One could expect as much luck as reading entrails, tarot cards and conjuring up the witches from Macbeth.

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On Nikon Coolpix AW110 preview (98 comments in total)

Taken with my WG-3 last month:

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On Nikon Coolpix AW110 preview (98 comments in total)

Buy a Pentax WG-3 in black, with or without GPS. It's a great value and doesn't look like a tub toy. You can use it as a general purpose point and shoot and not look foolish. The image quality is outstanding too for a camera of this type.

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If they're smart, Ricoh will retain the Pentax name on the camera products. It's known in the industry as a legacy brand naming. Ricoh makes some terrific products, especially their copiers - people really don't care what name is on the office copier, so long as it's reliable - which they are (more than Xerox, alas). Other smart corporations have bought up notable brands brands and have refrained from "peeing on all the bushes" as it were. As good as it is, would anyone want to buy Unilever Cherry Garcia ice cream?

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On Pentax unveils blue and white K-01 in Japan article (262 comments in total)

Hmm. Opportunity missed, maybe. Perhaps a Tiffany version of this camera - blue is close and you could charge another $400~$500 more. Or, go towards the blue-green and put it behind the Clinique counter. Gotta work it.

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vladimir vanek: "Lytro has released a firmware update that enables the Wi-Fi chips inside its 8GB and 16GB light field cameras." - this kind of statements sounds a bit strange to me. They always present it like an advantage for the user. But hey, why don't they just admit that they've been selling not fully functional products and say something like "we were so eager to release the cam to the market that we weren't able to enable all its functions at the time of the release"??? Is it some kind of fashion to release unfinished products, such as those M****$oft OS' that need a week of updating after installation? And they act as if it was absolutely OK. But, it's like selling a car with V4 engine for V6 money and then releasing an "update" that will unlock 2 more cylinders.... WTF??

Yes. And I hear that Chrysler is going to release a really good and competitive new small car in the form of a firmware release for the Dart will make it almost as good as your average Corolla. Stay tuned.

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Tape5: Controlling focus after taking a picture is like eating everything on the table first and vomiting what you don't like later.

Yes. Photos from this unfortunate mutated monstrosity are rather bilious. This stuff should stay in the realm of surveillance equipment where it belongs.

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Macintosh and Krell audio both make/sell/re-brand iPod docks. At a certain point it's not even a piece of legitimate apparatus, it's merely swag.

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On Best Digital Cameras for Kids article (142 comments in total)
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Dodi73: My son already uses my FM3A. It's 2 y.o.
Well, I don't put film in it yet he can already basically operate it :) Look, reload and shoot :)

Look for yourself how bold he looks with the fm3a in his hands !

Too cute, indeed. My kid used my Nikormat as a hammer.

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I imagine that making an ordinary phone call from this thing would make one look like Maxwell Smart with his shoe-phone. Leica iPhones are only a small step away into the abyss.

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I seem to remember Saab pasted their name and fascias onto Chevrolet and Subaru during their death throws. People actually bought a few of them. Perhaps people didn't mind paying more for something that looks like what it isn't.

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On Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor article (757 comments in total)

Well it is more panache than a Lumix. And that red Leica badge of honor. Weeoh!

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